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  1. Great story Court, specially from Laurel, i remember she had some agressive issues. My bassets love cats too, they can sleep or eat together. Tina is another topic, she has learned to live with our cats, but she still hates to see strays on roofs.
  2. I'm not celebrating Thanksgiving, but that's a good fact to know :)
  3. I think you just deserve it... [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0TgCFAjoYiM2grJUbzkj87*l!DkqITX2W8TkMkhUeQsBdd*NIbaP1ZlCwUYyrdxqbc4SebIpzVErCOXZ2sO4E8EK!V7cfYOcKlZXh4zaosePjdSrNYtEuUQ/michele%20badge.jpg?dc=4675545293686120621[/img] Congrats! :lol:
  4. I just noticed what's going on here.. (how weird huh? :roll: ) i'm so sorry about poor Cody, i really liked that dog, actually i liked DAL too... what a shame. Congrats Michele, you're doin' a great job here. RIP Cody, poor dog. :(
  5. I'm very sorry Mouse. R.I.P. Gladis
  6. What a moron... yes you're right AAP it doesn't look like a bloodhound... some people... :evil:
  7. I need to ask for Gilligan to get back immediately! i'm imaging him in a Redskins uniform! :lol:
  8. Papers in here are full with that type of announcements :x it's disgusting.
  9. Awsome, congrats!! :)
  10. Have a nice trip Court. :)
  11. [b]HAPPY BELATED BITHDAY BK![/b] :bday:
  12. :lol: good boy Carson.
  13. I don't think you're a bad owner DAL, Stryker is a kid himself and you're no denying to let him be. At last Stryker will find not just another good home, but he will be in another Dogomaniac home! which i find great :) you did the right think, i'm sorry you have to let him go, but it's for sure he'll be ok :wink: See, we let go Gilligan with my sister in law and he's doing so well, like he never knew me :roll: it was hard when he leave, but now i know he's having the time of his life at his new house.
  14. Thanks everyone! Tina is doing so well she's still at the vet, i hope she gets out tomorrow, we are going to see her everyday, which my vet must hate because everytime we leave Tina stays crying so loud :lol:
  15. We don't have puppies :( Yesterday the vet gave Tina a shot to start contractions, but nothing... so he had to operate and found 1 puppy blocking the way out, it was dead, and the other 3 were alive but they were in bad condition and died at night :( So taking the best from this, Tina got spayed and now she's still at the clinic getting well, she will be there for 2 more days. After all i think my vet saved Tina's life because if she would stay at her former home she probably would die. Thanks everyone for the support. A friend told me he saw in walmart a very cheap digi cam ($330 pesos, thats $30 USD) i'll get one of these while i can buy a good one. :wink:
  16. :lol: :P :lol: I promise you'll have pics very soon. Tina is still at vet's, maybe she will be in surgery this afternoon (that's now!) because the vet told me she was starting to smell bad :( maybe she is having problems with the puppies and need to be operated. This is the opportunity for Tina to get spayed, i'm gonna call the vet now. Keep this little girl in your thoughts, doesn't matter if you don't have ai image of her yet :P I'll update you later.
  17. :lol: :lol: Thanks again... i just left Tina at the vet, she was acting strange and i though she was about to have the puppies, she will be there today for observation just in case she need help with the delivery... i'll post news later. Well, i guess i need to get a camera asap before you reject me from the board. :)
  18. Thank you all :) The vet says she can have the puppies :D , the x rays showed 4 pups well sized, so here i am... a whole new backyard breeder :-? We're switching to puppy diamond food and the vet gave Tina some vitamins and calcium tablets. [quote]I must say, if we don't have photos, I demand some questions answered. What size doxie is she? What kind of coat does she have? What colour is she? [/quote] Tina is a standard smooth hair dachshund, she's red, or brown.... she looks like Annie (Goo's dachsie) I need a camera! :roll: wife wanted a black and tan, but Tina got first. If you have some advices for breeding they're welcome, i think i'm gonna spent lots of time in that thread. :)
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