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  1. Whenever I come across an allergy prone dog, the first thing I do is either feed them raw, or find a food with no or low grain content, as I've found most food allergies are caused by carbs, grain, and beet pulp. See if they'll try Innova Evo, it's strictly protein, no grains. While it's expensive, they'll actually feed less of it since it's really high calorie food. I could feed three dogs (65 lbs, 60lbs, and 50 lbs) for three weeks on a 30 lb. bag. Supplement it with some fish oil or Missing Link and see how she does.
  2. [quote name='Kat'] Other breeds I would consider would be a hungarian vizsla or an alaskan klee kai.[/quote] I know I'm late on this thread, but Kat, I just had a standard AKK that I just placed yesterday :o , and you NEVER see them in recsues or shelters. This is Luna, a silver, double blue eyed standard Klee, and in all honesty, even though I'm not a big supporter of breeding at this time, I'd actually consider getting one in the future. She was an amazing little girl, all the traits of a Siberian, just in a much smaller package. [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v62/Lokipup/face.jpg[/img] Hree you can see the size difference! [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v62/Lokipup/RedbankStreetFair019.jpg[/img] [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v62/Lokipup/000_0437.jpg[/img]
  3. I'll jump into the fray for a moment, and I have to go with Jeff on this one :wink: . I've met Cesar on several occasions, years before he ever went "public", and his understanding of canine/pack mentality is more comprehensive than just about every other trainer out there. And yes, the method won't always work on every dog and every disorder they can suffer from, but with certainty I can say it does have a very high success rate. Obedience training and behavior modification are two things that are entirely different, and should be addressed as such. I've seen dogs that could perform on a dime in predictable environments, but can't seem to do the same outside of those parameters, and I've seen dogs who haven't had a lick of training, but are so "owner-centric" that they almost didn't need any. Bottom line, it's not "one size fits dog" when it comes to dogs, you use whatever will work with the animal that's in front of you.
  4. Lokipups

    Adoption fees?

    [quote name='Sabine'] I wanted to adopt a puppy this year from rescue, and I was told I couldn't because my Dane is not neutered. :roll: THAT's a policy most rescues have, and in my opinion that's a policy that needs to be revised. WHY on earth can't I adopt a puppy because I own an intact dog? :evilbat: Do they think he'll eat little pups because he's hormone-driven or something? Doesn't make sense to me at all........... That's a policy that should be changed and applications should be treated individually........... After all, a part of the adoption-process is to have the adopted dog neutered/spayed, and last I heard, that pretty much rules out the breeding of two animals, right? :lol: I have three intact dogs living with me, and no - I don't intend to breed them. :) (:oops: - off topic........ sorry ! :oops: :angel:)[/quote] Sabine, as someone who runs a rescue I can tell you that yes, you would be denied as an adopter because you have intact animals, and no, it's not because we would think "he'll eat little pups because he's hormone-driven". It's because unless you're a professional top notch breeder, or your dog has a documented medical condition, there is no reason to have unaltered dogs in this day and age, and it's a red flag to almost every rescue I know. Our concern is one of history, i.e. if you couldn't be bothered to speuter your dog when it should have been done, will you be so cavalier if the dog needs real medical attention? Not to mention that shit happens, what if one of your intact dogs got loose and impregnated another? And yes, it happens, all the time. And while many rescues do alter animals prior to adoption, many DON"T, relying on the adopter to get it done and then show the rescue proof of speutering in a reasonable time frame.
  5. Lokipups

    Adoption fees?

    Where in heavens name will you find a reputable breeder who will sell even a pet quality pup for $300. ? And then you still have to complete the rest of the puppy vacs, neuter it, vet it, etc., which will add up to way more than $300. If you add up the numbers above, they're still quite a bit above what we ask for an adoption fee, and we don't have the luxury of a physical building or public donations or grants to do what we do. Plus the fact that I MUST speuter every dog before adoption, otherwise I would be in violation of a city law, not to mention it would be irresponsible if I didn't. CC, I don't know where you are, but here in the NYC area, prices for vetting are exhorbitant (spays are about $225., neuters around $200., if you're lucky), so I don't think our adoption fees are out of line for what we provide. And if we didn't charge an adoption fee that covered 60% of what we do, then how would we stay in business?
  6. Pyr, while they're expensive, the Petzazz Enduro is the ONLY crate that can hold up to a Siberian (and that's saying a lot!). It's reinforced at all the seams, and only 1" openings. Like this, [img]http://www.petsmart.com/media/ps/images/products/detail/thumb/i/inP0/inP020163thumb_6fd9.jpg[/img] Although when I tried the link, it says they no longer carry them (they were only made for and sold by Persmart), dammit.
  7. Lokipups

    Adoption fees?

    As a rescuer, I can tell exactly why we charge $300. for a dog (we are a PB rescue). Pull fee from the shelter $45.00 Vet checkup complete with vaccinations, exam and if a dog pulled from a crowded shelter with unknown history, a CBC and Superchem panel 175.00 Speutering, $60 to $90 Microchip, $15 Food, supplies (Frontline, Heartguard) for dog while in foster home (on average) $80. Time, paperwork, gas and phonebills spent on adoption, (best guess, never added it up) $50? These are all discounted rescue prices too (vetting and speutering), still think $300. is too much to adopt a dog :wink: ? Even if we're lucky enough to pull a dog with vac and health records, whatever money that we don't have to spend is still used for the other dogs that have special medical needs, or those in boarding because we ran out of foster space. And you'll never be able to purchase a pup with all of that provided already for that price, so even a mixed breed puppy who has already been fully vetted is a bargain.
  8. Easiest way to cure thunder phobia is to pick up a CD of storm sounds, play it so it's just barely audible, and make a game out of it by playing with the dog and a favorite toy or using great treats. Gradually turn the volume up a little at a time during these sessions and pretty soon the dog will associate the sound of an oncoming storm with good things!
  9. It's normal, coat color can change with age, elements, etc. I think there are groomer shampoos made for show dogs that enhance coat color, but I'm not sure if they make it for black dogs :hmmmm: . Found it! [url]http://www.petedge.com/shopping/product/detailmain.jsp?itemID=2363&itemType=PRODUCT&iMainCat=12&iSubCat=245&iSubSubCat=248&iProductID=2363[/url]
  10. Had it happen to us, someone snagged a pic off our Petfinder site and listed him as a stud on their own site. Pretty funny considering he was neutered :-? .
  11. [quote name='chancy']celebrex - [url]http://www.bestrxpills.com[/url][/quote] Sampling the inventory, are we :roll: ? This is a dog forum, spamass.
  12. Funny thing is, I just had a go'round with it at my house a few weeks ago, the new foster became symptomatic with it just two days after getting her vaccinations. She in turn passed it on to my Husky, who's also had the vac. But my two mutts, who've NEVER had a Bordetella vac, were fine :-? , go figure. Leah, just think of it like the common cold for canines, and you know what Chris Rock says about Robitussin :lol: ..........
  13. Yup, a shallow pan of water with lemon dish soap does the trick, just put the pan on the floor, preferably under a bright light (with the rest of the room dim), and you should see a whole bunch of them in there the next morning. And get a flea collar and put it in the bag or cannister of the vacuum and give the whole house the once over too.
  14. AAP is right, one tablespoon of Robitussin (the formula just for coughing) per 40 lbs of weight should do the trick. Kennel cough is a self limiting disease, and should go away on it's own within 5 days or so. If it doesn't clear up by then, then call the vet.
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