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  1. I knew it was not true but I have now met 6 people here that believe that this is true. I think it is a some kind of folklore here in the caribbean. It's amazing what people believe and how "facts" are spread threw the grapevine. Thanks for the responses.
  2. I have been having a debate with my housemate. She says that all dogs have ghonarrea and 2 other people agree with her. I said that was crazy. I know dogs can have STDs but not all dogs. I asked the Vet and he says that is not true. They still don't believe me. I wanted to ask a couple more vets but I think that is ridiculous. Have you ever heard this?
  3. The vet said I don't need to use so much just dab it on the wound which I did tonight. He is doing fine.
  4. Well I spoke to the vet and I think it might have been the spray that I used on his wounds. I think maybe I used too much and he licked his wounds. I used gential violet and screwworm spray. He seems fine this morning. He also threw up last night. The vet said I should not use too much but put it on a clothe and dab it on the wound... not spray it directly.
  5. My dog (poodle shit-zhu mix) was attached by 3 dogs on Thursday evening. He ran out of my yard and was attached. I got to him very quickly but he was still badly hurt. He was in the vet for 2 nights and seems to not have any major injuries. He has some punctures and is sore all over. He did go into shock when he was attached. Well i took him home from the vet Saturday and he seemed to be doing well. Now tonight is seems to be in a lot of pain and his mouth is very wet. He won't sit still and is crying. It's too late to get him to a vet. I gave him his medicine as directed but the vet said I couldn't get him more pain medicine until tomorrow. I gave him a some piece of aspirin. I just hope he is not having some reaction. I just don't know why his mouth is so wet. Any ideas or suggestions!?
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