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Not for the weak of stomach(very disturbing story)

Guest Anonymous

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On TV and at the movies, I've seen many horrible and gross things. I'm not very sensitive when it comes to sickining images, and I'm surly not a faint of heart person. But when I saw those pictures I nearly cryed. I can't believe what that poor dog had to go through.

Thank God that she is now up in heaven, being taken care of properly, and maybe - just maybe- she has some kids to play with, and some other dogs. She can keep my late dog Kodak company up their on the Rainbow Bridge.

God Bless Her Soul. :angel:

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That was the most sickening and disturbing story that I have ever read...and the pictures made me gag. :o How can anyone keep a dog in that kind of condition...how what why...lost for words here... I'm happy I read it because it opened my eyes a little more to the reality of the extremes of the horrible conditions that these poor puppy mill dogs are kept in, but at the same time that was very disturbing...

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I just read the story and I am crying :cry:
Some humans are evil :evil: and should be dealt with accordingly.
The problem is , is that there are not tough enough laws on animal cruelty,I think everyone should go to their local gov't officials and DEMAND harsher penalty's and definite jail time for these individuals that are Void of any compassion.
They should be monitored and treated just like sex offenders, they should never be allowed to be near or own another animal ever!! And they should have some kind of list , so that if they did try , there would be a list that potential (Good) breeders could look at .

Ohhhhhh I am so ANGRY :x :x :x

I just gave my girls extra , extra hugs

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Macy is sitting on my lap right now and probably wondering, "Why is Mommy dripping water on me?"

My heart aches for the dogs who live in these hellish places. The owner of that mill is lucky I wasn't the one who rescued that poor dog and her pups. God knows what I would have done.

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Guest Anonymous

That poor dog..I would like to take that guy and $&*#^$$^..If I ever saw anything like that I would beat the #*%Y# out of the person that did it..I have no use for people that abuse anything.. :evil: :evilbat:

How could that guy be so stupid not to know something was wrong by the way the dog smelled?I still believe in my heart that anybody that abuses anything will have to pay when they meet their maker..There is no reason for anybody to have to abuse anything that bad..And you know what the sad thing is?No matter how sick and sore that dog was,it would still love that guy to the end..I will never love anything as much as I love my animals,because they don't know how to hate,and will love you till the end..God bless them all.. :angel:

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