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  1. TDG, How did you get that info? I'd like to find out the difference between the wheat and brown rice flour.
  2. Im in the process of finding a new meat treat and would like to know what dog owners prefer, rice flour or wheat flour? (Take my poll!) Also, for the experts, is there as much nutrience in the rice flour as there is in the wheat? Thanks all!! Vicki
  3. personally, I think that what you did makes you a great dog owner. I would not have been offended or upset at all. Seems to me that they are the ones with the problems.
  4. Hello, the trail is in Big Bend. A am also meeting a feww ppl from another board there. It sounds like a great time.
  5. Just wondering if anyone is planning on attending this event. I will be there with my Mikko for some socialization time. Would love to meet any other board members! Vicki
  6. Hello all, Im trying to get the hang of the avatar pic thing but everytime I try to upload something, nothing happens. Any ideas? Thanks Vicki
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