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R.I.P Jimmy and Eric

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Well where do I start.....
Rio is a naughty big puppy and likes to eat the sofa in the lounge where we leave them when we are out so...............we swapped the furniture round so now that room is the dining room so nothing for Rio to eat right......WRONG :-?
This morning he ate Jimmy and Eric the kids Goldfish...

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Eeew! :o

Poor fishes! :cry:

Naughty Rio.... :nono:

R.I.P Jimmy and Eric.... :cry:

You think that's bad? My friend had 2 fishes whom she loved dearly. "Sweet" and "Sour" they where called. Anyway, one day she went over to her cousins house for a sleep over. She asked her mom to feed her fish while she was gone. When she came back, her fish where dead. She asked her mom what had happened, turns out, her brother had taken the 2 fish and, ummm, put them in a, ummm, food processor...... :o :o

Talk about pain! Ewwwww....... :o

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Ok well the kids have been home for nearly 2 hours now so we'll see how long it takes for them to notice shall we.
Every time they beg me for a new pet they always swear that they'll look after it and when I say 'you didn't look after the last one' they'll swear blind that they did.
So we'll see......................

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Long story short - We went away for the weekend. Brother-in-law says he will feed the fish. Brother-in-law uses opportunity to camp out in our house, get's hungry, microwaves burrito, blows fuse, doesn't check tank, leaves. We come home to find suffocated fish. Resulting toxins poison entire tank. I give up hobby.

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