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  1. Is it true that dogs have no sense of time?
  2. I don't understand that. I have a friend that bought a dog and keeps it outside all the time, never allowed in the house. What is the point of having a dog if you can't enjoy them in your home to make them part of your home! I love having my dogs in the house, they are like my kids. except for that dog smell on these humid days, but nothing a good rug shampooing, a couple candles burning can't handle.
  3. My chubbs 4 year old chocolate lab sleeps on his back with legs spread apart all the time. Even in the winter he sleeps like that. I just thought it was because he was content, happy and comfortable.
  4. I have experienced seperation anxiety with my 12 year old lab.golden retriever mix, he has destroyed my wall to wall carpet in my bedroom to the point of shredding it right down to the bare sub floor!! Then proceeded to scratch and tear apart my box spring!!! It is terrible!! My vet gave me ACE!! Don't ever give that to a dog! It was horrible. I gave him one pill and he couldn't even stand up straight , it was like looking at the pictures of the cows with mad cow disease!! I felt horribe, I can't even imagine what he must of thought was happening to him. I'm looking for the same advice. I have never crated either of my dogs, so that is out of the question for me. Good luck to her, it's horrible.
  5. The police officer friend of mine told me that they give the police dogs brewers yeast and garllc pills. He is the one that turned me on to them. They work wonders.!!!!!
  6. I also use the skin so soft spray. I use the original one.
  7. If anyone ever hit my dogs and I saw it!!! ooooooooooooohhhh they wouldn't have an arm left to raise!!! A$$hole!!!
  8. Happy Birthday Eli!!!! :bday: :new-bday:
  9. Chubbs does it, he will open the bathroom door and if your sitting on the throne he will come over and start licking your legs. As soon as my husband gets out of bed Chubbs will plop himself on his pillow and lick it to the point I will have to change the pillow case and throw the pillow in the dryer. If I lay my clothes out on the bed, within minutes I will come back to find him in a ball on my clothes. He just loves his Mommy!!!
  10. Chubbs does it all the time he will shake and whimper and I will just go over and softly pat him and he will eventually stop. I can't even begin to wonder what that little doggy brain is dreaming of.
  11. I would present the Dr. bills and tell them to pay or you will take them to court.
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