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  1. Yesterday we went to see Tina and got back home with her :roll: i'm gonna take her to my vet today and i'll ask for the x rays. She reacted well with the other dogs and had a good night sleeping in crate, no accidents in the house. The bad news... my camera is broken i need one urgently or you'll never forgive me for have a new dog and no pics! :oops: Later i'll post the results of the x rays and what my vet said about it, thanks for your thoughts.
  2. izzy

    Dog commercial

    :lol: :lol: that's a great creative work!
  3. Well if you don't remember... my wife wants a dachshund and i was looking for one, i've been sending emails to breeders and i'm on the waiting list of one also i'm looking in the shelter but until now i haven't found one. So yesterday i got a call from the shelter, they told me they found a female dachshund who was abandoned because [b]she's pregnant![/b] :evil: the vet says she's about 4 weeks pregnancy. I went to see her and she's so pretty and well behaved, the history they told me is: she was a family dog but her owners never fixed her and they let her roam loose, so she got pregnant the first time last year and the father told his daughter that if Tina (that's her name) got pregnant again she had to go! (what a jerk). Well it happened that idiot took the dog and kicked her out! :bad-words: and now she's looking for a home. Honestly i can took her and i'm starting to think i will, but the responsibility of take care of the puppies will be hard work (i'm gonna need some help!) especially because nobody knows who's the father, so i just hope it wasn't a big dog. Later i'm gonna take my wife to met Tina, and we'll make the decision. I'll keep you updated.
  4. I'm sorry Kat, i'm sure Zoe is thankful to you and your family for gave her a happy life and home. Hughs.
  5. I know your pain, when tabatha got lost was a very hard time for us, i hope Leo get back asap, paws crossed.
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol: Hey!! i'm trying hard to be here reading and writing english, c'mon and make the effort! :lol: BTW that was a good traslation JM! :)
  7. There's an interesting article about Akita in the page of the Mexican Canine Federation, but it's in spanish :oops: maybe you want to check it out. I understand your gf is from latin ancestry (is that well said?) maybe she can help you to translate. They talk about origin and history of the breed, kennel clubs clasifications, standard, behave, grooming and color of coats. [url]http://www.perrosdemexico.com.mx/especiales/akita/index.html[/url] Anyway, there's the tip :)
  8. Congrats CC!! i'm pretty sure she will be so happy with you.
  9. Not anoda' kilometric dread please! Right on! :)
  10. ehmm.... what's a greenie? :oops:
  11. That's a great lecture, thanks for sharing.
  12. [b]Happy Birthday Eli![/b] :bday:
  13. [quote name='newfiemom']Are you serious???? What does she mean about too big?[/quote] the owner's brain is too small.
  14. Look like you were taken a pic of Bigfoot or an UFO :lol: ... i've seen puppies of 10 months or so with the hair a little more growth, but it get short whe they become adults, it's interesting, here's a fragment of the AKC standard: Coat The coat is hard, smooth, and short, with sufficient density to be of use in all weather. The skin is loose and elastic. A distinctly long coat is a disqualification. Yeah i know you don't care about standards :P anyway i hope you can take a better pic of that dog. :)
  15. Ok NOW i feel old... :lol: no that movie sucks, i'm talking about the original Godzilla movies in black and white...
  16. Diesel drinks like a total gentleman, but the girls make a mess with their ears inside the bowl and soaking on the floor :lol:
  17. This remember me the end of those Godzilla movies when some kids say to Godzilla: [i]Goodbye!, goodbye, goodbye![/i] with a high voice, and they used to keep yelling at the damn lizzard until she get lost in the horizon... :-? [size=2]i'm gettin' old huh?[/size]
  18. [b]Happy Birthday Zoey![/b] :bday:
  19. Oh yeah, there must be that variants of rough and long hair, but they're not recognized as a pure breed, the standard of the breed says the hair can't be long., I guess a rough basset could be a cute pup. If i didn't fix diesel and the girls i could found it!... j/k of course. It's like thinking in a long haired Bloodhound, anyone has seen one? :-? edited to add: Here's a pic of a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen the breed is related with the basset hound, because of their history, but today they're two diferent breeds. [img]http://dl.dogomania.com/pics/27/big17.jpg[/img]
  20. Those are beautiful dogs (including Kira of course)... Long hair in a basset hound is a big fault, the closest to that is the grand basset griffon vendeen, but we're talking from a different breed :P
  21. Good advice Courtnek, thanks! :)
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