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Local groomer charged with neglecting his OWN dogs

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I just watched this on our local news. While I know that the media tends to sensationalize things, I did see the video images of the dogs in this story. They were matted, feces encrusted and emaciated. Besides, in this rural area, things have to be pretty doggone bad for animal control to remove your animals. It's just so wrong to call yourself an animal caregiver and then neglect your own. These animals were in AWFUL shape. The little Chihuahua mentioned in the story was shown on the newscast and it was a teeniny little thing, a bag of bones, that had been starved and left outside to freeze (we've had hard freezes several of the last few nights). I'm beyond p*ssed off. I wish you could see the pictures. :x

[url=http://www.walb.com/Global/story.asp?S=2742160&nav=5kZQUd5W]Story here.[/url] :(

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Actually, it's surprising, even to me, how often I see groomers that have dozens of animals (I'm certainly not implying it's the majority), but most of the ones like that I know of are millers/byb'ers rather than just collectors. I saw an ad in our phone book today when I was looking for another number of a grooming shop/kennel/breeder. It listed at least a dozen breeds of dogs and also mentioned as a "plus" that they could breed "special mixes." Of course, they take all major credit cards for those impulse buyers. How can a groomer who has to see so much neglect and the problems caused by overpopulation be so blind to it and contribute to it? I just don't get it, but I see it often.

Anyway, back from my momentary trip off-topic... I often worry about the hoarding thing because my vet once accused me of it, then later retracted it and apologized for saying it (it was when I was considering adopting a special needs dog and he thought I was biting off more than I could chew, though he could offer no example of how I've ever neglected any of my animals... matter of fact, he once adopted to me one his HIS special needs dogs and didn't think me unfit then :x ). However, it planted the idea in my head since we do have so many dogs and cats. People who hoard/collect don't realize they are doing it and are in denial, so I wonder if I would know if I was doing it. However, my rationale is that my animals are all kept indoors and are not just roaming all over our property or overflowing kennels, on flea control, all spayed/neutered, all vetted as needed, house is clean (no crap piles or urine left to lay... can't say you won't find hair in the ice tray occasionally :oops: ), we have limits and stick to them, etc., blah, and so forth, so I don't [u]think[/u] we would be considered collectors. I consider us to have as many animals as we are feasibly able to care for. Can't say their grooming isn't sometimes neglected, but it's more of an asthetics problem. I mean, they may be ugly sometimes, but they don't have mats, dredlocks, toenails curled into their pads, feces encrusted back ends, or eye goobers. Ugly ain't a crime. Then again, like others, I may be rationalizing. How does one ever really know? :oops:

I can't imagine having dogs in that shape and not realizing it's a problem, but apparently people do. The video images in that newscast were haunting. Jess, they showed the skeletons on tv. How could anyone NOT think that's a problem? :-?

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