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  1. hi every one out there,I'm back again,still trying,I've decided not to give up.I love your chat,so sorry for the family of the sick puppy,and thanks for your advice on finding someone with computer skills to help me. I have decided to say what I want to say on your story site as I think it is such a long tale to tell,I am scared of running out of room,on the health side of things if that makes sence to you all. I envy all of you who are so good on your computers,but I am a very middle aged novice,on what is probobly a now out of date system,but its all I've got for the time being.All
  2. Hi everybody out there, I see I have up to now 31 views on my subject,how I get to see them,If I ever do is totally beyond me.I am obviously pressing the wrong bits on this computer.All I want is to talk to someone whose dog has had tetanus and survived.Perhaps someone out there can help me?
  3. this site is so hard to get into,I am now extremely fed up with trying. I have a story to tell every dog lover out there about tetanus in dogs. This is my last try,If this does not get through then I am going to give up completly.I am very new at computering,but I think I have followed all the directions given by this site to no obvious avail? yours truly tina email tina [email][email protected][/email]
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