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  1. I tend to think they accept sponsors no matter what. same as Petfinder. even here, you log on and see cat and dog cloning ads... I think the messageboards sit apart from the business the site is running... :o
  2. is there any way to find out if this is the same one? *If you need to contact me or respond, Please email/copy me directly, off list. (verizon.net) I can't seem to keep up with group email & my email program is crashing... need to go no email on some groups for awhile. Thanks! Dawn *New yahoo Group: Rott-N-PitbullRescue* ~*~Sedation B4 Euthanization!~*~ could be a complete co-incidence, but if not, I want to warn these people upfront. K????? Mei????
  3. someday you may have a dog with "happy tail"...the whiplash hound tail that wags a gazillion miles an hour, and slams full force into your legs... and arms and head all depends on where you are when the wagging starts.... my friends think I'm abused.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Noah's wish is there, along with HSUS and ASPCA. they are working with the Red Cross to try to find as many animals as possible, and eventually link them back up with their owners. they have pledged to not euthanize ANY of them unless they are too ill or too dangerous to survive.
  5. did they find his poor distraught little ower yet? poor kid. thats hard enough on an adult..... :o
  6. My time has come. Its time to go soon I'll be on my way... before I do, you need to know, I'll treasure every day... you gave me love, and even more, a priceless memory, so little time, your heart is sore, but please...remember me. as me who loved you everyday, who waited for your smile. as me who only wants to stay, and be with you awhile. the time we have is precious now, I know you know that too. Please dont be sad, and know somehow, that we will both come through. and know I'll never leave your side, no matter what befalls and know that time will turn the tide you too will hear the calls... we'll play together in this place, that close we'll always be, and once again we'll share our space, unparted we will be. so dont be sad, I'll wait for you again to see you smile and know that I do love you too, forever, all the while. Gladis
  7. K posted this one a long time ago. also a tearjerker, but a good read My Foster Dog Is Beautiful Written by: Martha O'Connor My foster dog stinks to high heaven. I don't know for sure what breed he is. His eyes are blank and hard. He won't let me pet him and growls when I reach for him. He has ragged scars and crusty sores on his skin. His nails are long and his teeth, which he showed me, are stained. I sigh. I drove two hours for this. I carefully maneuver him so that I can stuff him in the crate. Then I heft the crate and put it in the car. I am going home with my new foster dog. At home I leave him in the crate till all the other dogs are in the yard. I get him out of the crate and ask him if he wants 'outside.' As I lead him to the door he hikes his leg on the wall and shows me his stained teeth again. When we come in he goes to the crate, because that's the only safe place he sees. I offer him food, but he won't eat it if I look at him; so, I turn my back. When I come back the food is gone. I ask again about 'outside.' When we come back, I pat him before I let him in the crate; he jerks away and runs into the crate to show me his teeth. The next day I decide I can't stand the stink any longer. I lead him into the bath with cheese in my hand. His fear of me is not quite overcome by his wish for the cheese. And well he should fear me, for I will give him a bath. After an attempt or two to bail out, he is defeated and stands there. I have bathed four-legged bath squirters for more dog years than he has been alive. His only defense was a show of his stained teeth that did not hold up to a face full of water. As I wash him it is almost as if I wash not only the stink and dirt away but also some of his hardness. His eyes look full of sadness now. And he looks completely pitiful as only a soap-covered dog can. I tell him that he will feel better when he is cleaned. After the soap, the towels are not too bad; so, he lets me rub him dry. I take him outside. He runs for joy: the joy of not being in the tub and the joy of being clean. I, the bath giver, am allowed to share the joy. He comes to me and lets me pet him. One week later I have a vet bill. His skin is healing. He likes for me to pet him. I think I know what color he will be when his hair grows in. I have found out he is terrified of other dogs. So I carefully introduce him to my mildest four legged brat. It doesn't go well. Two weeks later there is a new vet bill for an infection that was missed on the first visit. He plays with the other dogs. Three weeks later he asks to be petted. He chewed up part of the rug. Eight weeks later his coat shines, and he has gained weight. He shows his clean teeth when his tongue lolls out after he plays chase in the yard with the gang. His eyes are soft and filled with life. He loves hugs and likes to show off his tricks, if you have the cheese. Someone called today and asked about him; they saw the picture I took the first week. They asked about his personality, his history, his breed. They asked if he was pretty. I asked them lots of questions. I checked up on them. I prayed. I said yes. When they saw him the first time, they said he was the most beautiful dog they had ever seen. Six months later I got a call from his new family. He is wonderful, smart, well-behaved and very loving. How could someone not want him? I told them I didn't know. He is beautiful. They all are.
  8. everyone is basically correct. this game didnt start out with you throwing the toy, which means you had it first, but your pup "winning" the toy back from the railing, like catching prey. so he became a little more possessive of it. he doesnt understand the space between you attaching the toy, and his getting catching it and taking it down. Free is basically the same about giving a toy back she has stolen from Laurel. she "won" it, it should be hers. now here is where NILIF helps alot. its not just rewarding themfor doing something, its pack training them to give you whatever you want, without argument. next time that happens, call your dog away from the toy and make him sit. and stay. stay is the most important part. if he wont do it, put a small lead on him ad gently tug him away from the toy. and secure him to a chair. . then go pick up the toy, keep it in your hand, and release him and tell him to come, and sit. THEN and only then, hand it to him and gell him he's good. a few practice sessions and he will have learned that even though HE caught it, its still yours. add the command "LEAVE it" when you pull him away. just think of most married couples motto: What's mine is mine. What's YOURS is mine as well.... :lol: :lol:
  9. I personally wouldnt fly mine unless I had to. not because of airline screwups, but because of stress on the animals. I have an excellent kennel here, where I board mine. yes, its expensive, you get what you pay for, but mine have always come out A-OK and no issues... :lol:
  10. ok you just ruined my dinner... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. never mind. I reread it and now I understand about the woman who took them to the pound. still, theres some large holes in this story, I agree. :o
  12. Canis! come back! this is like a suspense movie that plays over two nights.....arrgghhhhh I'm glad they're safe and sound, but you're right, it doesnt add up. they werent going to call AC? yet they tried to capture them both and had Zoey tied up? yet they were gonna get home on their own somehow? how did they get out? and who was the woman who took them to the pound? I'm confused.... :oops:
  13. thru the open gate. the kids took down an enormous beehive for me yesterday, and one forgot to close the gate. I let htme out without looking (my mistake, its always closed) and they proceeded to prance out. AND CAME BACK!! I called them both. Laurel came right back, and Free came back slower, dragging her butt and looking disgruntled..but came back. I took them to the river and let them run as a reward. they were both good, and came back when I callled them. I think the river trips are helping on recall. they know they can run, but they know they have to come back when done. woo hoo...I'm happy! 8)
  14. dont get me started... the ARA say: People should not own pets. All animals should be free... yes, Free, to run across city streets and get hit by cars. to form packs and make more puppies with no where to go. to raid garbage because they are starving. to freeze to death in the winters here, because they arent wolves, and werent bred to live oustide... Zoos should be banned, its cruel. GOOD zoos ( and the ones here are) are looking to replenish the wildlife and return them to their natural habitats. they use the money from the exhibits to do so. WE caused them to start dieing out in the first place. the good zoos try to correct and give back. the good zoos also research the things that are killing them, outside of mans exploration and exploitation. so every human that dies is a good thing? and every gorilla that doesnt is also? who will take care of them, groom them, train and then release them to their natural lives, that we have polluted for decades???? DONT get me started... :roll: :roll:
  15. I just discovered my PayPal account is still active..but I dont know how to use it...what info do I need to give you? :oops: :oops: :oops:
  16. no I dont. I did a long time ago, but never used it. it was in conjunction with ebay, but now I just use my debit card... if you want to send a check to the ADP address, I will send you a copy of the receipt and the actual amount paid to the Red Cross, and I will break it down by contributor. thanks for caring. 8)
  17. the checks need to be made out to me (thats where the trust part comes in) because the deal is only offered to ADP employees. if you want to donate, sende the check to: Katy Courtney ADP Dealer Services 1950 Hassell Rd. Hoffman Estates, IL. 60195 that address is verifiable. also, my work email is [email][email protected][/email], and that is verifiable as well. there is an _ between katy and courtney, which wont show up here. and thanks to anyone who contributes. I wont abuse your contribution, I swear it on my pets and my life.... 8)
  18. heres the email from Corporate TO: All ADP Associates FROM: Art Weinbach DATE: August 31, 2005 RE: American Red Cross' "Hurricane Katrina" Relief Efforts There has been an outpouring of support by ADP associates eager to help those affected by the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Realizing that our help is critical at this time, the ADP Foundation is lending its support to the American Red Cross' relief efforts. THE ADP FOUNDATION WILL 150% MATCH ALL PERSONAL ASSOCIATE CONTRIBUTIONS OF ANY AMOUNT TO THE AMERICAN RED CROSS. Associates do not need to complete a matching gift form. If you would like to help, please make checks payable to the American Red Cross – Hurricane Katrina Relief. Please mail checks (directly to Roseland, no later than Friday, September 30, 2005) to: ADP HR Programs One ADP Blvd. MS 248 Roseland, NJ 07068 Please clearly print your full name (as stated on the ADP Portal) and your associate ID # on all checks. (All contributions must be in U.S. Dollars.) International associates should talk to their managers for further instructions on pooling funds into US dollars. Contributions made to benefit the American Red Cross' Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts are not part of ADP's regular Matching Gift Program. This contribution will not be counted towards your annual matching gift limit. For US associates: If you are dealing with the stress of this disaster, we encourage you to contact the EAP (Employee Assistance Program). You can reach the EAP, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by calling 1-800-756-5792. Information is also available on the web site at [url]www.lifessolutionseap.com[/url].
  19. If you plan on donating money to the red cross, consider this...my company will match every donation (no limit) 150%. so the more money I can raise, the higher the donation will be. I didnt send the email home, but I can if you want proof and want to donate. the checks would need to be made out to me, or if they are money orders or whatever I can deposit them in my account, write ADP a check and they will match it 150%. it doesnt matter how much or how little. the more I gather the bigger the donation to the red cross, so if anyone is interested my email address is [email][email protected][/email] whoever donates I will send a copy of the receipt and the dollar amount donated to the red cross. I dont expect you to trust me on this, since you dont really know me, so I will provide whatever proof is necessary I made the donation. any takers? 8) p.s your donation is tax deductible
  20. dont do it. keep kitty with you til the end.Pushy is going thru the same thing. a time comes when you have to let them go. do you want your kitty to be kept alive in a vets office by IV's? or do you want to let him go with you, in your home? Mine is here. he will stay here til he goes. I will feed and nurture him, but will not take him for recusitation if he goes. they are not people. they cant say their pain. they rely on us to make the ultimate decision... I truly feel for you. that decision is coming soon to me... :cry:
  21. courtnek


    I was told by someone that baby oil works to smooth through a mat and then brush it out. anyone heard of that? she has 1 dog and 7 cats, and uses it on all of them...
  22. [quote name='Tammy']The truth is I HATE MYSELF for what I had to do. The worst part in my mind is that adoptablity played a part. So Cindy my newest addition stayed but Prissy and Gretchen who I had for several years are sitting alone in a shelter. The truth be told two 3 year old dogs are easier to adopt than a 13 year old dog who is losing her sight and is deaf. Jess...don't you and Drew live around here? Do you know for 100% that Largo ASPCA is a good place. I visited them 2 years ago and they seem wonderful...other people have told me they are good. They said they would call me if something came up or they needed more information and to let me know when my kids get adopted. I just need to know.[/quote] you have thus answered your own question. you did what you HAD to do for the benefit of the animals involved, as heart wrenching as it was for you. that shows true courage, determination, and love. you should by no means hate yourself, you made the choices necessary to make the ends of this nasty putrid puzzle meet, and be better for everyone, including the animals. it hurts, I know it does. I almost loss my house to foreclosure, and all I could think about was "where will the pets go?" I'll never be able to sell it now and move elsewhere, its mortgaged to the hilt...but they're still here, safe and sound. dont beat yourself up. you did what you had to do.... 8) and by the way? WE love you and are extremely glad you are safe and sound. :angel:
  23. Tammy, go easy. no one is slamming you. this is not a throw-away issue, your life is in peril and you've lost most of everything you had. I am sure everyone understands this was not an easy choice, you did what you could and everyone is still alive. thank God for that. had the choices been better I for on am sure you would have made them. God bless. you're in my thoughts..... 8)
  24. agreed. and a lesson I dont want these kids to have to learn. Free doesnt like kids when on a leash, but is much more amiable when off it, and has known these kids for years. she always goes running up, brings her ball, tries to get them to play with her...Laurel just watches, but she's still kinda timid (Laurel as a guard dog is about as useful as free oxygen to a fish....however, her bay cows people. thats a laugh. If one of them would defend it would be Free) I like these kids. they are ok kids, and I try to encourage that. I am just afraid they will think that because MY dogs are cool that ALL dogs are cool....and ALL dogs arent. that was the lesson I was trying to impart here. 8)
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