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  1. I have my first litter in 18 months due the end of November. Hmmm, that makes me a puppy mill????? Maybe I misunderstood the terminology, after all I have only been in Poms since 1990, and words could maybe change their meaning.... Tomorrow, when I have the energy (well, IF I have the energy) I can pull up the hard copies of her Adoption Contracts and let you know exactly what days she adopted what dog.... I suppose I could say that I am mortified that someone that I trusted could be so heartless about me and my reputation (on a world wide chat no less!!) and still be so sweet to my face, but that is not the case. I feel very sorry for her and her husband. I can't believe that he is an innocent party to all of this.... it is all so very sad... I am done.
  2. You mention "they", did both Naomi and Justin come to see you? My understanding is that Justin was away in Iraq when these aqusitions of new dogs took place. If I'm correct, then I'm curious as to who she bought with her??????[/quote] Actually, the first time, they both came. I was impressed with them both. She came alone one one visit and with a friend on another. Thanks. Cynthia
  3. [color=indigo][/color][size=18][/size] Thank you all for your suggestions and comments. At the time that I was working with her and him, I found them to have all the right answers, to look lovingly at each other, and to genuinely seem enthralled with the pom; that is why we did exchanges and addtions. We normally do home visits, but she was too far away from us and I could not find someone in her locality to do a home visit for us. As I said, they represented themselves very well. Boonie had a heart murmur, and she was aware of it. We corresponded about it for a few weeks until he settled in and lost some weight and her vet was happy with him on his new regime. I had warned her of his murmur due to not being able to be given an injectable anasthetic for surgery (like a dental). We all have done the best we could given the circumstances. Our website explains how we operate. [url]www.nwpomrescue.com[/url] We are very humbled by this journey we are on of working with rescue dogs and blessed to be in a situation that allows us the freedom to continue to do so. And we will. We have made differences in the lives of many people and dogs over all these years, and met some truly remarkable people. The yang to that ying is that we have met some people that we were glad to walk away from as well. But the main point is that we have met so many wonderful people and we are dedicated enough to continue our work in our little corner of the world the best that we can. We can't save them all so we save all we can.
  4. She did return Missy to us, and got Boonie, who had a major heart murmur, and she took him anyhow. Stryker was to be Justin's dog, and Moosie was to be a Stryker playmate. I did all the prerequisite work on this case, and I did my job well. Some people just know all the right words to say, and all the right things to do, and this was the case. That is how "it was allowed to happen". I am sensitive about this situation because I have a terrible sense of failure with this case. My husband and I do all of this by ourselves and we have been doing it for many years. If you do something long enough, eventually you are going to have mistakes that show up. Unfortunately, in this line of work, the ones that pay are the animals, and that is the worst travesty of all. Thanks. Cynthia
  5. Thanks. I will do all I can to help in this endeavor. Cynthia
  6. I just heard about the Brownlow case. It is sickening. I will do what ever I can to prevent this from happening again. Just let me know what you need me to do. Cynthia
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