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New Dog!

Lucky Chaos

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My parents were saying how much they missed having Holly around so........... this weekend were going to look at adopting another dog!
Oh now I can't wait till saturday! I've already been looking at the website and I've narrowed it down to two dogs that I really like.

This is Bubbles shes a lab/shepherd mix.

This guy doasne't have a name :( but I LOVE his ears!

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[quote name='Dog Lover']I JUST LOVE THE BROWN ONE'S EARS! :D OH MY DOG! I JUST LOVE HIM TO PIECES! :loveu: I wanna cuddle his cute little face.

I'm soooo happy that you are getting another dog. Let us know how it goes.[/quote]

I know you love him...we were talking about him earlier remember? :wink: I wanted to name him Damien, I didn't think that I'd have a chance to actually get him.

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Guest Anonymous

Oh your SOOOOOO LUCKY!! (no pun intended :wink: )
I want another dog!! I want two and you get THREE??? LOL How is that fare?! YOU EVIL VERMON!! :evil: :evilbat: :drinking: :wink:

hehe, good luck though! I hope all goes well! I like the second guy, he's sure perdy! he's got kina tiger like markings! :D :angel: and those EARS!!! :D

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Have you checked out [url]www.petfinder.org?[/url]

Under the shealter Take me Home in Mississauga they have a purebred female Bernese named Peggy. She is beautiful. I think she's 2 1/2.

I want her but I already have Colby and Jeff would kill me if I brought her home. He said I could have more when we have a bigger place.

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