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  1. yeah my little one knows how to howl....i am so glad he did good i had no doubt he would do good though...he is such a good dog... ok i am a little biast (sp) did you get any pics of his first halloween
  2. none of those emails are accurate...the last one she had was yahoo and comcast but she doesnt have internet access or so she says...just to let you know that
  3. i am sitting here with my mouth wide open there are some things i didnt know i did know about the other guy but now i am wondering how much i knew
  4. I sent you a pm michele when you get it let me know
  5. [quote name='SarahQ'][quote name='Hmmmm']Three "snaps" or bites, as called by the doctor, is more than just a warning.[/quote] [quote name='SarahQ']Again, I disagree. If it hadnt been a warning. Those pictures would have been much much worse. This dog didnt want to hurt this kid, or it would have. Its as simple as that. IME, dogs dont miss on accident.[/quote] ok i am not meaning for this to become an argument for anyone i am sure in both of your opionions you are both right i am sure if i was paying attention to signs mabye i would of caught something but as for the bites i do want to make a correction yes she bit 3 times and as she was leaping at my son he was leaning himself backward to move away in the longest 3 seconds of my life i grabbed my son away quickly. i think what everyone is getting at is that if i wouldnt of been there it could of been worse and me being there and able to grab my son away from my dog probably prevented more damage. I am grateful that it didnt get that bad and i was able to get him away. Again i thank everyone for there opionions and there support both that agreed and disaggreed[/quote]
  6. i got her from a family from spanaway
  7. it doesnt bother me to answer and i didnt get a dog to protect me i got a dog to be part of my family probably way to much info but after my husband and i got married six years ago he said since i am gone alot i would love for you to be protected and that is when he started teaching how to use a weapon and be comfortable with using one...and that is what my husband bought for protection not star...i am sorry if i came across that that might be why i got her...i might of said it gave me security for having her because i know if someone were to come in my house her barking would alert me but again that is not why i got her...just wanted to explain myself
  8. and i never said i couldnt handle what anyone was saying actually i apologized for letting my emotions get the best of me and said everyone has a right to there opinion....i appreciate all the support but that is not the only reason i came here i came for advice and i took it and i learned from it the only reason i got upset at the post is because when rotten two said her first reaction to me getting a dog was whoooa i dont recall ever telling anyone if i had any experience or not or if my husband did so i am presumming that she thought that just cuz of someone elses previous post about asking if i should get a dog cuz i do know that one of friends put a thread on her if i should get on or not or cuz she didnt know me and just figured cuz i got a dog it was bad....as for the breed her being a german shepard i have no problem with there breeds my husband is in love with that certain breed and that is what he has experience with so of course i would get an animal that he knew about...i also didnt know about kids until i had my first and that didnt stop me from having my second and i am sure someone said whoooa i shouldnt of had my daughter cuz i had no experience...now for those of you that are worried that i might run out and get another dog i wont this is a hard decision so if that is your fear dont worry about that it isnt going to happen anytime soon
  9. [quote name='bk_blue'][quote name='tx2478']As for the comment on me owning a dog my husband and i talked about having a pet and he suggested a german shepard because he had 15 years experience with that breed he is not by all means a trainer or a professional but he has had the training experience and my good friend who lives here is a akc certified trainer and she helps me out with star since my husband is away...[/quote] I find this pretty silly and irresponsible. Your husband is away, so you get a dog HE is familiar with to protect you while he, the one with all this experience with the breed, is not there? Why didn't you get a dog YOU were confident in handling seeing as you're the one who has day-to-day control over her? I think r2's post had a lot of merit. Good luck with what you decide.[/quote] you can look back i didnt get the dog after he left i got him before my husband had to leave i cant remember if i knew if he was leaving or not i and i am not sure if i said i got her to protect me i know in dals thread if that is what your are refering to i said that some people get a dog to protect i got a dog to be part of my family my husbands only rule was it to be a german shepard...
  10. i was going to post who she was but she posted so nv
  11. ok i am going to apologize for my post my emotions are up in the air thank you rotten two for your opinion everyone is entitled to theres and thank you for your i just got upset cuz i do feel like a bad dog owner and an even worse person to have to seperate my dog from us she is part of our family never been an outside dog and just wonderful to be around i wish this whole never would of happened
  12. we are using those enzymes right now i bought some off the internet so i was hoping that would help the gsd rescue group contacted me and they said absolutely they wont take her because they would have to put her in a home for 6 months to work with her and then move her again and they feel all that she wouldnt make it...that is just there opinion.... As for the comment on me owning a dog my husband and i talked about having a pet and he suggested a german shepard because he had 15 years experience with that breed he is not by all means a trainer or a professional but he has had the training experience and my good friend who lives here is a akc certified trainer and she helps me out with star since my husband is away...Rotten Two i do feel that is all my fault my son wasnt hanging on her he was sitting in front of her about as much space as my body width apart but maybe i should of never let them be around i wanted a dog for my family not just me....And to reassure you no matter what happens it will be a long while before i consider another dog
  13. i have come here a couple of times but it is hard to reply with a good answer one of the ladies that is a good friend of mine and went to the vet with me and has been working with star is a behaviourlist (sp) she is the one who recommended the vet...we are in contact with a couple of rescues but the problem is when my friend saw those pictures and asked me to describe what happened she said she could see that in the pic it wasnt just a warning bite there are three distinct bites on his face where she opened and shut her mouth and made contact 3 times and she said that is not considered a bit it is considered an attack and she also said that it could be a matter of time before she was to attack an adult and the she would probably walk all over an elderly couple...she is trying to help me and right now my son and star have been seperated and it has been hard cuz neither of them understand...Unfortuanatly after talking to my husband he recommended that we do what is best for her he did suggest putting her to sleep only cuz he is also worried that to add to all of this that being seperated from her family might make things worse but he did say if a rescue took her that i need to make sure it was a good rescue and had to make sure that she would be placed with a no kids home and one that didnt plan on having any...also to your question about blood work yes there was blood work done and what a pancriotic insuffiency is where they are not absorbing the food so it is like her starving and she is always hungry they can treat it but it can be up to 16 dollars a day so that has to be another thing to consider when giving her to a rescue...
  14. So i took star into the vet so they could look her over she found a couple of hot spots on her but not enough to make her get agitated...but then she started looking around and examing star and has discovered that star has all the symptoms for pancriotic insuffiency...she also asked to see the pics i took to see if the bite was a warning or what...anyways after seeing the pics she said she could tell that there are 3 distinct bites on my son and itnt considered a bite and attack...she also said that could of alot to do with her aggitation...her recomendation at first she said the kindest thing to do for her is to put her to sleep....i started crying right then and there and then she said that if i didnt want to put her to sleep than i should re home her with a rescue but with the bites i would have to consider that some rescues might not take her and if they do they have to follow up with the vet with the pancriotic insuffiency...either way it goes her recommendation is not to have the dog in the home...i havent talked to my husband about it cuz he hasnt called but he did see the pics and at the time said that he was worried she would bite again...Can someone give me some advice on if i should look for the rescue or do what the vet said. This is really hard for me i have sat here for the last 2 days not knowing what to do and it was even hard for me to come here and put it in words.
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