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  1. [quote name='rotten_two']ok gonna be sarcastic here again -- fair warning avert your eyes if you are highly sensitive to such . . . so if we use court's explanation then i say drj and i were jockeying for position today. get it?[/quote] and if you were, the stonger of the two would win. would there be a fight? among equals, possibly. if unequal, the lower in pack ranking would back off, or be punished. however, if both were lower in the pack than alpha and beta, the fight would barely get past posturing before higher ranking members would step in and punish BOTH. not one, BOTH..for having started an unnecessary squabble in the first place. realize that these animals HAVE to get along, they have no choice. if they fight amongst themselves the pack structure will fail and they will ALL die...and they ALL know that. the pack structure, of mutual cooperation, nurturing, and obedience to the pack lead,and the needs of the pack, has kept these creatures alive for millenia. this is why I use pack rules to train my dogs. I dont have to fight with them, they know who's boss, and if they piss me off, all it takes is one stomp and one harsh word, and they go to opposite corners. peace is maintained because I will accept no less. same as a wolf alpha. get over it, or deal with me... I have spoiled my hound. I never had a fearful dog before, and I felt sorry for her. without realizing it, I elevated her above where she should be. the last week she has PO'd me to no end by stealing stuff off the counters, and trashing garbage. I tried to be calm. today, I lost it. there was trash littered all over the house from her ripping up garbage, when I got home. I picked it up, put it in an easily approached bag on the floor, and left the room. therefore catching her in the act, and I let her have it. picked up a big piece of it, and YELLED NO!!!!!! **BAD DOG**** she backed off. I kept yelling, waving the cup in her face. BAD DOG! VERY BAD DOG! until she left the room, and laid down elsewhere. I dont think I ever yelled at her before, and she didnt know how to handle it. I left the garbage there, and watched her. she left it completely alone. avoided walking by it in fact. is she cured? only time, and possibly reinforcement will tell. right now the trash is still in its place. she's laying on the floor by my feet. we will see what tomorrow brings, and if necessary, yes, I will set her up again, until she gets it.
  2. [quote name='Kat']From what I've wtached of Caesar on National Geographic, I see that he uses pack dynamics which I disagree with as many dogs aren't kept in large enough groups to create a pack. He uses dominant force and fear-based training so that the dog is forced into doing something, with no actual learning along the way. Personally I think hes over-rated.[/quote] I only have two dogs, and I use pack dynamics for training and always have. you have to include the people in the house as pack members too, all of who should rank higher than the dog(s). Pack dynamics using force is wrong in and of itself, because its not truly pack rules. in a real pack, the alpha doesnt punish unless its absolutely necessary. that is generally left to the beta's. the alpha rewards, punishes if necessary, but mostly just leads by example. people who watch wolf documenteries always get impressed by the"fight scenes" that get shown in every one. those fights rarely happen in a well organized pack, and when they do, is mostly just posture. 8)
  3. just say no? seriously, you're giving in. you know they dont have to go that often, so when they bug ya, its time out, go lay down. then when you're done its OK OUTSIDE! and away we go.... I have a yard so in and out isnt really an issue, but if I had to walk mine everytime they insisted on going out while I'm home, I may as well just live outside. and they can last ten hours in the house without needing to go out.
  4. I still think Laurel dreams of the hunt...she twitches, runs, and then BAYS at the top of her very over-adequate lungs and scares the [email protected] outta everyone...even the nieghbors have said they've heard it... :o :o
  5. too funny....my ice is in the freezer, but if they hear you rattling around in there they come running....they also seem to know when the can opener is opening dinner veggies, or dog food...I have NOT figured that one out yet, except maybe the time, which is a whole OTHER can of worms.... :o
  6. If he came to your class, and refused to abide by your rules, then he really didnt want teaching, he wanted someone to affirm his methods. and when you didnt, he walked out....dont feel bad. he didnt want training anyway, he wanted to be told "his" way was right...
  7. [quote name='Michele']you aint nothing but a hound dog, crying all the time....hehe..sorry, that popped into my head when i read this thread...... :lol:[/quote] :lol: :lol: :lol: actually, I sing that to her al the time. she loves it, and now she'll answer to "Aint Nothin'" as a name...its pretty funny....
  8. Inever had one before. I adopted a "lost cause" who had ben returned twice, because of fear issues... in two years she has become a heart dog. she does well in the house, although never lived in one before. she has gotten over a lot of her fears, and is accepting people. she has saved me from the kitchen garbage being on fire.... tonight, I am home, watching TV, and came here to read. she was not her normal self...she climbed into my lap, and whined. she sometimes does this because my son and friends are outside, and she wants out, but cant go because the gate is open. they left, closed the gate. she is still climbing in my lap...the Lab is also antsy now...there is snow on the ground, and I am in shorts and a t-shirt, but I put shoes on and go out with both. my sons cat had escaped, AGAIN, and was caught behind the gate. his friends come in and out and dont pay attention. without thinking, I opened the gate. Laurel ran out, and I thought [email protected], I'm going to have to catch HER....and she stopped on a call and came right back in, nosing Ford and leading him to the house. all are in now. Thank you Laurel, its too cold for Ford to be out... and yes, Hounds CAN get along with smaller "prey" animals...she loves Ford...didnt want him lost or hurt...
  9. both my dogs twitch while they sleep. dogs dream, and have REM sleep just like we do. twitching, leg running, whimpering is all part of it. If Sassy seems fine otherwise, I wouldnt worry about it. Maybe she was dreaming of catching a turkey for Thanksgiving.... 8)
  10. I agree with the lab, but an older one. Labs can be very alerting to strangers, if thats what you mean by watchdog, but they are not guard dogs by any means. a good lab will bark at the door, then let the guy in and lead him to the safe...they are generally bred to be people friendly... (well, except mine, but she's a mix) they are usually good with kids, and other animals, but since mine is the exception to both of those rules as well :roll: :roll: I would choose one that has been fostered first, just to be sure.
  11. I have heard that elsewhere as well, but not sure why the skin would be bad..... the way I understand it, if the dog is accustomed to eating only dry kibble, the addtion of large quantities of turkey skin adds additional fat to the digestive system, (the skin is the fattest part) and can cause pancreitis, but I would think that would happen over time, noton one meal. cant find any useful links though....
  12. courtnek


    the jumping and peeing is territorial dominance. the other dog peed, marking his spot (be it in fear or dominance, doesnt matter, it got marked) and your dog jumped in and remarked. my space. my place. dont mark her. now for the bad news...this is NOT a good thing, and your dog needs a little gentle but positive demotion. remarking in a many dog situation is not unusal, but jumping to the gun should not be tolerated. I would practice NILIF consistently with your dog, to the point that he obeys you EVERY TIME. He should let YOU decide who owns this space, not him. I can help you with that if you need it. 8)
  13. and where would that be? hmmm??? :evilbat:
  14. [quote name='ESSlover'][quote name='rotten_two']i think gaia is like a cheetah when she runs -- i wish you could see this dog run she tears it up -- she outran an italian greyhound! [/quote] She really does look like a cheetah... :lol: :lol:[/quote] Laurel also thinks she's a cheetah, and has the "cat feet" to prove it. I have a picture of her running, taken with a still camera, and no amount of photo-fussing would make it any less blurry... Freebee thinks she's a security guard.... Ford thinks he's dog.... and PC thinks he is the Emperor of the Universe.... :lol:
  15. I dont spank behinds...I go for the knees.... :evilbat: and you're BOTH gonna need bracelets if you keep lieing to each other about ME..... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :agrue: did you ever notice when you choose that emoticon, and it shows you the symbols before you submit, that this one says "agrue" instead of "argue"? :lol:
  16. I agree with Mal, since Free can be sometimes a real bitch and doesnt like to be approached by dominant dogs...but THIS cracked me up... [quote](Luke was picked up this morning to go be emasculated).[/quote] ummm....neutered? Icant think of a single woman who would say "emasculated".... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. ooohh oohhhhh!! when (if) I grow up I want to be wonder woman...those bracelets are COOL!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. glad you're ok,. and not surprised you didnt go back. being the politically correct, quiet,calm person that I am (NOT!!!!!) I would have had words with the owner...."words" can be evisioned in every and all contexts.... :evilbat:
  19. lol -I think he says these things so we will tell him how wonderful he is (and he is, but I think I'm feeding his ego too much...) what do you all think? luv ya Alan...but not buying it... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  20. not buying it Alan, you are too nice to do ANY of that... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: and good for you! I wish there were more like you!! <big smooch> :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  21. I was taking her to Petco, but the last guy there scared her so bad (he was very large and had a gruff voice. he was trying to be nice but he freaked her out) I thought she'd take it better if I do it. besides they have gotten so long since the Petco incident I need to trim them every three or 4 days to get the quick to recede. I never had a dog with nails like hers....I have never cut Free's, I dont need to. they wear down on her walks and runs...this dogs nails are black as night, hard as rocks, and at least 1/2 inch thick....they look totally out of place on her paws.... I tried the dremmel too.noise freaked her out.... tomorrow I'll try again, with treats this time. maybe if she'll sit still and we ca get through a whole clipping without a disaster she'll stopbeing afraid....
  22. my hound has black nails, completely opaque...I bought a nifty extra special sharp clipper to cut them...they're hard as freakin' rocks...only cut off the tips till the quick recedes...on a back claw she flinched and pulled, and I cut the quick. the blood was extensive. I sunk her foot in a bag of baking flour, and it stopped, like I knew it would, but now she is afraid of the clipper...I couldnt ignore it, since she was bleeding so bad, and now I think I encouraged her fear by cooing at her (to make her sit still while the flour took affect.) now what?
  23. oooohhhhhh....I was SOOOOOO gonna bash you upside the head for that... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  24. no fighting children...DO I HAVE TO STOP THIS CAR???? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ok, had to get that out.... :evilbat:
  25. thats what I'm afraid of. some ultra liberal ACLU lawyer or activist screaming civil liberties and cruel and unusual punishment..wouldnt be the first time...
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