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  1. *sigh* mine wont eat the good stuff. Not Evo Not Chicken Soup Not Innova Not Wellness Not Nutra... they WILL eat Purina One Lamb and Rice....and they seem to do well on it, so I'm not gonna try to change again. I also put a little canned and leftovers from dinner in their food. :roll: :roll:
  2. mine have webbed plastic latched collars, not exactly quick release, but enough pressure on the plastic latch and they would come off. yet you can still grab and pull on one without it flying open. like I said earlier, mine have their collars on 24/7....I cant chance them getting out without them, and there are too many teenage boys here all the time who cant seem to remember to close the doors properly. I am not kidding, I have signs on the doors that say SHUT TIGHTLY...they still forget. I have harnesses for them when I walk them, so thats not an issue.
  3. for a kitty, a file folder would probably work. measure her neck, and thencut the folder in a big circle so that its long enough to protrude pas her mouth. about 4 inches past her mouth. cut a hole in the middle that is just slightly wider then her neck measurement. fold it out about 2 inches from the neck hole so it forms a cone. put duct tape on that fold, then cut small holes all the way around with a scissors. run a large zip strip through the holes. the tape is to prevent the cardboard from tearing. slip it over your cats head, and tighten the zip strip to keep it on. not too tight, of course, but about how far you would tighten a standard collar. cutoff the excess zip strip. it will end up looking somewhat more like a fan than a real cone, but it will still work when you want to remove it, just cut the zipstrip off and pull it out.
  4. ok while he broke the rules, I would still be interested to talk to him. not necessarily about the collars, although K, mine wear theirs 24/7 because of the laws here. if they were to get out without them, and AC saw them with no collar or rabies tags, and they wouldnt come when called (which neither will to a stranger) AC has the right to shoot them. the risk of rabies around here is just too high. we have coyotes, fox, skunks, racoons, all manner of animals that can carry it. so its forbidden for a dog to be outside without a collar without clearly displayed rabies tags. they dont try to shoot them, but they will if they have no chance of catching them. so Dr. John, while the rules dont allow endorsement of your collars (which I have questions about anyway) please come back and talk with us.
  5. Tammy, you went thru hell on earth and managed to stay sane. you have my complete admiration. I amglad you are getting your pup back, and I hope your move here to IL will be a happy change for you. :)
  6. just teasing ya HF.....I know you didnt mean that. 8)
  7. [quote name='Tammy'][quote name='Alan'] I dont take friendship lightly. Either you are my friend or you are not and if you think enough of me to call me your friend, you had better have a little bit of confidence, faith and trust in me because I will have it there for you![/quote] Alan, Why aren't there more guys like you in the world? I bet I wouldn't have half the problems I have if more men were like you![/quote] my sentiments exactly..... and yes, sometimes women can rip a new one under certain circumstances....myself included, as you all know. but I will always try to hear both sides of the story first....well, there are a few exceptions, like that chick who spent all of 5 mins looking for her dog....but I try to make that the exception. Alan, you got any brothers? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. [quote name='Horsefeathers!'][quote name='courtnek'] hey, how do I gain entrance to"JustUs?" am I disapproved for some reason? :( [/quote] COURT! You do realize, don't you, that JustUS is the XXX rated super adultified, questionable contentified, anything goes section? I mean, you're certainly welcome to join it, but I thought I'd give you fair warning so that you wouldn't be expecting one thing and see something else entirely. :oops:[/quote] I'm in....did you think just because I'm old I would be offended? shame shame HF...you should know me better by now... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: but if the younguns object, I'll let it slide. you guys decide.... 8)
  9. wow....I missed all of it.... hey, how do I gain entrance to"JustUs?" am I disapproved for some reason? :( well, I'm glad she's gone(thanks K) cuz I had some really NOT NICE flammable things to say, which would have gotten me in trouble again, I'm sure....what a freakin' DITZ...... I spent 8 hours searching for my sons cat....harder to find than a dog in most cases.....5 minutes was TOO MUCH???? <deep breath> she's gone now,dont get worked up....she's gone now,dont get worked up....she's gone now,dont get worked up.... :agrue:
  10. one of the other words they wont allow is "Dick", which happened to be my fathers name, and if you called him Rick, Rich or Richard he would have laid into you.... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. NO FAIR!!!! you have stories and you arent SHARING!!!! I got busted off of a site that has "word replacement" software for what are considered "unapproved" words, which is fine, because there are some young children there(like 14 or so) and that has to be taken into consideration. one of the words they didnt allow is "virgin"...they replaced it with "sexually inexperienced female" (personally, I think the replacement was more telling than the word itself) and I asked "so what about the Virgin Islands? or Virgin Olive Oil? Or Virgin Wool?" then I really got in trouble by saying "Y'know, MEN can be virgins too..." BAM! gone is a heartbeat. with a nasty email about "flouting" the rules.... I was eventually allowed back on, but I think the banning was ridiculous...ok maybe I should've left out the men comment, but the other 3 were valid uses of the word and had nothing whatever to do with sex.... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. also if you wanted to go with chicken wire or the green plastic fencing, both can be painted white as well. the chicken wire would require metal paint and the seed fencing would require plastic paint. same as the trellis, you cant paint them with wood paint if they are metal or plastic.
  13. I will have to go read debates. I was thinking he had bonded with Jamey,but to no one else. But I remember seeing a special on a couple that had bonded with a whole pack, that were on a reserved land for them, and then suddenly they had to be moved. these people spent months with them, winning their trust and watching the pups grow up. they were allowed to walk right in the middle of the pack. then the time came to move them, they were tranquilized and driven to the new location (an indian reserve. the indians believed that having wolves there would bring them good luck) and realeased. the people came back a year later to check on them, with long distance telephoto lenses so as not to disturb them, but the pack seemed to recognize them and welcomed them back in.
  14. my hound is a wimp. afraid of everything. My Lab X is exactly the opposite, wants to take everything on... Lab barks, I think "someone is walking by the house, no worries..." hound doesnt bark,bays when lab starts. cats dont react at all... tonight, the hound is barking, before the bay. the lab is growling. the young cat is mewing his fool head off. I pay attention to these things. went out, armed....and there is a man walking a fullblooded wolf outside, on a leash. I stopped him and talked to him. he's had this wolf since a puppy, got him in Alaska. they are illegal here, I tell him this. he knows, he is visiting his parents, and going back soon to Alaska. what he said to me? "dogs are the ancestors of "Buddy"...they have the same instincts, only modified and watered down due to domestication. yours are all in an uproar now. there is no trouble here, no problem, but they smell/sense an "intruder"..even tho the intruder is an ancestor...as you said, even your cat is in an uproar..they sense and smell a predator, they are warning you as pack lead. apparently you are a good pack lead, since they brought this to your attention. keep it up. they KNOW...we dont..." he let me pet Buddy, who was very tolerant, but not friendly by any means. no tail wagging, no ears up, just stood there and waited. In case I did something bad to Jamey....(owners name) to me, this consolidates my belief that dogs really do still have their pack instincts, and will respond to being trained by them...
  15. I agree, continual barking is a pain..but let me tell you another side to this story, which makes me think the barking should be looked into, instead of condemned.. I had an elderly neighbor with a Golden, Taffy, who loved to be outside. Mary would let him out, then fall asleep in her chair, and when he wanted to come in he would bark and bark. arounf 10:00 at night. the neighbors were all complaining, the cops would come to her house, and she would sleep thru the knocking on the door. they would then come to neighboring homes, mine included. I finally got Mary to give me a key, so I could put Taffy in if she fell asleep. that seemed to rouse her, and Taffy didnt bark at night any more. one night, Taffy was barking at 11:00. I called Mary, no answer. I went over to put Taffy in (and hadnt had to do that for weeks)and she wasnt there. no one was there.Mary had died that day,, and had been taken away earlier. her daughter had found her, and put Taffy out while removal of the body was going on. then forgot about her, with the loss of her mother and all... I took Taffy in and kept her for three days, till the daughter came and took her home. her kids loved Taffy, so she kept her. she wasnt bad, she was just upset and had priorities... if the barking continues, please check it out.
  16. relax Spiral, things are a little different here. you dont get banned for your opinion, if you get banned at all its because of continuously breaking the rules, deliberately trolling, bashing, basic nastiness, and lying...lying is a big thing to us, we all tend to get overworked over it. you are allowed to disagree, if you do it in a reasonably non-nasty way and dont bash. K is a good moderator, who understands, like Alan said, that sometimes seeing all sides of the story is the better learning experience. the more knowledge you have, the better choices you can make. we will share our knowledge with you. that sharing has become one of the big reasons were are all so close. even though most of us dont really know one another in person, we are kinda like a family. and in every family,disagreements are bound to happen, but you still try to keep the peace... thanks Alan for what you said about your other place. I appreciate the fact that someone thinks I may be worth listening to...like most of the people here. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. from someone who has been, ahem,"corrected" by K in the past(and I WAS wrong and will be the first to admit it) I can honestly say, without Alan begging... :lol: that K is a fair and honest moderator. she will tell U the rules you have broken, ask you to stop, and if you dont, she will throw your eviction out to the board for a vote....on that note: [quote]For certain, some memebers here would not be welcome there! [/quote] I would probably be one of them, and banned in a heartbeat. here, opinions, while disagreed with, and stances on certain "not popular topics" are tolerated and allowed, as long as it doesnt become a bloodbath, and if it starts to be one,K will step in. I have learned a lot here. about things I didnt know. and shared alot here, about things I do. Hmmm and I have had at it, and worked it out between us. as the famous quote goes "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" :drinking:
  18. HE was in the neighbors yard, which I searched earlier, to no avail... I have been going to the doors and calling. He never answered that I heard, but he cant meow, only mew.. I let the dogs out, Freebee rushed the fence by the neighbors yard. I went there and called, and heard the 'mew'...I couldnt see him, but I knew that mew...my son and his girlfriend got the flashlight, and found him in the bushes by our fence. he's in now, and safe. thanks for all the good vibes... 8)
  19. Freebee alerted to her...she was in the neighbors yard... he's home now. :D
  20. He escaped. I dont know how, he may have slipped out when I let the dogs out (its dark in the morning now) or he may have slipped out when my son left for work. He was here at 12:00 last night, thats when I went to bed. he's not here now.... please send good vibes our and his way that he comes home safely. I have hung signs, called AC and the police, checked petfinder and such.... :cry: :cry:
  21. ok my foxhound was called an "evil Pit Bull", but the guy was drunk so that probably doesnt count.... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  22. [quote name='Alan'][quote name='courtnek']I agree. that the Pit aggressiveness towards animals didnt come out is a very good thing. because it would just be "another Pit Bull attack"...still it also shows that any dog can be aggressive. the Poodle was lucky. I hope his owner realizes that, and gets that dog in for some training.... :o[/quote] Some of my pits would try to kill any kind of small animal. Most of them, would literaly take an a** beating from a smaller dog. I think it is because they dont see it as a threat. I think it is similar to a 3 year old trying to beat me up. Im not going to fight him. Once I had a ferret with babies. I was cleaning the cage and Bravo just came in the room. The mother ferret, ran out of the cage and attacked him. She was literaly hanging from his throat, chattering. He never got mad. He just gave me this look that said, "Please get this anoying thing off me!"[/quote] its the "some" that I would be worried about. because no one really knows what sets the aggression off that first time...and I have been told there really is no way to tell...the dog might be fine one minute, and then suddenly turn the next.....if thats wrong correct me, but I have heard that from more than one person, Hmmm being one of themI believe. I am always up to learning new things though, so join in!
  23. the thing I find amazing about this...we are allvery "into" our chosen breeds, most of us could say we know what characteristics the breed(s) are known for, what a mix of those breeds might produce, both looks and personality wise.... yet this old farmer took ONE look at Kes, and said she has the eye (the determined "eye" that BC's are known for, the sheep herders "eye' that stops the sheep in their tracks and makes them go where the DOG wants them to go, even though there are more sheep than dog) and determined HE would have have Kes working his sheep...why? BECAUSE he has sheep, and knows a good working dog, by the stance, by the attitude (a good sheep dog is not fearing of the sheep, or the shepherd, or pretty much anything else, but is obedient none the less. many people mistake fear for obedience) even the tail is a giveaway...I am not as familiar with BC's as I am with Labs and Goldens, but I could choose a good hunter, pet or service dog from knowledge of the neccesities of all the above. I think they should bring hunters, sheep farmers, police, and military in to judge the dogs at dog shows. I firmly, and have ALWAYS believed that a show dog should NOT win unless it could do what it was bred for. originally. I think if that was a given, there would be less devotion to pomp and circumstance, looks, all that crap, and more attention given to the dogs ability to do its job, and be beautiful at the same time. just my take.
  24. I agree. that the Pit aggressiveness towards animals didnt come out is a very good thing. because it would just be "another Pit Bull attack"...still it also shows that any dog can be aggressive. the Poodle was lucky. I hope his owner realizes that, and gets that dog in for some training.... :o
  25. what? poodles are real dogs.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I didnt say a "<dob breed> oodle", just asked if he had poodle in him.... :lol:
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