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  1. does he have any poodle in him? Sounds like you were speaking French!! :lol: :lol:
  2. GEEZ!!! I'm gonna have to quit my job to keep up with you guys!!! [quote]Alan wrote: I see what EMS66 is getting at and I think they have some valid points. I do however belive that game dogs have a more stable temperment. I base that on the these facts. 1. Any one who works with dogs, such as a vet, or animal control, or a mailman even, will tell you that the chances of being bit by a Pit Bull are far less than any other breed. They are just more dangerous when they do. It only seems logical to me that this would be because they were bred to fight and be dog agressive and not people agressive. 2. I have been around both game bred and non game bred and yes, there are good and bad of both, but my own experience has shown me game bred dogs are more stable. 3. Pit Bulls never got to be a problem with dog attacks until they became popular. You can say that the popularity is what caused but, these dogs were around kids in the past and allowed in homes, yet, I have never heard of anyone being mauled back then. IMO, that is saying that something changed along the way. We do no for certain that breeding practices did change. [/quote] excellent points, every one.let me throw my 2 cents in(like any of you thought I wouldnt? lol) in the "old days" PB's that werent used for fighting were pets, and were mostly purebred. they were the "nanny dog", completely safe around children and old people, people in general. they were not abused, starved, beaten..the dogfighting rings were legal, those dogs were raised and treated differently. I dont agree with any of it, but thats what was done. p.s. Laura Ingalls dog was a Pit Bull too (Little House On The Prairie) enter the days of Dog Fighting becoming illegal, where drugs and high bet money is involved. People stopped fighting Pits, and started fighting Pit Mixes. Mixed with Mastiffs, with GSD's, with Rotties....behold, we have a completely different dog.these are not Petey dogs, they are not game dogs bred with the tolerance of people. I would bet that today's fighting dogs cant be hands-on handled by their owners(not the game dogs, but the drug kingpin dogs) and have to be broken up with a breaking stick... or beaten to death. BM, I understand COMPLETELY where you are coming from. what has been done to the Petey's of the world, the nanny-dogs, by misbreeding, mistreating and mistraining, is a travesty....but these dogs ARENT Petey. there is no such thing as a pure 90 lb. Pit Bull...they didnt choose to just mix these dogs to make them bigger, stronger...they chose to mix them with guardian breeds...breeds that DO NOT have the bite inhibition towards humans that a purePit does, and dogs that will become more aggressive when mis-treated or when the natural animal aggressiveness gets "turned on"by something. do we stop breeding Pits? I say no. A wellbred Pit can be an ambassador for its breed..... this is my take, long lambasted for it, but I stand by it. Make breeding ILLEGAL unless the breeder has been licensed by the state. or county .ANY breed, not just Pits. Licensing fees are determined by "output"...how many litters the bitch has per year. Good breeders dont try for more than two litters a year anyway. Track it the same way they do rabies. you go to the vet, dog isnt "done", no breeders license, NEUT is now necessaey. mandatory, not a choice. I believe this will cut down on a lot of BYBing...they wont want to pay for the bazillion litters they force these dogs to have every year, and their premises should need to be inspected twice a year. without notice. If I was a good breeder, I would NOT object to that, for the benefits of the dogs... would it cut out all instances of "bad" APBT's? no, of course not. the criminals wont follow the laws anyway. but it WILL make it harder for the Smiths and the Johnson's, who are dog clueless and want one of these dogs, to get one..unless they get it illegally...which the average person wont. so will it solve the dimenma? no..will it cut down on it? I believe so.
  3. courtnek

    National news!?!?

    I didnt see it nationally, but I never go to Yahoo news either. I saw it because its local to me, and upsets me. It was on the the news last night as well. the dogs had Pit faces, but the bodies seemed wrong. they were more lanky than the pictures of wellbred pits I have seen, longer in body than most. but they were like 5 second clips, and couldnt get a good luck. no one is saying this is not a big deal. I sincerely hope everyone is ok, but I get tired of the pit bull slamming, and I dont even own one. I do not want the govt to be able to tell me what kind of dog I can have. period.
  4. Wooly will continue to try to be top dog as long as he is unneutered. In nature, a dog that cannot produce young is automatically deemed bottom of the pack. he cannot provide for the needs of the pack, which includes procreating. is there some reason why you cant neuter Wooly? if so, Cosmic will be forced to take the back burner by pack rules...its the way these things work in nature. the "forcing" could be traumatic if Cosmic wont back down willingly... :(
  5. I see their point, and in some ways I agree. However, I have been raising and keeping dogs for decades... in the 70's Shepherds were frowned upon, as being dangerous, after many many stories of Shepherds that attacked and killed people. in the 80's it was the Doberman. in the 90's it was the Rottweiler. NOW its the Pit Bull...all became "bad" for the same reasons. they became too popular, so the BYB's pushed them out a mile a minute.... when the popularity died, so did the BYB's income, so they moved on. to the dog of the day, as it were.... there were no less stories of shepherds, rotties and dobies back then then there are now. the difference is in the viciousness of the Pit when mixed with other breeds and then trained to be mean, or treated terribly. that how they become what they are...they dont give up. thats the problem.... I dont believe in banning, because I dont believe in giving the govt any more power over us then they already have. which is too much. you let them do this, and they will ban rotties, dobies, shepherds, any dog the "average american citizen" feels is "dangerous"...sorry, I dont want mini poodles as my dog of choice... I DO beieve in licensing. for ALL breeders. and strict compliance with the rules of that licensing. if they had to pay licenses depending on "output", the BYB's would quickly be shut down. good breeders dont have more than one ro two litters a year. BYB's crank them out like chocolate.. my opinon
  6. courtnek

    National news!?!?

    I agree. however, I would still like to see pictures. I cant say how many times someone has accused a dog of being a Pit, only to find out its a Pit/Mastiff mix, a Pit/shepherd mix, a Pit/whatever mix...I dont think these dogs should be interbred. the dogs they are bred with do NOT have the Pits bred-in traits of being people friendly. you take a dog that was bred to guard, mate it with a Pit, and you have a disaster waiting to happen....guarding Pits is not a good idea, with the strength of their jaws, and their bred-in ability to never give up....its bound to be a disaster...especially when untrained and un-properly disciplined.... :o :o
  7. courtnek

    National news!?!?

    this is my neck of the woods...and practically unheard of. were these dogs really Pits? no pictures were provided....and why were they so out of control?
  8. grrr...this kinda crap sets me off... you can get an airhorn from any boat selling place. set that off once, and not only will the dog pee himself, the neighbors will all know... and your dog will be fine... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. anything unusal happen before the introduction of "little yellow?" has Peaches seemed needy, in some way? or felt at odds or rejected by the other pack members? sometimes they take on a special toy when they want to feel special themselves...like a mom dog would with a litter...it gives them a feeling of security. did something happen to Peaches to make her feel less secure? just a thought HF...
  10. size doesnt matter, attitude does. as long as YOU are Top Dog (Alpha) they rest will fall into place on its own. they will follow your lead, and work it out amongst themselves as to who is top dog beneath you. however, it HAS TO BE beneath you... I have seen little Chi's browbeat Lab's for higher rank. for the most part if you let them work it out on their own, as pack lead, and only intervening if necessary, they will be fine. if they have a recognized Alpha, who will stop needless issues, they will work it out between them. little dogs CAN rule. :lol:
  11. *ahem*...what was the question? DO, stop being mean to people. You're driving away the newbies... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: 8)
  12. well, geez. the post was deleted before I got here, so I dont know if I should be ashamed of being blonde, proud of it,or PO'd... hmmmmm..... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. I agree. I was very angry, and still shaking when I got home. what if, as mentioned, I was some kind of child abductor? I dont believe a 5 year old should be out front alone at any time, but especially after dark. I drove by on the way home tonight, no child or dog, so maybe he took my threat to heart.
  14. Happy birthday Meg..... :bday: :bday: yes, kat, she was one in a million. and she became that way because of your love, your work, your attention and pride in her and all her accomplishments. I am sorry her owner is being such a butt-head.... now you can devote your attentions to your new pup. may never be Meg, in the long run, but from your stories has promise. best of luck 8) :angel:
  15. holy you-know-what, Batman..... I just got back from the grocery store. Its not daylight savings time anymore here, its dark at 5:30....as I was coming back I saw a white ball in the headlights roll into the street. Having had a child, I screamed to a halt immediately and looked around. after the ball came a white fluffy shih-tzu type mix, and a small child...ran right out into the street, in front of my car!!! the little girl was in dark clothing!!! OMG what if I hadnt been a parent, or been drinking, I would have slammed into both of them!! there were NO adults around anywhere...the girl couldnt have been more than 5...I asked where her mommy was, she said "inside with friends"... I asked did anyone ever tell her not to chase a ball across the street? she said "I dont care about the ball, I was chasing Carson...HE was chasing the ball...." why isnt Carson on a leash? never is, she says. he usually stays right out front.... just than Dad, or some male relative came out, and started to yell at her and I just lost it. What the HELL are you doing leaving a small child and a dog outside ALONE after dark? why isnt the dog leashed? WHY IS THIS LITTLE GIRL OUT HERE BY HERSELF?????? he actually backed away...I think I scared him, I was so angry. I then threatened to call the DCFS if I ever saw either of them out here alone after dark again, and promised I would drive by every night just to make sure....he swept her up, called Carson and went inside. I then realized he was Spanish, and may or may not have even understood me. theres a lot of Spanish people here who dont speak English, or dont speak it well... *sigh* so now what? I realy dont want to call DCFS, maybe this was just a one-off and she snuck outside while they had company.... :o :o :o
  16. you can put bitter apple on furniture...it wont hurt it... :o
  17. has anyone contacted Petfinder about putting out a DNA? they have probably the largest online database of adoptable pets there is... if no one else has, I am a member and could try to do it. their forum is not always the nicest, but in this case I think they'd stand behind me...
  18. AAP, I was just thinking that. I'm on the doo-doo list again, arent I? they are all up in arms about cropping/docking....I agree with the majority that in a pet, its not necessary. I also think that the Show should take that into consideration as well, since most show dogs dont work the fields or the swamps anymore... but what about the working dogs? originally it was done to protect the field dogs from mangled and broken tails, and shredded ears and the guarding dogs from being grabbed and held by people or animals... AAP can back me up. ALL I did was point out the ORIGINAL reasons for doing it, and 8 pages later they are still in a bee-hive buzz about it. LOLOL...I'm sure I'm about to be called a bad owner again. But, there are a lot of innocents on that board, who really need help with pets, and I cant stomach them being told things blatantly untrue, or twisted by beliefs that dont hold water, like no dogs should ever be outside for any length of time without human intervention... my mom always said I was a troublemaker, and stood up for the underdog... :agrue:
  19. I can contact the Illinois ones......I'll start that tomorrow... but if they ask, how do I prove the allegations? just hearing it from an outsider wont sway anyone around here....
  20. HEY!! are you saying I'm not worthy enough to bribe Alan???? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: 8)
  21. I too fell for it Mutt Lady, so dont feel bad. but as far as the other two men, the alcoholism, the "love and hate" relationship these two have, I often wonder now how much of it is actually real, and how much she made up just for attention. I dont know anymore...I just feel sorry for the animals in her "care".... :roll: :roll:
  22. THIS bothers me... A LOT... [quote]"We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding." Quoted in Animal People, May, [/quote] not to start a turmoil, but it sounds strangely like INGRID, and PETA...
  23. I'd actually be glad to know I'm wrong. it was the first one, the color one, that looks "off" to me. the B&W one looks natural. not trying to cause trouble, just wondering...
  24. they were sigs in her posts...and they changed fairly frequently, usually to ones of just justin, but once in a while to ones of both of them. the "both of them" ones just looked wrong to me somehow. this is just a feeling, **I** could be the one wrong, but I have photopaint pictures of both my dogs that were made for me, and you can "just tell" that the dogs really arent and werent in those backgrounds. I also got weird vibes from her Justin posts. she contradicted herself so often, I wondered if she was living dual personalities. one day he was perfect, the next he was a complete ass, etc. I truly lived the life of an emotionally and physically battered woman. my father was physically abusive, my ex was emotionally abusive. her posts, from someone who has been there, were just "off" maybe its me. dont put too much stock in it. but thats how I feel... :-?
  25. now for something completely different...is there even a Justin? in all the pictures she posted, it always looked to me like it was photopaint imposed...but since I'm not an expert by far at these things, I let it slide... not the single ones of him, but the ones with DAL and Justin in them... :o
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