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  1. My folks (very knowledgable dog peeps *rolls eyes*) got my Husky from a pet shop. He's bigger than the standered... but I'm sure he's pure husky (absolutely no trace of anything(s) else)... just a backyard breeder's wonderful job. He's registered, but that doesn't really mean anything. So, that could be why yea don't see huskies w/ hair betweeen their toes...
  2. I know how it goes. Almost all of the dogs in the pet shops are puppy millers, and that's where tons of people buy their dogs. And what can u do? I have a friend that just got a poodle, from a puppy mill by accident... or it could just be a backyard breeder. We're not sure. Anyways, it's so sad because you can't do anything about it. There's no laws saying that you can't run a puppy mill. Uggh. It makes me so mad!!
  3. I'm goin to Montana tomorrow for two weeks! Yea, I finally get a vacation!! Anywho, since I don't have anyone that could take care of my pups I have to put them in a kennel (pet motel is what they're known as in my family). In my secluded (I think that's right) little town I have three choices: a.) a kennel that has a rep for being puppy-mill like. b.) a kennel who never calls you back and so you can never reserve a spot for your dogs... and nobody I know has gone there so I don't know if it's good or not c.) a kennel that's ok, nothing fancy, but I've seen the runs and the people who own it are really nice. Yea, you guessed it. My dogs are goin to kennel "c". *sigh* I wish someone would open a decent kennel around here. They'd make a million!! I know there's this one kennel in Fargo North Dakota that has cameras in the dog's motel rooms (they really are like motel rooms!!) so that you can go onto the web and see your dog 24/7!! That's really kewl. But I don't live in Fargo. Uggh. ** I probably won't be able to respond to this for a two weeks cause I'm gonna be gone... I'm not tryin to ignore yea!! ***
  4. That's really kewl that you know what your doing and why you're doin it and blah blah blah. You get my picture. Good job!!
  5. LOL. Oh, they are Holz! Thank God I only have one more day with them!!
  6. I've never left my dog alone in a car unattended. Once I was fighting with my mom, and I didn't want to go into the store with her so I stayed in the car. Well, she took the keys (on accident... she thought they were on the carseat) and so I had no air-conditioner. Very hot. Very Very hot. I didn't stay outside too long!! Thanks for the reminder!!
  7. Welcome back Eggy!! Missed yea round here... snowdays suck... I lost half of my spring break because of one. *grr* Dude! Who lost Rowie's meds?? lol. Just kiddin.... i think...
  8. Sorry Crested. Got my facts mixed up... it's BEN you got neutered! Not your new puppy! Dismiss all of my comments... I am nutzo...
  9. I'm so sorry Crested!! I feel for yea, girl!! I think that what Nancy said is a good idea: stick with this breeder if you like her. I know you spent a lot of time researching for the perfect breeder and since you thought/know this one is it you might wanna stick to it. But, do what your gut tells you to do. Your brain doesn't always know what's best. (I know this from experience) Have you thought of getting one from a rescue? Sometimes they have really good dogs there too. And you weren't going to use this one for breeding purposes anyways, right? Just a thought.
  10. Oh, by the way: *wave wave wave* I read the whole thing!!
  11. Since Shadow has long ears (before I got her I never had floppy eared dogs)I have tons of fun with them by putting pony tails in them and cute things like that. She loves the attention and doesn't mind. Plus, it gives the neighbors something to look at. lol. But I don't do it all the time now... just during Christmas and her birthday. Once (I don't know what got into us) my sis and I put little butterfly baretts in Rocky's hair. It's long enough so you can do stuff like that, so he didn't care. He loved the attention. It looked retarded, but we had fun. lol... just had to share some stories wit u!!
  12. I could always come over there. Loved to go to Europe one day, and I think I can fit in a suitcase. lol.
  13. I'm a dreamy girl, too. Good Lord I have friends, they always have to repeat what the teach said because I was daydreaming... yea know... My dream?? Umm... let's see... Graduate from high school and maybe get some soccer scholorships to some collage somewhere away from here. Ideally, I'd meet Mr.Right early and get married young. Get a nudder dog and go to a dog-training school. Then I want to live in Northern California where there ain't much winter, lotsa sun, and it would have to be a dog-friendly city. I also want some land to live on (a good 5 acres at least) that's right outside the city (whatever city that is) so I can raise Shetland ponies, Arabian horses, goats, and most importantly DOGS. Maybe a cat. MAYBE. Oh, and I want a hampster too!! And an acquarium that doesn't have dead fish in it all the time!! he he. I want to be an editor of DogFancy (my fav magazine)... but I probably never will be... but that's ok.... 0-2 kids. It depends on my mood... so I'll have to have some then just send them to my mom and dad when I get sick of them. lol. j/k. And I want a champion agility dog!! And 10 vehicles!! And my own airplane!! And I wanta own Australia!! lol... yea, I really don't know what I'm gonna do. That's just basically what I pulled together out of my various day-dreaming. he he...
  14. Oh.... I am SOOO jealous.... you know if you ever get tired of him I'm always here!! I can doggysit... for like, oh, the next 5 years!! lol...
  15. Oh, man... don't tease me.... i can't have another dog... i can't.... i can't.... i can't... i can't... I CAN I CAN I CAN I CAN I CAN I CAN I CAN....[size=1] i can't[/size]
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