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  1. Why thank you oh powerful ModGod. [quote name='Jessashelony']Hey! I'm Nice!!![/quote] :cunao: :cunao: :cunao:
  2. My aunts dog was black under 1 year but then turned red in certain areas as she got older. Bobbie might be a color called, seal. Black but not quite fully. :wink: BTW, shes black mostly, but the red color is near the back of her front legs, back of her back legs, and a bit on the neck too.
  3. LOL yeah but I dont have the $10 to give you. :wink: Thanks, Im sure things will get better... I just... oy, stupid emotions. Why must I be cursed with them?!? lol In about an hour, Im getting on MSN, so Alan, you better talk to me! :P
  4. [quote name='Alan'] CC- It's ok! Inhale a deep breath! Now exhale slowly................. Now, relax, now do one more thing. This will require some effort on your part. I need you to go to Walmart or whatever is the closest thing you have to it. I need you to find some glass slippers. Once you do, go try them on, walk over to the toy department and click them together, three times, while saying, "I will be good." Next, click them together three times again, and say "Everyone likes me." Go put the slippers back, come back home, get on here, and tell me how you feel. Dont foret to send me $10. for the advice. :wink:[/quote] Sorry dont have any money Alan.... and breathing didnt help because of other stuff going on at home right now. :roll: :cry: Thanks for trying to help though... just not having a good day. :(
  5. Abker, Im sorry, Ive calmed down a bit, and I ...somewhat... agree with you. Ill take back my vote for a ban ....for now. :evilbat: *ahem* and thats all Im going to say because otherwise I think Im going to have a seizure. :x
  6. Ok Im not leaving this alone. I vote for a ban! Ill quote spirallollipop: [quote][quote]Is there anyway to report them?[/quote][color=red]No unfortulently I only visted that forum and found them talking about this, I'm not sure I can get that kind of info out of them now, cause I kinda made it apparent that what they are doing is still fighting and illegal.[/color][/quote] [quote][color=red]i couldn't beleive the stupidity.[/color][/quote] Then as soon as Abker and FDF say something you turn around what youve said. :roll: [quote][color=red]I am not attacking your forum. I am asking about matching. [/color][/quote] Oh really? Yeah thats why you called us stupid and want to turn us into the police for having an opinion. :-? :roll:
  7. I read the thread on PBF, and its so stupid and ignorant. :roll: Ugh, this is the most worked up Ive been in a LOOOOOOONG time!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
  8. I knew he'd be home soon. :wink: Great news Court! Im happy Ford is safe.
  9. [quote name='Ash']It's probably because Jake Gyllenhal is the 'IT' guy in Hollywood right now, and has one. He was on Ellen yesterday showing off pictures. She asked why they mix the breeds. He said to take away the pugs breathing problems and the beagles howl. But she also said I think that he rescued it. But she also said that it was the most popular dog - - - I'm sure that just added to the popularity.[/quote] Alright, now I dont think Jake is hot anymore. :roll: :lol: and I used to like Ellen but damn, shes adding to the problem now too?! :x :(
  10. Aw, Court, Im sure he'll come home safe very soon. Good luck. Ill have you and Ford in my thoughts. *hugs*
  11. They certainly boosted the popularity of those damn "puggles" ... I logged onto AOL and guess what was on the my Welcome page?!? :roll: Apparently its one of the top searches today. :x Gag me with a effin spork! :evil: Im so sick of all these fucking breeders breeding fucking mutts and calling them new fucking breeds!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
  12. Its only rape if he doesnt want it! :wink: :lol: ...but, uh, sure, I promise! :P
  13. Pyr, my dog already knows how to do that unfortunately. :o Mmm, poopsicles. :x :lol: My old dog, Shilo used to always go in the back corner of our yard so we never had to pick up poop.
  14. Oooo, can I put eyeliner on him?!?! :wink:
  15. [quote name='BuddysMom'][quote name='Jessashelony'] You made me cry because of that!!! :lol: Just teasing... I think I'd make a lousy mod anyway... :lol: But K and bk are just as mean as I am!!!! :evilbat:[/quote] That's why I thought you already were a mod ... because you're so darn mean! :wink:[/quote] :lol: Yeah, you are equally as mean as BK. K isnt mean, what are you talking about Jess.... :drinking: We all know K is a merciful modgod and she loves us... she wouldnt hurt us.... right???? :puppydogeyes: :puppydogeyes: :puppydogeyes: :lol:
  16. Is it because I said id be worried about you being a mod?!? I didnt mean it! :lol:
  17. [quote name='FearedDogFan'] You're right! :wink: Could we just forget I said it and go on with the discussion? :-? I agree with Michele about it. :wink:[/quote] Done... we all make mistakes. and LMAO... K, is gonna get you all! I didnt do any name calling so Im safe... I hope. :o :lol:
  18. [quote name='FearedDogFan'][quote name='Jessashelony'][quote]I am for the ban, too. And please, guys, don't think it's because I don't agree with her marital status[/quote] Not sure why this would even be brought up???[/quote] I didn't want you all to think it was just because she's lesbian. :oops: I wouldn't have brought it up, but I just wanted to make sure you all understood. :wink:[/quote] Then dont you mean sexual preference instead of marital status? Anyway, I dont think anyone was even thinking about that... until you brought it up.
  19. [quote name='xavierandrea'][quote name='Jessashelony'][quote]I am for the ban, too. And please, guys, don't think it's because I don't agree with her marital status[/quote] Not sure why this would even be brought up???[/quote] Me too??? :drinking: :drinking: [/quote] I was thinking the same thing....
  20. RUN KIANI!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! Find a family that will CARE for you and not worry so much about MONEY!!!!!!!!!
  21. Damn this thread grew fast :o I could agree to a ban. Get rid of the troll!
  22. [quote name='Jessashelony']Hey... Do me a favor Sandra.. Send me a picture... ilblissli and I have season passes to Disney! WE WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU!!!![/quote] :lol: Uh oh! :lol:
  23. Yeah I think I know what a city looks like... :roll: Ive spent plenty of time in Chicago and Dallas, thank you very much. Wow, hopeles after five minutes.... I really dont care how big your city is or how fast an animal can travel, Id be out there every waking hour looking for my dog. Id be putting up flyers, checking animal shelters in person, calling the police, etc.etc. I (actually my bro) lost my aunts dog and I looked everywhere! I didnt stop or get hopeless. We called the police and left our number and a description of the dog. Thank doG, someone called and we got her back. She didnt have any tags on her but luckily since we called the police and left our number, we found her again. Same case when we found a dog. We called and left our number with the police, and the next day we got a call from the owners and they got their dog back.
  24. You may not want critisism, but it may be what you need... hello, your dog is missing and youre worried about money. You posted here, so you had to expect people to post their opinions.... its not our fault if youre more concerned with money than a family member.
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