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  1. I'll give you my view on breeding: Breeding should never be done just because your dog fits the AKC standard, is healthy, and is beautiful. What more of a reason to add un-needed pups into this world. Breeding should also never be done just because your dog has titles or is a good hunter and you hope to continue the genes. Health comes first. But you should not breed for one single purpose. I like breeders who breed for an all-around dog, who are involved with their dogs in activities, who have titles on dogs, whose dogs have been proven to carry healthy genes, who come from good lines, etc. It's not as much the title that is important but the capability of the dog, the involvement of the breeder with the dog, and the willingness of each. Again, just because a dog fits the AKC standards does not make it worthy of being bred. Breeding is not a small thing, because we are talking about bringing pups into this world. They are a big responsibility- it is in your hands to find them a loving and caring home, to do all that is possible to make sure there will be no health problems...or any health problems which you could have prevented. You really have to do it for the love of the breed, because you never know whether you will lose or gain money. You never know what to expect...how the delivery will go, if all the pups will survive, if the bitch will have any complications, if there will be any health problems in the pups, etc. A lot of money goes into it all and you have to be dedicated. I know breeders who are very responsible and reputable, who breed for all-around purposeful dogs, and who have run into complications along the road that have literally put them in the hole. People think that breeders make a lot of money, but they don't.
  2. [color=blue][size=6]HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZEBRA, I WISH YOU MANY MANY MORE TO COME!!![/size][/color]
  3. Aw! what a cutie! I hope everything works out, I really do! keep us posted!!!
  4. [color=orange][size=7]WOOOOHOOOO! AWESOME JOB!!!!![/size][/color]
  5. oh wow! what a dream! even though puppies are such a joy, you really do not want to bring unneeded pups into this world...since we are already overpopulated. and plus, accidental breedings can be dangerous to both the mom and the pups. But, it was just a dream. so you can take a big deep breath and keep an eye on Sally!!! :D
  6. hehehehe. The things we do for our dogs, ohhhhh boy! They deserve it, though! we could never pay them back for all they add to our lives! :D
  7. Want to trade? My dogs like to bark at "guests". They just do... Want to know what is really funny? If one of my dogs barks about something...the other two start barking. And they usually don't know what they are barking at, so they turn round and round in circles and they just look lost!!! :lol: I wish they were barkless!!
  8. Ugh, well right now...neither of my dogs are in the position to pass! They have a short attention span, they are still only pups though! Lilly might pass, but Landon still has all his energy and is still learning (as is Lilly also) I won't even go through the steps... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. My dogs like to run in the field, swim, play fetch, and they love training time...they are very obedient dogs and they work well with me! :) They love cuddling and spending time with their mama, too..
  10. welcome! I don't mean to just jump right in, but in no situation do I think it is okay to give a pup away at any age younger than 8 weeks. You see, the mother teaches the pups things until a certain age and the pup needs the socialization/training that the mom will give them, or else they could have temperment problems as they grow older. It is just not safe nor right, nor do I think it is acceptable for any responsible or reputable breeder to do. But we all make mistakes, thats okay. We learn from them and keep on going. The one main reason I would say never to breed is just for the heck of it or to make money, because we are overpopulated with dogs as it is- we do not need more un-needed dogs brought into this world so that they can have the chance of being placed in a shelter. hope to hear more from you, and hope I didn't sound like I was jumping at you! just stating my opinion:)
  11. I love labbies, I have a lab/rottie mix (black) and a yellow lab mix...and they are 100 percent labrador retrievers! I love it when they butt-tuck, it is so darn cute! they have such silly personalities, them labs!:)
  12. Well, bless your heart for taking her in! It sounds to me like she could be pregnant and that might possible be the reason her previous owners got rid of her, just keep an eye on her and my suggestion would aslo be to get her to a different vet. If she is pregnant, I hope that there are no complications and that she gives birth to healthy pups that will be given to awesome homes. Hoping that she really is not pregnant though, there are so many dogs that need home already...but if she is, we can all only hope for the best! please keep us posted if you hear anything more
  13. I love it, surely did make me smile!!! :D :D :D
  14. oh wow! what a beauty, way to go!!! woohooo...congratulations!!!! :D :D :D
  15. Well hello, welcome back! Hope everything is okay with you, take care!! :D
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