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  1. [b]Happy Birthday Lucky!! [/b] :bday:
  2. I love jackie's face, so i'll keep voting all week.
  3. [quote name='Kat']You folks must think Im a right nutter relaying all the problems here :-?[/quote] Is there a better place to do it? :wink:
  4. I'm glad he has a home now, maybe next time Starfox. :)
  5. Beagles win all the time... Someday a basset will kick some beagles ass!... :lol:
  6. Sorry Starfox, i know that was evil, but i thought if your parents said ok to keep him, your application was ready to be entered, you love that puppy and he looks a lot like Zebra, well, the only thing left was he ask you by himself to keep him :lol: sorry about the joke, i'll be looking for your decision.
  7. [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0QgDnAlUUxLCKN1u2VSBjHMH*jlI4OZ7pWMoVnjjNUTpOdInUNczFtTpvYsmI2ehZojbhATFqCmSU26Yx7wQsP29N8DCSMLHI2L5He8qFEuw/yys.psd?dc=4675513275460365966[/img] :evilbat:
  8. What a moron, i hope Meg get back safe.
  9. I never had that problem, is cinco fixed? maybe is time to do it.
  10. This morning i saw on local tv about a new dog shelter in town!, and i just called them because they say they need people to colaborate, a nice lady answer me and i can tell you i'm an active member of the shelter, i want to go there in the afternoon to see how can i help. The lady told me that the most of the members are women... housewives... and there are a few men... that feeling is kind of familiar to me... i wonder where i've been in this situation before?... :roll: :lol: So, time to work!
  11. Just what we need, another sick person trying to make dirty money :evil: I sent a nice email to Mr Connell too. :evilbat:
  12. Everyone should read this.
  13. Yesterday afternoon i took the weimaraner to the vet, just for a general check up, and after that i returned to my office with the dog because i had an appointment with a client and i had no time to take the dog to the house. So back in the office, the dog stayed liying next to my chair, recieving all kind of compliments from the other designers in here. So when the client i was expecting arrived, he looked at the dog and say to me: -wait, why is that dog in here?, do you know her owner? and i reply -no i just found her lost in the street, do you know her? -Yes she
  14. [quote name='"courtnek"']oh SURE Izzy....heard THAT before... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:quote] :lol: :lol: :lol: you cracked me up court!
  15. Last night we found a Weimaraner alone in the street, no collar, no tags, beggin for some food, we took her with us and now she's at home waiting for me to find her owner or a new home. I guess she has been lost for about 2 months or so, it's really skinny. We gave her a good bath, removed some ticks she had, and of course she has been eating well. I hope to find her owner, she is so well behaved. And [b]no[/b], i'm not going to adopt her, she's a beauty, but it's too much for us. :P Here she is: [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RwANA2IU679q9cpmlvXLRHr6rGsTTR5MWj!V0WjA1c!A2Rap4D5isInKiOQcbIPlM4XJxV4pBN*mAJ3zxiHVTX4IHORVI4PJQMD1tFLRjsg/MVC-002F.JPG?dc=4675511100756037651[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RwA0A2UUqMBq9cpmlvXLRN2wYLRwdEqrdNLcKBzpgGyq*BHgzSxhMUq*flyngbj8JuIMke*hALe5VhPSpq3dVxouQIObayTS8jgeUBzN17w/MVC-005F.JPG?dc=4675511100763466353[/img]
  16. tied with my vote... we're about to do it!
  17. Hounds are "pack dogs" they love company, they can be with other dogs, even with cats. My suggest is get another hound, it can be easier putting both together.
  18. I'm so in love with Jackie's face, if i could i would take that boy in a second. I guess he's no gonna have any problem finding a forever home soon :)
  19. [size=6][color=blue][b]Fiona!![/b][/color][/size] :bday: [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0TQAAAKEXlKa!Tu28h1!*SyFlE4ZqD34g7sMIVnHexU2a9C3W7vQGgmyOFkN*dAKYbByYSbpAT182KjAbQ4NdvESqy!*pAvSqAfzGjkhX00mAUpfLV0k5jw/fionna%20river.JPG?dc=4675510788927138353[/img] According to her former owner, she's 1 year old today :)
  20. Glad he's better!!, go beaux. :)
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