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  1. Aw thanks you guys! :oops: :D I wish I couldve done more but Im glad shes safe. :angel:
  2. Well, good news (kinda).... The SPCA of McKinney came and got her. :) Hopefully she'll be adopted out. I wouldve rather had her go to a rescue/no-kill shelter but this is better than her being let loose again or be taken by animal control. :( I posted flyers just before they came... so who knows, an owner may call yet. Oh, and I spoke way too soon about Kat and the ACD getting along. :roll: I had taken Kat inside since I had to go in (and I obviously dont want to leave them together unsupervised) and because this dog keeps barking so much I put a bone out for her, hoping it would keep her quiet. She didnt touch it so I brought it back in and let Kat out. Apparently the dog thought it was still out there and got possessive. Next thing I know theyre at each other's throats. :x Took me a while to break up the fight... they knocked me down and when I did get ahold of one dog theyd break loose... eh, it was a nightmare. Theyre fine.... Kats bleeding a tad bit on her neck/chest area, but its just a scratch, no big deal. I tried re-introducing them. Kat was willing to forgive and forget but the heeler wasnt. She definitely needs to be the only dog.... if she cant get along with Kat, she cant get along with ANY dog. :lol: Kat is the most submissive and friendly dog ever. She knows exactly how to win over other doggies. :P
  3. Thanks for the help Michele. :) Oy, I really hope my mom will cave in a bit... well, Im off to walk the dog and post flyers. Adios.
  4. Ill try Michele, but my mom isnt exactly in a great mood these days. I dont know whats up with her but... I do know that this dog isnt on her good side. :( With all her barking, shes worried about neighbors complaining plus we both havent gotten much sleep. :x
  5. Michele, [i]I[/i] cant. My mom is at work and shes expecting this dog to be gone by the time she comes home. :o :x I dont even know where to start with this. :( I mean, Ive emailed my rescue people and in the long run that would probably help, but this is urgent! My mom expects someone to come pick the dog up today. :roll: The only people who will do that (so quickly) is animal control. :cry: Im not letting this dog go to a kill shelter. My mom wanted me to let the dog go last night. :evil: ... Oh, and Kat and the heeler are getting along now. :) They played together all morning. Still, cant foster the dog because of Lucky. This dog has a high prey drive as you can imagine, afterall she is a cattle dog. :P
  6. Well, I finally got some sleep. :-? Still tired though.... She settled down after a while. She had a bone to chew on so maybe that helped. I put a blanket over the crate she was in too. Alan, youre right. Last time I checked on her the poor thing was shaking... even with me there she was still whimpering a bit. :( Well, Im off to try and find owners again... then Ill be trying to find a group to take her or someone to foster her. Im almost positive shes got an owner. Her fur is grown in strange like Kats because of a collar... :-? Ive seen her around here before. I hope she doesnt have some idiot owners who just let her roam. :roll: If thats the case, I think she might be better off getting re-adopted.
  7. God, this is so not working.... :tard: Im soooo tired. Cant sleep. So much barking.... gah. :errrr:
  8. Im working on an email right now to all my rescue buddies for help with getting this dog placed. Chelo def. came to mind.... her heeler is named Demon! :o :lol: I think this dog should be named Demon II! :o :roll: She finally stopped barking/whining. Phew! Still want help with the baring problem just in case she starts up again. Of course I know not to pay her attention because that makes it worse but anything else that will help???? :-? :(
  9. I agree with Mal (and the others who agree with her). :wink: As long as the dog isnt so aggressive it cant be controlled, I see nothing wrong with having a dog-aggressive dog in PetsMart. And as has been said, responsible people ask first if they or their dog can apporoach the other persons dog. When Im at Adoption Days, its soooo annoying when people just let their dogs run right up to ours! It causes a lot of problems... dogs start growling and barking, chaos breaks loose. :roll:
  10. I found a red heeler on my street... people around here have seen this dog around for weeks. I saw someone chasing it before, so maybe she just got out again... :-? No collar on. :roll: Shes dog and cat aggressive so I cant keep her or even foster her.... Shes barking like crazy in the garage. :( :x I put a radio in there with her but I guess it hasnt helped any. I need to get her to stop barking. :o My moms already mad at me about this, but this dog is going to keep her up all night so that will make things worse. Any ideas? I have to start contacting rescues and shelters tomorrow ...I really dont want to take her to a kill shelter but that all they have around here that will come pick her up. :cry: I walked around all night asking if anyone had lost a dog, but no luck. Ill try again tomorrow. Maybe put up signs... but she wont be staying here long. My mom just wont have it. I URGENTLY need ideas to get this dog quiet otherwise my mom is going to let this dog loose again. She already almost got hit by a car. :cry:
  11. So glad Mac is home!!! :D I want pics :P
  12. Sorry for your loss. ....The reason I said what I did at that time was because I didnt know if that person what come back after they got the information they needed. So call me heartless or inconsiderate but, whatever, Im just trying to help the animals. Ive said it before and I really dont care what you all think, Im not a people person at all! :lol: Now, Im not going to say anymore before my mouth gets me in trouble....
  13. [quote name='Michele']how many kittens did she abandon? 24? it should of been 24 nights...one night for each kitten.....that would teach the bitch[/quote] Actually it was 33. :o :x Over a month out in the woods.... I like the idea of that. :evilbat:
  14. Im dying to meet you, Kes, and Peg. :D Glad things are going so well for you!
  15. I swear by chokes and prongs. They are lifesavers I tell ya. :P But anyhoo, the cat and dog wear collars 24/7. Lucky has a safety one, Kat doesnt. Lucky gets into problems all the time so I could just picture him choking to death. :o :( His old break-away collar would come off WAY too easily and I hated it... but the one we have now only comes off when you pull really hard. Kats a lazy dog and doesnt go outside much (because she gets scared lol) so I dont see the need for a safety collar. That collar stays on unless Im grooming her. When we go for walks I use a choker. She can pull a lot when on walks but doesnt when the choke chains on. :wink:
  16. I wish more judges were like that. Give them a taste of their own medicine.... Thanks for posting that AAP. Made my day. :P
  17. [quote name='AllAmericanPUP']they should make a michale bryant one :evilbat:[/quote]Agreed! :P I absolutely want one of Bush :lol: ... it would drive my mom insane though. She likes Bush. :o :x
  18. [quote name='DivineOblivion19'][color=indigo]No disrespect Angel, but I certainly don't think that now is the time to criticize the guy while his pup is sitting in the hospital. :wink: [/color][/quote] Im not trying to criticize. :wink: Read my last post. Just wanting to educate... not wanting to be mean, because you know thats not my style. :evilbat: :lol:
  19. Buying a mixed breed [i]is[/i] a mistake and its one that many people make. Same with buying from a pet store. The only people who breed mixed breeds are BYBs and puppymills. Again, same deal with the petstore. Breeders may claim that breeding mixed breeds give you a healthy dog, but thats not the case, and as horrible as it is that your dog is sick, maybe its taught you something. I hope you stick around and learn. :wink: I really suggest reading some of the stickys in the breeding section also. :) I really do hope that your dog gets better. :angel:
  20. Look, Im sorry about your dog, sincerely. BUT, if you wouldve done research you wouldve known that Puggles are bred by people interested in money, not the health of the dog. It doesnt suprise me in the least that your dog is having the problems it is.
  21. A puggle?!? :o *faints* [size=2]Someone please inform this person because Im going to go insane from these stupid designer mutts![/size]
  22. Yeah I suppose you all make a good point. :) However, its not something I would do. :wink:
  23. Were not angry, WNP, but if the rescue is going to raise the adoption fee for purebred pups they should raise them for the rest too. All the reasons you listed that apply to these pups, apply to any other puppy and many other dogs.
  24. Aw, thats so great Kat. :D I cant wait for pics. :wink:
  25. OMG JM, why would you tortue us all with those pics?!?! :o :cry: You just have to make the rest of us miserable like you, eh? :roll: :lol: I agree, the adoption fee should be the same no matter what.
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