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  1. I have to agree with Michele... I would hope that your dog is important enough that you cancel your trip if you dont find her by then. Good luck.
  2. Theres lots of things Id love to teach my dog. Although most things Id rather start on a pup... an APBT puppy to be exact. :wink: *cough Hmmmm cough* :lol: Im kind of impatient so I dont know if Id ever really do any of this, but Id really like to teach Kat (and my future dogs) to learn the names of all their toys and to pick them up and put them away on cue. I want my dogs to fetch me Pepsi from the fridge too. :lol: I see that on tv all the time and everytime I do, I think it would be awesome to teach a dog to do that. A few tricks Id like to teach are play dead, say your prayers, shake, etc. I know how to teach them but at the same time I dont.... I just cant seem to get Kat to do it right. :oops:
  3. [quote name='CoalSky']That artical STILL aims negatively at the pit bull (they could at least spell it right :o ). It says that the poodle attacked after the pit bull didn't like it :roll: Puhleese, that poodle could have attacked for any reason. They didn't have to say it was because the pit bull didn't like the poodle, as if to justify that the poodle attacked and try to turn it around on the pit bull! At least it shows any dog can attack, I'll give them that.[/quote] Yeah I noticed that too. :roll: It really ticked me off when I first read it but oh well... its better than another pit bull attack/bite story.
  4. [img]http://www.understand-a-bull.com/BSL/OtherBreedBites/2002/PoodleAttack.jpg[/img] Just goes to show [i]any[/i] dog can be aggressive. Good thing the pit didnt fight back, otherwise we'd have another pit bull "attack" on our hands. :roll:
  5. [quote name='BuddysMom']Pics of Kes so we can see what she looks like now?! I imagine she may be in a lanky "teenage" stage so the untrained eye would not see the whole picture? Just a guess.[/quote] That and most people are used to the "show dog look" instead of the proper one. :roll: Thats a big pet peeve of mine... Im not sure why though.
  6. Eek, I hate it when people do that! :x Omg Pyr, I wouldve freaked out on that person. :o :evil:
  7. [url]http://www.pitbullsontheweb.com/petbull/pete.php[/url] :wink: ...adn, wow, Jeff, youre slow :lol: thats been around for quite a while now.
  8. [quote name='BuddysMom']Thenk you to EMS66. Gahd doesn't anyone else here agree with this? Probably not ... *sigh*[/quote]Yeah there are others here who agree with this BuddysMom, youre not alone. :wink: But, Im not even getting into a debate about that because its been done to death. Agree to disagree, is always the ending. :P
  9. Good post Alan. [quote name='Alan']When dog fighting was legal, it was common practice to kill man biters because they didnt want to get biten handling their dogs in a fight. One must realize that often times a loosing dog can be worth more money than a winning dog. As an example, if the match is totaly one sided and the looser, continues to fight, it can be said to be game. The status of the winnner may not be known if never has an oponent who can challenge it. It may just be a good fighter but not be game.[/quote] Yeah, and this whole thing makes me mad actually... a cur could become a Gr Ch. Im going to use Chinamin as an example again. He killed most of the dogs he went up against or otherwise the other dog was picked up. A dog like that wins so quickly he doesnt have to be game, not saying Chinamin wasnt of course.
  10. [quote name='drjeffrock']"][quote]Matching dogs is testing whether that dog will cur out and if it does, its not worth breeding because thats what the breed is all about: gameness. IMO, matching also can give you a better idea of whether or not that dog will bite a human, in which case, you dont breed the dog. theyre doing society a favor by doing this... unlike the idiots who fight for entertainment, pride, and money. [/quote] Some of this is true, and some of this is just regurgitated information. Do you honestly think that the majority of APBT breeders (responsible AND irresponsible) decide not to breed their dogs after they cur out due to the fact that someone might get bitten? I highly doubt it. They wouldnt breed the dog because it has no game. Far too often, the assumption is made that just cause a dog has game, it wont bite a human. Yes, a dog with game can be an absolutely wonderful pet. But, I want to see your average dogomaniac try to break up a dogfight between two game APBT's. I am sure a bunch of you would get the shiny bitten out of your arms. I am not saying that I have been involved with dog-fighting, because I have not. Hmmmmm I would like to hear your thoughts on this. Would you agree that the argument everyone makes about a "well-tempered, game" APBT never biting is somewhat over-exaggerated? I mean a well-bred Akita isnt a man-biter, as is the case with most other breeds, right? Honestly, I feel terrible about the future of the APBT. I see so many freaking bad apples out here, its nuts. Human-aggressive APBTs roaming around Hollywood are a dime a dozen.[/quote] I didnt say that gameness means a dog isnt a man-biter. I said both gameness [i]and[/i] human aggression can be proven in the ring, but I meant as two seperate things, not one in the same. :wink: But the more I think about it, I take back what I said about the dog biting and not breeding it. Hmmmm has said before (Chinamin being the example) that in such a case its re-directed aggression. Though, I find it unacceptable, those kind of dogs are still bred. IMO, re-directed aggression is aggression towards a human nonetheless and thats not the kind of genes I would want to be passing on... but again thats JMHO. [quote] [quote]Slightly OT, but while all you guys are talking pits... Does anyone know how they got to be the dog of choice for the thug type guys in the first place?[/quote] Because the media made them out to be vicious, tough, man killing dogs. It was the rottie before the pit. I remember all the stories they put on the news about how evil rotties are... :roll: [/quote] To add onto this, pit bulls are VERY loyal and once they found that out, they took advantage of it.
  11. BM, honestly youre right, there are a lot of people who fit the discription in that article. A lot of dogmen are into drugs and I do believe theyre more in the sport for the money and pride of winning a match. I do also think the game is getting more about breeding for more mouth and ability in a dog instead of gameness and it pisses me off to no end. BUT you need to understand that there are a few good, and even great, dogmen/women who are doing things right. I believe Hmmmm is one of those people. [quote]Dog fighter's can talk until they are blue in the face but they can never give you a useful reason for dog fighting. Not one single reason exists. Never did! [/quote] :roll: Its stuff like this that really makes me want to smack someone... Matching dogs is testing whether that dog will cur out and if it does, its not worth breeding because thats what the breed is all about: gameness. IMO, matching also can give you a better idea of whether or not that dog will bite a human, in which case, you dont breed the dog. theyre doing society a favor by doing this... unlike the idiots who fight for entertainment, pride, and money.
  12. Im still kind of afraid of breaking up dog fights. :oops: I always grab the back legs and then the neck hide, but Im so scared that dog is gonna turn around and bite me. :oops: At Doggie Kamp the two male Great Pyrs fight through the fence and the one starts stuff with other dogs. :roll: I grabbed him and sat on his back until he calmed down. :lol: hes definietly the Alpha dog around there.
  13. Maybe Im missing something but I dont see where anyone has referred to this story as a dog bite.
  14. [quote name='Cairn6']I don't like the fact that the dogs aren't identified correctly everytime that is wrong. But I don't think this case made national coverage just because it's possibly pit bulls. I think if we ever have a pack of golden retrievers attacking children who were going door to door for fundraising it would make the news. It's not just a dog bite the child is in critical condition and several other people are injured. I hate breed bans but everytime there is a pit bull attack it's belittled on here and picked apart to make it seem not so bad. It's bad it's really bad. It would be nice if we could sympathize with the child who almost lost his life and then talk about whether they are pit bulls or not.[/quote] *sigh* Yes, it [i]is[/i] national coverage because they are pit bulls and because it was a pack. I agree a pack of dogs will make national coverage even if they arent pit bulls, but single dog attacks (of breeds other than pit bulls, rotties, and other dangerous breeds) dont make national news usually and thats what ticks us off. Whats wrong with us getting angry with the media about mislabeling and spreading BS? We all feel sorry for the kid, Cairn, I dont think we should have to write it for you to know that. We arent saying its not a big deal that the dogs attacked people... were saying its a big deal that pit bulls are getting yet another bad story against them thanks to some idiot breeders and owners, and that these dogs might not be pit bulls in the first place. How would you feel if one of your dogs' breed had a bad reputation and thanks to the media's mislabeling and horror stories, people feared your dog and treated you like a criminal because you owned that dog? Honestly, think about it. Thats why people are upset. I'd like to know why you think people here dont think this is a big deal? Please show me where anyone has said this situation isnt horrible. Id like to see where you got that idea. :-?
  15. I dont have a problem with Stratton. In fact, Id like to get his books one of these days. Im guessing you dont like the stuff about matches on his site? Everything I can think of has a road block. It would be nice if anyone (not non-profits though) with over 20 dogs had to have a home inspection every few months.... but my only problem with that is dogmen would probably have their dogs taken away from them, and I dont want that. I'd like to see schools having young children taught that animals are their friends and how to properly care for them. If you introduce that at a young age then I think it would help prevent some sick kids from enjoying torturing animals. Schools should invite police dogs and therapy dogs for visits to their campus. Ive said this before but I REALLY think we need to get petstores and "pet for sale" ads in the paper and internet illegal! I dont think it would be too hard. Honestly, I cant think of any good reasons people could come up with to keep those things legal... can anyone else?
  16. LOL Ive watched the Dating Game on GSN, I think.... why....? I have no idea. :lol: Never watched Tennessee Tuxedo though LOL, poor Court... and my poor mom if she read this :lol: If she only knew... [size=1]Im up for a foursome![/size] :P
  17. Hey its him and [i]Court[/i] that were flirting in another thread! :lol: :wink: :P
  18. [quote name='Alan'] I have said this before but you are gonna make me say it again. You are about three times smarter than your age! What the heck do you eat for breakfast anyhow? I need some of it! What ever it is I eat, just makes me a smart a**. Even worse, a nice smart a**. They dont seem to go good together do they? :lol:[/quote] Thanks Alan. :oops: :D I eat cereal. :lol: Yum-may! :P Thanks, BuddysMom as well. :wink: I do think something needs to get done because, yes, it does break my heart to know that so many pit bulls are abused. Id also love to see a ban on breeding for one year... maybe every ten years or so until the overpopulation gets under control. Unfortunately we wind up with the same problem as BSL again... people wont comply and the people wo would, complain and protest like hell. One thing I would like to see, is petshops being illegal. That and selling dogs over the internet. Oh and no stupid newspaper ads for selling pets either. :roll:
  19. Good link Alan. :D I agree with what Hmmmm has said. Where will "phasing out" breeds stop? Rotties are powerful and many bites by them have been reported... what about them? And German Shepherds too? What about the other bully breeds, will you say theyre too dangerous too? Pit bulls are popular dogs and they make up a big percentage of the dog population.... meaning the number of bites is actually a smaller percentage in comparison to other breeds. I understand the concern for public safety and wanting to have bad breeders stop breeding, but why get rid of such a great breed. Not too long ago, I wouldve probably agreed with you BuddysMom, but I've come a long way since then. The fact is, youd never be able to completely get rid of the pit bull because people wont comply. Most likely we'd end up with a bunch of cur, man-biting, overall badly bred dogs on our hands instead of the great dogs we have now.
  20. Welcome to Dogo. :D Small dogs can do great with big dogs. As long as theyre properly introduced and the home has a stable hiearchy. Someone else can probably answer your question better than me. :wink: ....American Mastiff??? :-? Oy... :x Please re-consider getting an [i]American[/i] Mastiff. Whats wrong with the English? Or bullmastiff? Or American bulldog? Or something else from a [i]responsible[/i] breeder? Trust me its not a good idea to buy from a breeder whos breeding dogs and passing them of as a new breed.
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