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  1. Actually the "correct" name is the English Boodle. :roll: I couldnt find any pictures. Ill take that as a good sign.. that means its not popular... yet. :x
  2. [quote name='Michele']dont cry Rowie...we brunettes are the BEST!!!!!....we got that certain something....oh geez....i'm thinking of that Aerosmith song....LOL[/quote] Aerosmith! :ylsuper: People call me blonde at heart.... I wonder what they mean by that?! :lol: :drinking:
  3. I taught my doggie to howl too. :oops: She only does it when she gets excited though. Its so cute. :lol: She has such a DEEP bark for such a scaredy Kat. :wink: Halloween was tough for her. Kat freaks out when the doorbell rings. Luckily, we didnt have many trick-or-treaters.
  4. Oh sorry Jessie... I assumed you were a guy. :oops: Again, cant say I agree with going to a breeder (especially one of a "new" breed) but Ill try to help out. It sounds like the breeder is being responsible with who gets his dogs but make sure to talk to him a lot more before you think about buying. See if he health tests, does he stay in contact with people who buy his pups, ask him how often he breeds, how many dogs does he have on his property, does he breed a bitch before shes ready (2 years), etc. etc. Good luck! Im sorry you havent had a good experience coming here. :( We really are a great bunch I swear it! :wink: We just are really tired of people going to BYBs and puppymills for dogs as well as frustrated with hearing about all these new breeds.
  5. Ditto to what JM said. Cant wait for pics though! :D
  6. That was beautiful :cry: Happpy Birthday Meg and *hugs* to you Kat
  7. LOL awesome job Izzy! :wink: I love it! :lol: Michele, you are truely amazing! Great job. *hugs*
  8. We use RR a lot on Straydog dogs when theyre freaking out at Adoption Day. Its worked pretty well. Depending on the energy of the dog though, it can take a while to kick in.
  9. BK, youre right, and Ive said Im sorry... :( Thanks Cynthia for answering our questions ...and not taking offense to my post which I guess I didnt wisely word.
  10. Im sorry.... I still dont see anything wrong with what I posted. I just asked a question. I didnt mean for it to be blaming Im just curious. She said she would answer questions... so I asked something. BK, calm down. :x Again, Im not judging, I just wanted to know if she does home visits..... Cynthia, Im sorry if you thought I was being critisizing. Im not. I am sincerely sorry that you have to deal with this. Im not trying to put blame on you, I simply want to know if you do home visits. As Tammy explained, I know it cant always prevent these things but I do want to know if you did do a home visit, was there anything suspicious.
  11. Im sorry you got caught up in Naomi's lies too, Cynthia. :( Im sure you do feel awful but I just dont understand how this could happen.... Dont you make home visits before adoptions? :-? If so, you wouldve seen a drastic change in the animals in the house from the time Boonie was adopted up to the time Moose was adopted. If not, why dont you? I think you should take Tammys advice. Id really like to see any dogs she currently has get taken away! Please dont take offense to my post. Im just concerned, as we all are.
  12. Awesome job Michele! You are smurfing amazing! :D This thread just keeps getting more and mroe crazy! :o
  13. [quote name='Jessashelony']Naomi, if you are reading this, and I hope you are! You are a piece of shiny![/quote] ...and thats putting it nicely. :o :evil:
  14. As if it wasnt sickening enough what she did, now theres more to it?! :roll:
  15. Glad things werent worse... AJ seems really cute! (We have the same color eyes :lol: ) Sorry about what happened though.
  16. Yeah, thats been discussed before... like you said what would it be like to have all puppy mill dogs though. Thats what would happen. There would be people going against the law and still breeding.
  17. Ok, Ive become Pyr-obsessed after meeting all the Great Pyrs at Doggie Kamp.... SO I NEED BAXTER PICS!!! :lol: Hurry up Pyrless. :roll: :wink:
  18. I didnt know that about Finland... I wish America would make it illegal to sell pets in shops. Anyway, I think Im going to email some Great Dane rescues and maybe even breeders today. Ive had that in mind for a while but I havent gotten around to it. Michele you rock! Let us know how thigns go, alright. :wink:
  19. [quote name='GreyhoundMama'][quote name='DogPaddle']Looks like Petsmo has a broker site for millers?[/quote] Well, in that case I won't respond to the original question. But, really, many breeds are created by humans, and if the breeder has good intentions, plans to register with the AKC, has a history of understanding genetics, and has a legitimate goal that isn't met by current breeds, than I don't understand where the problem lies. For instance, there is an effort to create a mid-size, long haired sighthound. A borzoi breeder has created it mostly from borzoi and whippets. It's called Silken Windhound. The stud book is closed, there are tons of them breeding true, they're in the process of getting AKC recognition, and they're accepted at some sighthound sporting events, although not for ribbons. I love the breed, and see an honest niche for it. Why is that wrong? On the other hand, the proliferation of things like cockapoos and such is another matter altogether. No one's even pretending to make them a real, registered breed. And in those cases I agree with you all 100%[/quote] See I dont like the idea of breeding at all but if people are breeding anyway, I see no problem with what your saying. If people are going to breed something for nothing other than looks and are considering "responsible breeders" then I dont see how creating a breed with "good" intentions is wrong. I do mean that honestly, but, again, I dont like the idea of breeding in general. :wink:
  20. Thanks you guys. Ill be sure to have Jan come and see how many of you care. Poor Nevada, another Pyr, is really sad without his buddy, Willow, around. :(
  21. This morning I went out to Jan's Doggie Kamp as we would be bringing some of her adoptables to PetsMart. Well, as Mary and I pulled in Jan was on the phone in front of her van. The doors were open and we saw a dog laying inside. We both thought the dog was just sleeping or something... We got out and Jan was crying. She told us what happened. Willow is a fence jumper. This morning the dog wasnt so lucky and got hit by a car. Literally knocked the life right out of her. :cry: I never want to see a dead dog again. I cried a bit as I thought to myself, "This is so unreal. I was just running with and petting this dog last week and now.... shes.... gone." :cry: Would everyone please take a moment to pray for her, that she passed peacefully and now is at Rainbow Bridge. Willow had a new home lined up for her too.... this is so heartbreaking. :(
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