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  1. Kat, the dog isnt really learning, its the owner. :wink: Thats what hes there for, to show people how to keep their dogs under control.
  2. I agree with you Shara. :D I think peple need to experiment with training methods and find whats right for them. It doesnt have to be strictly positice or a lot of negative, theres an inbetween. Like I know the methods I use with Kat wouldnt be good for Coal because Coal would end up being really dominant, maybe aggressive... while Sharas methods for Coal would still be good for Kat, but it would need to be more targeted towards her shy/fearful nature plus she could probably be a bit more leniant since Kat wouldnt challenge her. Coal is a dominant dog, Kat isnt. They need different training and way of life, however, they both need strong leaders to keep them mentally stable. Thats one thing, I will always stand by... A dog can be your friend but you need to be the pack leader, period. :wink:
  3. [quote name='abker17']I read the other thread and in defense of Dr. J I never got the impression that he was being "holier than thou", ESS. I too think he deserves an apology. [/quote]I was thinking the same thing but decided to keep my mouth shut for once. :wink: [quote name='abker17'] As for Cesar I really don't know much about him. Does anyone have any relatively unbiased articles/websites/whatever on him and his practices? Can I hear both sides of the debate? What don't you like about his practices R2?[/quote] I dont know of any websites for him except for his and of course that would be biased. :P There were dogs on his show that had bit people multiple times and were going to be put down but Ceasar changed them. His methods are all about taking control with (calm assertive) dominance. He thinks people need to see that dogs are not human and so need a pack structure to live healthy mentally. He uses physical force on some dogs which I think (and correct me if Im wrong) is what mostly bothers R2 about him. He will put a dog onto its back to make it learn that the dog is not pack leader. He'll stand over a food aggressive dog's food bowl to claim it as his own so the dog stops challenging him. I think his methods are great personally. He's a life saver for many dogs out there.
  4. I have the opposite problem. :lol: Kat only goes out twice a day willingly. I try to get her to go out more but the noises during the day freak her out. If its a good day she might go out 4 times.
  5. So, and I ahve to ask, how many of you think what I did with Kat is bad? R2, I already know what you think lol
  6. [quote name='Mei-Mei']So you guys hijack my thread, and then make-up on your own? It's a good thing I like you all. :lol: :lol: :lol:[/quote] LOL sorry Mei. It was all R2 and DrJ!!! *hides*
  7. [quote name='JackieMaya']When I left Texas, my plane was an hour late, so I had a chicken caesar salad at Bennigan's (that was right next to my gate). Yummy![/quote] me love Bennigans. :D salads... not so much. :lol:
  8. :lol: ESS, youre such a retard :P Anyhoo, I love Ceasar Millan. :wink: He is the dog god. :lol: I dont really care what anyone thinks about his methods, I agree with what DrJ has been saying.
  9. Ive always loved rough collies (smooths look deformed to me :lol: :oops: ) since my great aunt has one.... even if it was from a pet store. :roll: Sugar, yours are just BEAUTIFUL! ...and I LOVE your bf's doggie. I have a real soft spot for staffies. :D
  10. Kat the dog does that too. :lol: Its creepy though cause her eyes twitch too and then I can see her second lid and its gross lol. Its so funny. Then sometimes she'll make noises so I stick my finger in her mouth and she suckles. :angel: Occasionally it wakes her up though, lol.
  11. Well, Im not sure... I dont think theyre able to take in anymore dogs thats for sure, but maybe they could let another rescue with abandoned pups take her in? What do you all think, would that work?
  12. Thanks you guys. I think Ill email them linking here to show everyones condolences. Here are some pics before they passed... [img]http://www.straydog.org/Month200511/Images20051127-1130/3991SpiceAsleepWithBabies.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.straydog.org/Month200511/Images20051127-1130/3993Spice%27sBabiesCloseup.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.straydog.org/Month200511/Images20051127-1130/4024Spice%27sBabiesAllTogethe.jpg[/img] :angel:
  13. Loki, again, I understand what youre saying and maybe things are more expensive near you, but around here, I would find that unreasonable. I wouldnt pay 300 for a rescue dog, JMHO. Alright, maybe I would if I did really like the dog :lol: but Id rather be using that money to buy supplies for my new pet. If I want to donate more money, I will. Whatever though, like whats been said, money is money. Its for a good cause. WOW! The prices you all are posting are expensive. :o Theres a clinic in Dallas that will neuter a dog for $25 and spay a dog for $30, regardless of weight. Sabine, why do you have intact dogs anyway? Is it just because youre showing them? If so, showing is just to gain breeding rights, but you dont plan to breed your dogs, as you said... so whats the point? :-? Just curious. I would highly suggest getting your pets spayed/neutered. I think that rescues could adopt out to a home with intact dogs provided the right reasoning behind it... but most people in rescue dont agree to breeding, so thats a slim chance.
  14. OMG extremely bad news... All the pups have passed now. :cry: RIP little puppies. [quote]All 7 pups were doomed before birth As the last one of the seven pups barely clung to life this morning, Tina and I rushed both Mother Spice and her last baby to Dr. Cornelius's clinic at 7:45. When we got there the parking lot was already full of cars and the office was full of dogs with their guardians. I told the receptionist/tech that we thought the baby might already be dead, and she took us in almost immediately. The doctor took one look at the dead puppy and said, "His mouth is yellow. Probably hooks. Bring the mother in here for a fecal." Spice allowed the doctor to take a sample, and afterwards Tina and I waited out in the waiting room with Spice, who was very well behaved around all the other strange dogs. After about 10 minutes Dr. Cornelius came into the waiting room and told us that Spice has both hookworms and coccidia, both of which parasites go through the walls of the placenta and infest the babies. All pregnant dogs need to be wormed halfway through their pregnancy. The combination of these two parasites brought the puppies' chances of surviving down to zero. "They were doomed," said Dr. Cornelius. "There was nothing anyone could have done to save them." We are all very saddened by the loss of Spice's children. We took probably over 100 photos since the first pup was born, but we are having technical difficulties with our photo processing program, so there won't be any photos today. Poor Mother Spice looked all over for her pups in her hospital kennel after we got back home from the vet, and she is receiving lots of attention from each of us as we pass by her kennel. Now she's sleeping peacefully after this long, long ordeal. [/quote]
  15. Loki we all know that it costs a lot for the rescues and shelters, but they shouldnt expect the adoption fee to cover all the costs of the pet. Even if 300 isnt enough to cover all the costs of care, I dont think thats very reasonable. JMO. Straydog charges 125, I think its the perfect fee... not too high, not too low. I understand the need for money in rescues and shelters but I think theres a line between trying to raise some money and being too extreme. For purebreds, I guess after the last debate I can understand raising it bit, but I think 400 or even 300 is too much. 275 or under seems fair to me. Someone could go to a good breeder and pay for a dog that will be far more predictable, as far as behaviour and health, for the same price that a rescue is asking for a dog that obviously couldnt have been bred well if it ended up in rescue. Which option do you think the average person would choose? People stereotype dogs from shelters as "bad" dogs and ones from breeders (responsible or not) as being "good" dogs. But anyhoo, thats what I think. I see all the points being made and I understand what everyones saying. Im all for rescues and shelters getting more money but I just think the fees are getting a bit rediculous. :-?
  16. A new doggie was rescued, pregnant, just a few days ago. Last night, she had 7 pups. One was stillborn and one died after birth. So RIP little pups. Heres Momma, Spice: [img]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b134/crazyk9/spice.jpg[/img] As soon as Straydog posts some puppy pics, Ill be sure to put them up here. :wink: [size=1]I wish I could foster one![/size] :lol:
  17. Eek, sorry Abs. :( Thats tough. Stupid people :roll: Next time you see them, I wish you luck in trying to educate them, if you choose to. I know Id probably get too frustrated with them to, unfortunately. :x I hope that poor dog stays safe. :(
  18. [quote name='abker17']Hehe Abby loves getting ice from the ice maker! Whenever she hears it going she runs in and waits for an ice cube. :lol: She hasn't figured out how to get them herself though, thank god. :lol:[/quote] Ditto! Kat and the cat LOVE running to the ice maker when they hear it going. Only Lucky eats the ice though... Kat just tries to keep him away rfom it since she thinks shes dominant over him. :roll: :lol:
  19. Sorry... :oops: Really, I knew it was a girl the whole time. Yup... I sure did. :drinking: :lol: Anyhoo, yup, very confused... so you have a new puppy? lol
  20. Cool, that guys from Merriville, IN. I have family and friends there. :D Great info ...but :P would you mind emailing him back correcting his spelling of "shephards" :x :wink: its "shepherds"
  21. Definitely Neo! No doubt in my mind! :D :wink:
  22. Hmmm, yeah, we need to talk on MSNM about that. I wanna know what she said. :o :lol:
  23. [url]http://www.cafepress.com/gamedogs[/url] I dont know about you guys BUT I am sick of the typical AmStaff-looking dog on pit bull shirts and I was looking more for the working type... so I ended up finding this breeder/artist that has some great stuff. :D :wink:
  24. [quote name='Lokipups']I hope they chain her to a tree :evilbat: .[/quote] Hahaaha, yeah, thatd be great! :evilbat:
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