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  1. schippsmom

    Why is it..........?

    :Dog_run: Poor Re-Run had a horrible docking job. He should have almost no tail but he has about two-three inches. My poor baby went through all that pain and it wasn't done properly. Left natural his tail would be identical to an American Eskimo, I wish they left it that way. :(
  2. schippsmom

    A puppy's 12 days of Christmas

    :Dog_run: That's cute!! :D
  3. schippsmom

    More Designer Dog Breeds!!!

    :Dog_run: :oops: I guess I didn't get that far
  4. schippsmom

    More Designer Dog Breeds!!!

    :Dog_run: I told them what I thought of their calendar, I hope I get a response!
  5. schippsmom

    Greenies may be harmful

    :Dog_run: Wow! Re-Run would walk through fire to get a Greenie. Never had a problem with them. He gets about one or two a week, not sure what to do now. :hmmmm: It seems as though everything you give your dog has certain risks involved. Just need to decided which risks to take.
  6. :Dog_run: I ALWAYS expect clean linens regardless of where I stay. Pee stains? if they don't smell and aren't wet. Bite marks, who cares?! Dogs are a must for sleeping, I keep Re-Run warm at night :lol:
  7. schippsmom

    OTC Remedies

    :Dog_run: Great info everyone, Thanks!!
  8. schippsmom

    Need some good thoughts..*Update*

    :Dog_run: I'm so glad she was found by a caring person. I hope you can get your Aunt to pay a little more attention to Trouble now.
  9. schippsmom

    Spooked Easy?

    :Dog_run: Re is afraid of loud noises, the TV and flying bugs that sound like a bee.
  10. schippsmom

    Happy birthday Cinco!

    :Dog_run: Happy belated birthday Cinco :BIG: :bday:
  11. schippsmom

    How to keep your head cool

    :Dog_run: Aren't they just soooo cute??!!
  12. schippsmom

    Sydney might be on local news...

    :Dog_run: How exciting. I completely forgot about out PetsMart party. :(
  13. schippsmom

    Going through my closet

    :Dog_run: How nice of you, I'm sure the dogs will enjoy them.
  14. schippsmom

    Well Michele....

    :Dog_run: That is so nice of you Izzy. Michele, you've earned it!!
  15. schippsmom

    What is wrong with people???

    :Dog_run: The article didn't mention it but on the news they said the dog weighed not quite 15 lbs. It doesn't matter what size it is but that is just a little thing. Re is 14. Now I'm cryin' again.