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  1. C'mon big guy, get well soon!, paws pressed here for you.
  2. There are a lot of filas here in Mexico, well at least in my city, you can see them as guard dogs and find clasiffied announcements selling puppies of fila in the newspaper. I think they're beautiful dogs, but it's not a breed that i can have.
  3. [size=7][color=blue][b]Happy Birthday Bongo![/b][/color][/size] :bday:
  4. Congrats, great for you to give that dog a good home, i leave the spaniel mix thing to Kat and the others, i've met only 2 BC in my hole life, that's a rare breed in here :P
  5. Wow, he's so beautiful, good luck!
  6. We're about to catch that little demon, keep voting!
  7. Well after a long, long time of having Fiona with us, we can say she's part of our family. i've posted about her before, but if you don't remember who's Fiona or how she got to our house let me tell you: Fiona was the family pup of a friend of mine, but when his wife was about to gave birth he asked me to keep Fiona for awhile, because they gone to another city for the birth... anyway, that was about 6 months or so ago and Fiona is now best friend of everybody here, so after a million times i asked my friend if he's gonna take her back he told me yesterday that he and his wife maybe can't take good care of the dog because of the baby. So before i start to blame my friend about his incapacity to have a dog, i just adopted this young girl. She's gonna be 1 year this month, so we'll have a party soon!... Here some pics of this girl: [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SADrAp0ULs9q9cpmlvXLRHh3**AHtU06tlnFi90PSv6rHakfGIiVOId5CmvHe0gYap2*TruSnIuzzCG5WqtEW9JQFrJM2CgxzxLdYcscd3szAAAAynJfAg/MVC-001F0.JPG?dc=4675490871305538977[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RwDvAncUpsPZ4nxeTxUgLzjyk7HHS8QDVRGbCscQ1wChYNaWPsl!OjGhhji3eDZWgmANN7ddC8!WcGAVovkOQGG8JeZYeaz8NninbPmY8j8/MVC-803F.JPG?dc=4675490871441843741[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RwDrAnIUW8Jq9cpmlvXLROFYe9bDopFHssFL!lMvH6wHXQTItod4AbERkHC45*40k8BISnV2JP7Pwm4Ub3y3CYeIYDRWX1DNbYyCEtkebNs/MVC-006F.JPG?dc=4675491052107638729[/img] And finally on her stupid old blanket, she loves it! :roll: [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RgAdA*kUVOH9tTctZ3A4poMN7l1oImtwfDeg2nQfVcGeMr3IuvI3YfC71EigAgtpTOixULDKOXSVRo9hEvDukA0QZgat32p!LUTQ*5jR6BU/Pic_452.jpg?dc=4675508489041468936[/img] Oh yeah, and that's why i'm changing my sign again.
  8. Go Hale!!, good news :D
  9. ok here we go, let's get that dachshund!
  10. I guees i don't have an option :roll: [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RgAfA*gUFuH9tTctZ3A4pl47KWCsQlyR6!3khzbXMtE3Dw*UiiDiUqLiP0GJO7cWZBSM8daUoiwMe0vzQ9ry9jeEPXLo0V1DsH*n!WYlBA4/Pic_451.jpg?dc=4675507927718857943[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RgA6A*0UUOJhCs1iwRGzpbXnC0TWkxDctq7x02SEmFksv!Hc3YCza0bE8xr15oNEavNX2wX0ZEge3tVlTykMt4tdnaY4IL2faxaTY!9M8cs/Pic_492.jpg?dc=4675507927722855445[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RgAAAP4UjuJhCs1iwRGzpcVGoMPSgIbNXnPhic1ILbNIkRI8I7WUG5IDtGm7blHmg5XnbiEnTDy6ABkhTRpt7H*uM9YZgr3LcNDh6KmYhH0/Pic_493.jpg?dc=4675507927726684328[/img] so i go for Yes. :lol:
  11. Oh no Haley, recieve a lot of good vibes from here, i hope the problem could be treated, lots of hughs to you.
  12. Big hughs for Zoe, good thoughts on your way.
  13. It's a shame you two can't go to Crufts this year, give Meg a hugh for me, and one for Zoey too. :)
  14. 1. Shame on that lady for abuse on the dog, it's great that you're giving her another opportunity. 2. Shame on you for abuse on us telling us about a new dog without showing a picture :P [size=2]j/k of course[/size]
  15. All the gang here is sending good vibes to Charlie, get well soon boy!.
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