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  1. I have only ever experianced this once with my dogs, and this was with my dog Toby.. but I was really my fault, I moved my body inbetween a dog fight, even though I know I'm not supose to. He hit on my wrist and bumped me aside at first I didn't know what to think of it until I looked into it a bit more. Other then that none of my dogs have ever done that to me, but I have seen them do that to each other from time to time.
  2. Congrats to Maria. A small step in the right way. =]
  3. =[ Poor babies. I wish people had a little more common sense to- Think, and educate themselves before opening their mouths.
  4. Buck- The people offered us a dollar to take him.. after they left him in a hot garage on a summer day with no food or water. I just laughed at them and walked off with their dog. ;[ Poor boy. Bishop- Named after a poet from the 60's wrote "filling Station". [RIP] Annie- Blessed with Grace. Odie- Garfield... self-explanitory. Dutchess- She acts like one. Niffer- He acts like a "swiffer sweeper" sniffing everything and such. ;]
  5. WEE! Thank you guys soooo much, keep them comming, and for those who owe picture updates this will give you some modivation ;D... I know I am behind, I havn't taken pictures of my muttly crew in a longggg time. Oi! These are wonderful.. look at all those cute furry faces. =D Beautiful. Thanks again! Luckers: Hehe. Yeah, I like to poke my head in every now and then.. you know me I'm lazy. ;D
  6. I am making a rescue site for my web design class in hopes that it will be a project that I will be interested in doing.. but I need good clear pictures of dogs, the site will not be published to the web, only my teacher and myself will see the pictures, if you wouldn't mind me using pictures of your fur babies could you post them here or give me links to places that would have pictures I could use. :D I would be oh so happy. ;o Thanks. ^-^
  7. [quote name='abker17']Great pics! I didn't know you did agility! Awesome. :D[/quote] Yep. I have been doing Agility for about 5 years now. Two with Odie and 3 with Annie. :)
  8. Annie and Niffer both are Basset Hound/New foundland crosses. Thank you everyone. ^-^
  9. Pics from the dog show. ^-^ Annie after obediance. She showed in Graduate Novice.. which is pretty good for her age of 3 it is the 5th level in 4-H showing. She took Champ. ^-^ [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SwDtAsYW1WNGu6smN3s4hcRCLiBY56vcEKZ8tt*UtGw*6C3ZDD2orLICAQRr!BzAcxALvVua3U*3tNFmO5pZQjebNxjwJ1WsZFF9!iSpER0QQJgEYOyk8A/summer%20026.jpg?dc=4675486054742695538[/img] Dallas(My brother) and Niffer (Annie's Brother)- [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SwD1AswWTWVGu6smN3s4hYGdGQFKq5fesJ3pOgQFJCeL2TEVADmbaKo!8xLk7i3r9ZYH603jB2uiWjp3sY2OVlEuQB2p6dSHKenJ5kR0ZTCAljNLBmfjLg/summer%20068.jpg?dc=4675486054774287409[/img] My friends dog Teddy.. Being a Corn Dog. [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SwDnAsUWnGNGu6smN3s4hYjyc2u2dQh5fBY4XnIMzDpC1fg5Tknpbd6RYBohR96MRygk5gsXq9tSff9BuYkVWzd5HTxyrR1eb0zQPfFDOYQO0Pb6!ZnbVw/summer%20070.jpg?dc=4675486054783879503[/img] Annie and Myself getting ready for Aglity ^-^ [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SwDnAssWEGVGu6smN3s4ha1qR0kkiTOnTXpOMHqG3Yk!!1Up72h7XfxxgxluHC0ltphtcbiYrWtESScomoHVLI2kuZRqOUTu9UrNocePffKO7jy1t7cu3w/summer%20076.jpg?dc=4675486054792681004[/img] Right before our run.. [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SwDtAswWTmVGu6smN3s4hXkwVBNx51fGHmMOSZb23fF1xgEajo*vBEES1!VZuAjH4ICo3XOcNH!zJbsPh4PJN9u34Q79Y5Da9NExBA43iFaqb4!6TAwa*Q/summer%20077.jpg?dc=4675486054804638511[/img] All done. ^-^ Clear Round. [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SwD9As0WjGVGu6smN3s4hQV5MgI1gjUOzlxIFuGBP3kd2lCMccYqA4ZQBkks01xZ0bS3VhM3mRUVLqr5W40NqAY5Gc9Vo1XII63Xo8latIx0AF9S4Ul5Jw/summer%20078.jpg?dc=4675486054813960181[/img] All the dogs did really good. I was really proud of the kids that I worked with. They did excellent.
  10. She is stacked beautifully, Sizzle!
  11. grr... People like this make me sad to call myself human.
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