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  1. Lokipups

    Adoption fees?

    Where in heavens name will you find a reputable breeder who will sell even a pet quality pup for $300. ? And then you still have to complete the rest of the puppy vacs, neuter it, vet it, etc., which will add up to way more than $300. If you add up the numbers above, they're still quite a bit above what we ask for an adoption fee, and we don't have the luxury of a physical building or public donations or grants to do what we do. Plus the fact that I MUST speuter every dog before adoption, otherwise I would be in violation of a city law, not to mention it would be irresponsible if I didn't. CC, I don't know where you are, but here in the NYC area, prices for vetting are exhorbitant (spays are about $225., neuters around $200., if you're lucky), so I don't think our adoption fees are out of line for what we provide. And if we didn't charge an adoption fee that covered 60% of what we do, then how would we stay in business?
  2. Lokipups

    Now that is IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yup, a shallow pan of water with lemon dish soap does the trick, just put the pan on the floor, preferably under a bright light (with the rest of the room dim), and you should see a whole bunch of them in there the next morning. And get a flea collar and put it in the bag or cannister of the vacuum and give the whole house the once over too.
  3. Lokipups

    A MUST READ Article on HSUS!

    Sadly, many of the Humane Societys in the US are extremely well funded, and not much of that money gets funneled into local shelters and programs :( . Same with many of the SPCA's too. When people ask me where to donate money to, I always tell them to give to their local private shelters and private rescues, who manage to do more than most on a third of the money. The ASPCA is a great case in point. The show you watch on Animal Planet, "Animal Precinct", generates a large income for the ASPCA in Manhattan, as well as the private donations they receive. The last time I looked, they were running at about 60 MILLION in the black. Now why isn't that money being used to help out the smaller rescues that receive little to no funding? Don't get me wrong, I happen to like the A, they let my rescue have use of the mobile sapy/neuter truck once a month, but 60 million dollars? C'mon, share the love, people :P ! Oh, and here's the link to the ASPCA's annual report for 2003... [url]http://www.aspca.org/site/PageServer?pagename=about_annualreport[/url]
  4. Lokipups

    Dahlila got chipped!

    Good for Dahlila, but don't forget to register it :wink: !
  5. Lokipups

    ? for those with dysplastic dogs.

    Lyme and Erlichia are antigen specific tests, if they aren't looking for them, they won't show up in a CBC. Although I'm sure the last thing poor Taurus wants is another needle stuck in him :( , poor guy.
  6. Lokipups

    "Family pet" electrocuted during storm

    Good god HF, I'd like to drive down and bitchslap that woman :x ! Really, did that storm come up so fast that NOBODY could bring that poor Sibe inside? And why do I get the feeling that that dog spent lots of time outside, wonderful for a Siberian in a Georgia summer, where I'm sure it's hotter than a whores dream right about now. It hits over eighty five and my whole crew stays inside in the AC, never mind a storm.
  7. Lokipups

    Yogurt frosting????

    Daisysmom, I've tried every recipe in the book to make yogurt coating for dog treats, and not a one of them worked :( . Now I buy the yogurt wafers in bulk from this place, [url]http://www.barryfarm.com/candy_making.htm[/url], the prices are great and the sugar content isn't that high.
  8. Lokipups

    Eatin' Dirt

    Dirt eating is pica, usually a symptom of an iron deficiency. She like to munch on ice cubes as well?
  9. Go ahead and use dish soap on him, just dilute it 1 part soap to 10 parts water, and use a washcloth to clean his face off carefully. Or you could leave him be and invite a buch of other dogs over to help lick him clean :lol: . He must smell delicious :haha: .
  10. Lokipups

    Expertise needed for growling problem

    Dominance/posession aggression, get the dog off of your lap and on the floor at all times, immediately. NILIF big time, no toys, meals, affection without doing something to earn it. Everytime Rerun is up on your lap, you're elevating his position in the pack, literally. Plus, by being on your lap, he's treating you as his most prized possession and is seeing your son as a threat. The dog needn't be put down if he did snap at your son, especially for something that you've unwittingly fostered by giving him better status in the family than he deserves. A good dose of hardcore NILIF should straighten out his snotty attitude fairly quickly.
  11. Lokipups

    Electronic Collar?

    Go to Lou Castle's website, he is by far one of the best e-collar trainers out there. [quote]he looked very scared.... but the trainer said "startled"[/quote] Daisysmom, run from that trainer, she used the stim waaayyyy to high! And that is precisely what gives the e-collar a bad name :x , people who do not know how to use one. My own dogs were proofed on the e-collar, and you've never seen two dogs so happy to work, because as the other poster said, they couldn't be clearer with the direction they have been given. I studied for a long time under an excellent trainer to be able to use one properly, it took me months to perfect the timing (on a dummy, not a real dog), and under the correct circumstances and used the right way, it can be an invaluable tool in training.
  12. Lokipups

    Petland Puppies

    CandD, the wire haired fox terrier really is a breed, but I still wouldn't buy one from Petland :wink: .
  13. Lokipups

    Seijun, opinion?

    Could you take a peek at these pics? The woman who has them thinks that they're both high contents (I say not even close :-? ) and is looking for a wolf sanctuary to place them (when I think all she needs is a Sibe rescue). [url]http://www.msnusers.com/WyandtFamilyPages/shoebox.msnw?Page=1[/url]
  14. My close friends Irish Setter had not one but two ruptured discs in his back, with steriods and total bed rest for three weeks, he came through it fine. The hard part is keeping them quiet for three weeks :o . But just as a precaution, I would also suggest that your friend have bloodwork done to check for tick paralysis as well, just to be on the safe side, as the dog does work with livestock.
  15. And I would suggest that you contact the local Schutzhund club or a PD handler, they're much better equipped to evaluate a working line GSD. He just might be the dog someone's looking for, jobwise.