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  1. I know how good you must feel that Duck is FINALLY housetrained! I think it took Roxie at least 2 months to become fully housetrained - she took a long time too, and it was such a pain to be cleaning up doggie messes all the time! Good job Duck and good job YOU!! :D
  2. hehehe Roxie does the same thing! :D She used to be afraid of the water, but then she discovered that she could make a game out of it! She runs up to it, bites at the water, gets herself soaked, and runs around barking like a maniac! It does get annoying sometimes when people are actually trying to water the grass, and she gets in the way - but you can't help but laugh :lol:
  3. The green chicken wire-like fencing that you're describing sounds like what I have in my backyard. Although my backyard is fenced in with solid 6ft fencing, I have one section of my yard closed off with this fencing for Roxie (because I have an inground pool that I don't want her to fall into and also, dog poop scattered around the backyard isn't pleasant...) Anyways, just to give you a heads up if you decide to use that fencing - it helps to attach 2x4's to the bottom of the fencing to prevent the dog from escaping and slipping under (and he WILL try to go under and most likely succeed!) I think what my dad did was just bury a couple inches of the fencing, then he stapled the wood onto the bottom. Also, burying the poles for this fencing isn't nearly as difficult as it is for chain link - you just kinda push them in about a foot or so. Hope this helps :)
  4. I have an invisible fence in my front yard, and my dog is one of those dogs that discovered that she could run through the system, suffer a little discomfort, and then be free. I followed all of the training techniques suggested, but she STILL ran through. The radio fence site also had some suggested "crash courses" for stubborn dogs on their site...I tried all of them, nothing worked, so I had to buy their $80 "stubborn dog" receiver. The first time my dog tried to run through with the new receiver on (which is 3 times stronger than a regular receiver - 9 volts) she SQUEALED, ran to the front door, and her whole body SHOOK for about 5 minutes. I felt so guilty that the stupid shock collar hurt my baby so bad that I almost disabled the system. But then I discovered that she was so "traumatized" by the experience that she goes to a certain point outside and stops - she is too afraid to test the boundaries again, and therefore, I don't have to worry about her getting shocked again. Basically the point of this post is that the invisible fence system doesn't work for everyone. I don't consider my dog an especially "stubborn dog", and I think that the system is overrated because the training didn't really work (at least not for my dog) and it actually came to the point that the only way she wouldn't run through the system was by being put in physical pain. I'm not saying that it won't work for your dog - i'm sure it works for plenty of dogs, but I don't think that the company's success rate is nearly as high as they say. Also, you can't just leave your dog oustide with the invisible fence, you have to SUPERVISE the whole time. It was also a real pain to install, but if it works, the installation is worth it. The price isn't bad compared to a real fence (I think the pricing is on the site); however, I definitely recommend a real fence over an invisible fence.
  5. Oh Crested - could you please do my doggie too??? (my avatar pic) I love all your "victims", they're so adorable :lol:
  6. Ohhh....what a handsome little guy, Coal suits him! Congrats Shara! :B-fly: :smilecolros:
  7. oohh...how disappointing, I wanna see the piccies!! Hurry up Hazel and get them to work!! By the way, sounds like you and your mom reached the ultimate compromise, a lab/border collie X :D
  8. This reminds me of an 8 or 9 year old kid that used to live across the street from me. One day he came home with an adorable little Shiba puppy, and about 2 weeks later, I stopped seeing it. I asked him if he still had the puppy and he said that his parents took it back to the pet store because he "wasn't taking care of it right" I'm like, what do you mean? and he said something to the affect of, "well it was crapping all over the house and it wouldn't shut up at night, and it chased my little sister...oh yeah, and sometimes I didn't have time to feed it, soo..." :o What were these people smoking when they got this puppy?? Sounds like it was a pretty impulsive decision, they obviously did no research on the breed - and they were putting almost all of the responsibilty on the 9 year old!! some people... :drinking: :drinking: :drinking:
  9. *sniffle* :cry: very nice poem...Hazel deserves it. I'll be thinking of you and Hazel today...
  10. My dad used to give Roxie some leftovers after dinner, and my dad and brothers would always be slipping her stuff from the table. She started to get a little pudgy and she was the worst begger ever! So I started putting her in her kennel while we eat - she used to HATE it, she would whine and drool and go crazy. I made everyone in the family ignore it, and after a few days she realized that no one was gunna let her out and she wasn't getting any table scraps, so she gave up. I always give her one of HER doggie treats when I let her out of the kennel after dinner, and she's seemed to have come to an understanding that when eat, she goes in the kennel. A lot of times she'll even kennel herself up! What a good dog :D Am I the only "not guilty" one so far?? [size=1]Well...maybe I slip her some human food every once in a while....[/size]
  11. You're right BK, according to the AKC breed standard: "The coat may be of solid liver or a combination of liver and white such as liver and white ticked, liver patched and white ticked, or liver roan. A dog with any area of [b]black[/b], red, orange, lemon or tan, or a dog solid white will be disqualified. " So either this dog has a major fault or is actually a mix...unless of course other kennel clubs allow black and white. But either way, the dog is adorable! :)
  12. lol :lol: I wonder what Kavik would have done if you weren't in the room?
  13. lol - that's great! :lol: If he does it again, hopefully you'll be able to get a candid pic of him "working out" to show to us! :lol:
  14. My story isn't all that substantial either. On our way home from picking up Roxie, we were trying to think of a good name for her. My dad started calling out a bunch of random girl's names...one of them was "Roxanne." I didn't really like Roxanne, but then I thought of Roxie and for some reason it just fit and everyone in my family agreed...so Roxie it was! The funny part is that it turned out that my dad was actually calling out all of his old girlfriend's names...so to my mom's delight (lol), Roxie is kinda named after one of my dad's old girlfriends! :lol:
  15. same here - I never catch anything funny Roxie does on tape! Oh well... Praire_gurl - are you talking about the same host as Lukapop? The host of Planet's Funniest animals is a guy, a really annoying guy who tells really LAME jokes - I can't stand Planet's Funniest Animals because the host is SO annoying and it kinda ruins the show... :roll:
  16. hmm...the no pull collar never did really work for me. I tried one out on Roxie, and I followed the directions, but she really didn't seem to get the idea! She just kept pulling and pulling...and I felt bad because her neck kept on getting snapped back over and over. By the end of the walk I had a VERY sore shoulder and a frustrated dog. I tried it a couple more times following all the directions...but it really wasn't working for Roxie and it made the walk no fun! We make much better progress with the prong collar. I guess the no pull collar just doesn't work for every dog... :roll:
  17. I started volunteering at my shelter a little over a year ago, it's a lotta fun! I'm sure you'll learn alot and have fun with the dogs (err...and cats, if you help out with the cats too!) :D
  18. Roxie is terrified of the vacuum...but she likes to keep an eye on it! Even though she won't stay in the same room as it, she'll usually stand in the hall and follow (at a distance) the person who's vacuuming. I think she's waiting for it to make some tricky moves or something...lol :lol: silly dog
  19. Can we put up mixes too? My dog, Roxie, is a Pit Bull/German Shepherd/? mix...here she is! [img]http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/pubimage.asp?id_=1385424[/img] I cropped this out of a Christmas pic, can ya tell? :D
  20. ohh...hopefully there will be better news today! Just be happy that you were around when she started throwing up...at least she's being treated right now, so she has a good chance :wink: Sending prayers and good thoughts your way :)
  21. That was very sad and touching... :cry: It was probably the most effective piece of writing that I have ever read that was "anti-puppy mill" No facts or statistics in the world can match personal experience like that. Did you write that? If you did, post it everywhere you possibly can...it just might save a few puppies whose owners are thinking about dumping them at a shelter for something stupid like jumping.
  22. wow...I never would have thought that song was about a dog, gives me a whole new perspective! I always assumed it was a love song, like you said. It's funny though cuz that guy's up there singing about his dog, and everyone's crying along with it relating it to their girl/boyfriend! :lol:
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