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  1. That's awful, this is the kind of things that happen here everyday, the kids near to my house are such a gang of criminals too, i've talked to some of them and they seem to understand about caring for animals, i let them pet the dogs when we're walking, but still there are a group with heads full of crap, i'm sorry you have to witness that Rowie.
  2. hehe! behle that's a great pic, squirrels are so expressive. Yes we're going to do that haircut to Diesel the poor guy has a lot of fur, he looks like Chewbacca.
  3. Yes the wheather sucks in here, yesterday and today this city was declared the hottest place of this country the temperature was at 48
  4. That looks so great, yes if somebody goes please bring pics. :)
  5. It's great it wasn't anything serious!! I guess i need to check that matter in my crew too... thinking twice, i'm gonna leave that joy to my vet :)
  6. Stupid people, that's just awful.
  7. Jake Plummer (Denver Broncos QB) has a lemon / white basset hound * Edited to add: Salma Hayek has two female mutts picked from the streets, they travel everywhere she goes.
  8. A friend has a short haired pointer, and he lives in an small apartment, the dog is always with him, at home, car and at his work (he has a grocery store) i really don't know why he's still living in the apartment, because he has the money to get a bigger house... anyway the dog is so happy, he's trained with basic obedience, so maybe this is the exception of the rule. by the way if you decide to get that dog please post lots of pics, i love wire haired pointers!.
  9. [quote name='StarFox']Oh I'm sorry that he is leaving but I'm sure he will have a wonderful time with your sister-in-law and playing in the garden. But think of it this way because once he is with your SIL that means you'll have room to take in another dog. :evilbat:[/quote] :P :lol:
  10. That demon is about to leave the house!. My sister in law is going to Monterrey City to study, and she want to take Gilligan with her... I don't want that, but Gilligan has been with my wife since she was single and Paola (my sister in law) loves Gilligan so much, she has been insisting from 2 weeks ago. So i leave the decision to my wife and she just aprooved it. He's gonna be fine, they will live in a house with a big garden and other 2 students, they will leave next friday. I'm gonna miss him especially in the car, he loves riding with his head out of the window.
  11. Congrats for your new crate and toys!!! i whish you have a puppy... :lol:
  12. A big hugh for Penny, i hope she get well soon.
  13. What a beauty, congrats!.
  14. C'mon Jesse, stay strong, paws are crossed for you.
  15. Yeah, i've been there too... suddenly it's easy having 4 or 5 :-? :lol: I'm glad you enjoy that much your pups.
  16. Court i'm sorry to hear about Laurel, fortunatelt he's a dog who knows how to use his nose better than others, i think he'll do just fine with Free's help. On the other hand, it just sucks when your vet is that useless.
  17. Ok i'm the loser who bought that one... :oops: Am I out of sense of humor, am I getting old, or was that a very bad joke? :x
  18. Do we really need people like this in the world? this is one of the most cruel and stupid sites in the web. :madgo: :chainsaw1: :wallbash: [url]www.bonsaikitten.com[/url]
  19. JM i'm so sorry about Bear, i hope you can finally get all the help you need to give that boy a happy painless life, i join myself to the support team in here. Hugs for you and Bear.
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