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  1. See? all we said "take him" right after see his pic, now you're having a great time with him... you got to trust a little more in your dogo friends huh? :lol:
  2. That's just sickening!, and it's so sad that people pay good money for a mutt like that while shelters are full of them. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  3. Eric you'll become an expert on catching birds inside your house, later you'll be able to do it with chinese sticks :lol: What about putting a metallic web on your chimney?
  4. [quote name='Crystal']There is no way I would be standing out in the front yard putting a condom on my dog. Can you imagine the looks on my neighbors faces, all retired old ladies. :o This is just nuts.[/quote] :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: What's next? porn doggy sites?
  6. Yeah here's the thread!, i saw the pics first. Congrats again!, pooh bear is so lucky. :)
  7. Great story, now i know how to handle a big GSD. :lol:
  8. Hi Crested!, welcome back it seem things are doing so good for you and your dogs. :)
  9. Oh yes, Lola loves tablets, everytime she sees a box or a bottle of medicine comes to me beggin for some :lol:
  10. thanks a lot for the help!, those are great advices and sites. Here in my city will be a dog show next month so i will have the opportunity to be in contact with breeders and kennel clubs, so i hope to find a good breeder. Actually i don`t want a mini daschund, i read about their health problems, etc. And about the loud barking, we're so used to them with 2 basset hounds in home you need ear protection sometimes :-? thanks again, i'll keep you updated :D
  11. Since Tabatha died my wife feels she need another dog to cuddle and spoil (Tabatha was so close to her), so she's been telling me about how much she likes black and tan daschunds :roll: she doesn't tell me directly I want a dog!, but i know her and all you women there know how to say something without saying it :-?... So i guess i need to do some research about the breed, and find a good breeder here in Mexico, i want to do the things right. You know how i feel about strays and how many help they need, but this dog is for my wife's arms so as a husband, i have to please her :roll: Any advice?... Goo?. BTW she wants a female... something like this: [img]http://dl.dogomania.com/pics/25/Derry10.jpg[/img] I took this pic from the gallery in here, is just an example
  12. [url]http://www.live-shot.com[/url] They shot real animals through internet with a camera conected to a rifle... what's next? :evil: :evil: :evil:
  13. I use the dremel and it's been great, Lola hates the clipper, actually she hates the dremel too, but she can stand it.
  14. i'm the most APBT ignorant in dogo, if someone ask me what i think about those dogs structure i would say they're skinny! :lol: :oops: ... i'm sure someone will come here to give you a good opinion :P
  15. I'll be thinking in Haley, go girl!.
  16. As i was saying, Crazy Canine has always the best ideas in the hole world... :oops: :oops: :oops:
  17. that's hilarious!, i needed that :lol:
  18. What a coward morons!! I don't know about you but i think that soldier is not the only one that shot the dog, the last shot comes from someone out of frame, so we're talking about two or more idiots! :evil: And No, the other one didn't ask "Why?" he said "He's still alive"... i'm so mad. Those acts should be punished with rejection from the army. I know that's not gonna happen but at least those "soldiers" should be exhibited as the jerks they are, their names must be known. I second LC idea of contact a dog lover celebrity, maybe Gregg Louganis, Sharon Osbourne, i don't know. :evil:
  19. Oh Kat, what a bad situation, we're sending good vibes to your way to fix the problem soon, but chin up! life can't be so terrible, i'm sure you, Meg and your boyfriend will be just fine. ((Hughs))
  20. [quote name='mouseatthebusstop']what about that poor dog who has to live with him :([/quote] I'm thinking the same mouse, poor dog.
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