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  1. :Dog_run: Poor Re-Run had a horrible docking job. He should have almost no tail but he has about two-three inches. My poor baby went through all that pain and it wasn't done properly. Left natural his tail would be identical to an American Eskimo, I wish they left it that way. :(
  2. :Dog_run: :oops: I guess I didn't get that far
  3. :Dog_run: I told them what I thought of their calendar, I hope I get a response!
  4. :Dog_run: I've never seen it, I love it!!
  5. :Dog_run: I buy all year round but he does have a few (many) gifts under the tree.
  6. :Dog_run: Re-Run barks his head off at everyone!! Even people he likes. He doesn't pick up on signals from us at all. I think he is just scared of people he doesn't know. If he likes the person he does his smile thing and people think he wants to bite them. :roll: He only really hates the village idiot and I would never stop Re from ripping into him.
  7. :Dog_run: I'm so sorry to hear this, I started crying as I was reading. Cheech will be in my thoughts and prayers. Spoil him rotten
  8. :Dog_run: Re loves the fake mice!! He chases it for hours! He also has the hard plastic mouse that you put treats in and he has to tip it over to get the treats out of. It's supposed to be for cats. I think it came with catnip filled balls inside instead of treats. Crazy dog! Even though he is a Schipperke he is terrified of the real ones :roll:
  9. :Dog_run: Now that's a lotta bull!
  10. :Dog_run: where are my manners, Hello and welcome to Dogo.
  11. :Dog_run: Not the greatest answer but try a google search of, it would be a start.
  12. :Dog_run: We had a dog who figured that out once. It got to be a pain so we had to shut it off :( I know a [email protected] who gets a drink from the bottled water dispenser. :o
  13. :Dog_run: I heard about this and a point was brought up that she knows she has to do this and can prepare for it, those kittens didn't and couldn't.
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