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  1. I too agree it was a horrible thing to do. but, if they are investigating it, did they question the owners on their relationship (or lack thereof) with this neighbor? I am leaning towards thinking the owners may know who did it. possibly a dispute over noise, or mess, or whatever.... horrible people......and quite possibly nuts. this guy/girl needs to be rounded up before something else bad happens. :o :o
  2. done. I put the URL, and the message "we like mutts, too..." :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. awwwww......send one to me? 8)
  4. have no fear K, I did let them have it. she insisted she was only talking about the dogs from "her" rescue, and that I was taking it all too personally, etc.....maybe I was. which is fine. I getvery personal about my dogs. and AAP is right. they spend a lot of time knocking newbies, and anyone they dont agree with, over the edge. One time we got into a knock down drag out because some of them believe a dog should never be outside unless their human is in attendance. ever. not for 5 minutes....even with a fully fenced yard, because "something bad might happen".... I threw a wrench into the party by saying "so, the dogs are inside unless you're with them. and are you willing to stay out for 2-3 hours every day with them, in your fenced yard? or do they do their biz and get shuffled right back in?" all hell broke loose :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. where to start...I have this ongoing argument on another forum about how dogs should be treated, in the home. one of them is a rescuer, says dogs should not be adopted out to people who work full time, and are gone 8-10 hours a day. most people work, is this helping rescue any? or the dogs needing homes? MY TAKE: I have two dogs and two cats. yes, I am gone 10 hours a day Mon-Fri. When I am here, I have a large enclosed yard they can play in. I walk them and take them to the river to run. they go out for an hour every morning, and 2-3 every evening, and then additional walks and playtime on the weekends. most of their play during the week is in a huge fenced in yard. they play with each other, and with me. these people think this is inadequate. that someone should be here at least 2 hours during the day to let them out to "go"...they say 10 hours is too long between potty breaks. sorry, I can hold it 10 hours easily. mine dont have accidents, are content with each other while I'm gone, and explode with joy when I come home and can playwith them. so am I a bad owner? they have both had their outside play time and are sleeping on my bed right now... what do YOU think?
  6. Laurel will eat anything, even unedibles. Free's a little pickier, but except for really sour foods, like pickles, she's not fussy... 8)
  7. I agree. why not go for a adult rescue dog that is known to be laid back and good with kids? welcome to Dogo, by the way...
  8. found this such an interesting topic I had to pass it on...my response as well. what do you think? Do dogs have a sence of humour? I know scientists say we cannot attribute human emotion to animals, but I swear, Aeron will play with me biting and getting the zoomies. When she gets a really satisfying nip in that makes me scream and she feels my flesh squealching between her teeth, she laughs! What do you guys think. Dog owners know better then stuffy old scientists anyway! me: "Now for something completely different..." anyone remember that line? Its from "Monty Pythons Flying Circus"...a british comedy that many US citizens didnt understand because it was based on British Culture. yet all who watched this show knew that the next spot would be outrageous and ridiculous... so why do some people find slapstick funny, and others cant stand it? Why does "The Blue Collar Comedy Tour" crack some people up, and offend others? my theory: humor is not born, it is learned. it starts with a baby that smiles at you cuz you did something goofy. a silly face, a tickle. it is an exchange of good vibes between both parties. as you grow, you learn to recognize things that you consider funny because it caused a good vibe at some point. laughter releases endorphins, which makes you feel physically good. familiarity with what you are laughing at is learned, not inherited. enter dogs. they do something silly, you laugh at it. dogs are keyed into our emotions, good and bad. good emotions feel good to the dog, pack animals want to please to keep the pack stable and comfortable. so dog does silly, human laughs and gives an extra pat or praise. dog has just learned that THIS action will please his master, and he will repeat it to continue doing so. Master learns that THIS action cracked him up, and so will continue to encourage it. its a give and take, which I believe all humor is. Comedians do it because they love the laughter, the attention, and the glow from their audiences. so do animals have a sense of humor? yes. same as we have. its the give and take of laughter, endorphins and good vibes. what makes you feel good you will continue to pursue...
  9. my malamute mix used to howl at the Empire Carpet commercial... :o
  10. [email protected] thought of Wile E. Coyote as well...always wondered why he didnt take all themoney he spent at Acme and buy some food, carry out or somthing... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. I want a bull shih-tz....can someone make me one? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. actually, you are right that they were wrong to refuse to come in, when they were told the dogs were locked up, but, they can and will shoot a dog acting aggressive towards them when they try to come in. I've been told that when the paramedics have come here. still, they at least should have made the attempt, especially after being told to cometo the side. I would definitely report them. and tell the media.
  13. and he still saved her. no, he didnt carry her out, but when they broke into the house to check for survivors, she was able to escape. she would have died, and all the puppies would have died, otherwise. she also chose to come up to him, after he had removed his mask, and did lick him. he was sitting down, tired and breathless, and she approached him. and licked him. 8)
  14. all weather patterns interact with each other. hurricanes spawn tornado's heavy rain and floods. causing mudslides. and forest fires in places of heavy drought. the pattern keeps moving north and causes upheaval even away from the hurricane strike. according to the Farmers Almanac, these kinds of weather conditions are cyclical. they happen in hundred-to-hundred and ten year cycles. same with el ninia..the warm water pattern that happens every ten years or so. it causes above average temps, and sometimes crop failure in some places and drought in others.
  15. absolutely priceless. thanks. I passed it on to others who will love to see this. 8)
  16. no I agree. long term would be frontline, or some such.My vet told me that frontline will also kills fleas in the house, but I'm not quite sure how that works...
  17. Leah, take them in anyway. if its KC, no worries, but what if it isnt? the dog flu going around has been misdiagnosed as KC by many a vet already, according to the news.....and it requires quick action to take care of it. you need to request the vet to do whatever they have to do to check for the dog flu...blood test maybe....
  18. I have heard, but never confirmed, that if you put dawn soap in a bowlof water on the floor, just a couple drops, it will attract the fleas and they will drown in the bowl. the soap attaches to them somehow... 8)
  19. "ok mom, I did my bit. now I'm going somewhere DRY...." :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: good luck next time. I'm sure she'll do better when dry... 8)
  20. welcome Dottie. I agree to check with the vet. some people meds are not good for animals, like tylenol and such.... 8)
  21. a newfie could rescue me anytime
  22. Hi Rave. I'm Katy, and I have a Foxhound, a lab X, and two cats. and a teenager....welcome aboard. :lol:
  23. u guys can borrow her after she gets back all the back child support my X owes me.... :lol: nope, nothing yet....but she stopped racing around to the shed, so maybe I scared it off,although I think she would have done that before I would. oh well.... :wink:
  24. nothing there during the daylight hours, so may be a coon (NOT AGAIN!!) or a possum...I took a flashlight and looked under the shed, saw nothing...
  25. step back and watch..with males, usually, the pack order is determined between themselves. the first few weeks are rough, til the rules have been laid down. you just need to be there to make sure havoc doesnt break out, but mostly, they will resolve it themselves. FEMALES??? My two STILL havent come to terms. its different for females. one may be top dog one day, and lose it the next...with NO intervention from me... :lol: :lol:
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