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I haven't heard anything. I don't want to disturb them all the time, I mean, if the first puppy was born at 7AM, the leigbourg would have started a lot before that, right? So if the puppies have now been born, they must be exhausted beeing up all night, so I figured, I'd let them rest. I'm 100% sure I'll find out what has happend sooner or later.

Even though I can't even sit still (let alone concentrate on my homework) I have to keep myself occupied and think of something else. I REALLY would like to know what has happend right now, but I have to be patient.

I PROMISE you, I'll tell you everything when i find out myself. :)

Oh, and by the way, after my millions and millions of names I've been thinking about, I'm always going back to square one. So... I've made up my mind. Her name is going to be Bella! :D
Heh... The first name idea was actually Bella-Donna, but because it's somekind of poison flower or something, I shortend it and it became Bella. :D


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:cry: I just heard that I might not be able to get my baby. :cry:
There were 3 hairless girls bord of wich 2 goes to another breeder and 1 to a girl who waited for a girl from the last litter... So it looks dark for me... :cry: (tears running down my cheecks)
I really want to be hopefull, but it looks dark... Oh, I REALLY want one of thoose puppies! (praying)


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I have still a very slim chanse. If the other breeder changes her mind and takes just one puppy, then I'm going to get my pup, but if she doesn't change her mind, then I will not get my baby.

Oh, I've been waiting so long for a girl and right now it feels like the end of the world (even though I know it isn't). It feels like Ben is the only one keeping me going. :cry: I don't know where I would be without him. :cry:

I'll know this evening if I will get my baby or not. Keep your fingers crossed and pray a little prayer for me, please?


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[quote name='Shannon_C'][color=darkred]Aww Crested we are all here for you hun :fadein:
Im keeping my fingers crossed for you :)
I think the name Bella is lovely, that is what Im going to call my next Bullmastiff [/color]:P[/quote]

Thanks. :)


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Oh Crested! I Hope you get your Pup!!!! You deserve her! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!! I demand them to give you your girl!! Yes I demand it! And what I say goes... :wink: . But seriously I'll be thinking about you and Zebra is keeping his paws crossed too.

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