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  1. ok let's work!... THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  2. thanks for sharing... :angel:
  3. Hi guys, with the emotion of find this funny site i forgot to tell you the little story of Lola... well we rescue her from an irresponsible owner, he kept in a very small place with a little dachshund. They were in horrible contidions so we convince the owner to give us both dogs (now the dachshund is with my sister) and he used to feed them with bones, meat, soup, rice, bread and all the stuff you can imagine, so Lola has a teeth problem. We took her to the vet and he gave us directions for cleaning her mouth, but i see it has been a little progress since we started (about five months ago)... Lola is about 2 years old... do you have some tips on how to clean her teeth? or maybe feed habits? PS. i don't know if i explain myself right... my english language is limited... i guess you saw that in my other posts... well now i got another motivation fo being here... dogs and language practice...
  4. i read somewhere that the hound breeds are so independent, they own you, do what they wanna do and follow the scents all the time no matter if you're in front of them with your worst face (Lola does). I agree mei mei you have to take that girl to some classes so you can understand and deal with her.
  5. ok 3 pages in this forum and nobody think that the Basset Hound face is the cutiest in the world, their short legs and the big velvet ears make you love them in one second!...
  6. The other night i had to work late, so when i got home my wife and my basset were sleeping (my wife on the bed and Lola in the carpet)... it was about 2:00 am and i was very tired and the only thing i wanted to do was rest, but it was impossible!... my wife talks in the sleep and Lola has the biggest snoar in the hole world... now it's funny, but at that time that was a torture!.... Ladie's... you broke your back working for them and they pay you that way at the end of the day (just Kidding)...
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