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My little Lily


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When you turned up at the door nine months ago, I knew you were a fighter. I knew you were a survivor. You'd gone through so much already in your three months of being outside and fending for yourself. You showed yourself to be a beautiful silver haired, green eyed tabby whose tiny frame belied an iron will to get your own way. You were the only kitten I've ever had and the only one I ever got so attached to I couldn't imagine what would happen if you weren't around. You were doted on and spoilt rotten. You had us wrapped around your little claw, and you loved it. Nothing but the best for our little petal. The real little lady of the house with your playfulness and affection. From you I learned a lot about cats. I never imagined I would have a cat as a pet, now I can't imagine life without a playful, sly little beast. You taught me that I can sacrifice a little discomfort (sharing the bed) for the joy of knowing you chos my bed to sleep on that night. Or getting up in the middle of the night because you wanted to play games. Why? Because I loved you. Well, I still do, wherever you are.

When you didn't answer my frantic calling last night, I knew in my gut that something horrible had happened. I can't explain it, but I just knew you weren't going to be ok. Despite this I tried my best to search for you in the cool dark night. Nothing really prepared me, though I knew it was the inevitable consequence, for the shock of finding you today. I only hope that you knew nothing of what happened to you and you are running free at the Bridge. You and your antics changed our views about cats and I know you will understand if we soon get another little kitten (actually I can imagine you being slightly miffed- "why am I not the centre of attention anymore?"). Poor Brodie is lost without you, and Lizie doesn't know what to do either. When that car hit you it hit four people's hearts as well. We have to pick up our pieces and put them together again. You were so young, and it was so unfair, but you died the way you lived, a free spirit.
I love you Lily.


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