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  1. [quote]Finnish Spitz, Norwegian Elkhound, Shiba Inu, American Eskimodog, Keeshond, Pomeranian, Schipperke (I'm not so sure about this one. )[/quote] my royal canine dog encyclopedia says that (in order from largest to smallest) [b][u]European/German Spitz[/u][/b] volpino italiano (i assume this is a std. spitz?? 11lb) keeshond (wolfspitz 44lb) giant spitz (grosspitz ?lb) standard spitz (mittlespitz ?lb) small spitz (kleinspitz ?lb) toy spitz aka pomeranian (zwergspitz 8 lb) [b][u]Asian Spitz[/u][/b] Japanese spitz (22lb) Eurasian (chow chow wolfspitz 40-70lb) akita (55lb) shiba inu (related to asian spitz) [b][u]Nordic Spitz[/u][/b] swedish lapphund (33-44lb) Finnish spitz (51-60lb) samoyd (artic spitz 37-66lb) greenland dog (polar spitz 66lb) laika (44-66) karelian bear dog (related to laika) spitz type breeds: norwegian elkhound (44-55lb) lundehund(13-15lb) norbottenspets (22lb) norwegian buhund (26-40lb) iceland dog (22-33lb) finnish lapphund (55lb) im sure you wanted to know this :roll: but it is what my book says oh and there are a few breeds like the Schipperke and the mudi that they say look like spitz and could possibly be but are not as far as they know. oh and (only for german spitz) they are lively, alert, robust dogs. by nature is calm and independent. forms stron bond w/ owner and makes an affectionate though sometimes jelous pet. courageous, vigilant, and wary of strangers, the wolfspitz in particular is a good guard dog. spitz can be agressive twards other dogs.
  2. i was at a little apple orchard festival thing last weekend and seen a long haired dachshund puppie that was mostly white, it looked like a cavalier king charles but the guy said it was regestered and it had a long body like a dachshund. i have never seen them with any white at all (except for old ones who turn white) anyone know if this is true?? any pic's?? would love to see another one :D thanks, sailordragon87
  3. sorry they are so big lol still trying to figure that part out sailor-
  4. okay everythings working here we go... all the dogs are about 20 lbs. this is everybody, (im in green shirt w/ blk & wht BC lookin' dog) [img]http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a365/sailordragon87/all4pups.jpg[/img] this is cuddles, she look a bit german shepard to me by her markings on her eyes and face [img]http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a365/sailordragon87/cuddles.jpg[/img] this is precious, umm yeah not sure what she looks like.... maybe basenji? [img]http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a365/sailordragon87/precious.jpg[/img] patches, she looks kinda like a corgi (note the extreamly short legs) [img]http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a365/sailordragon87/patches1.jpg[/img] here is a pic of patches face: [img]http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a365/sailordragon87/patches.jpg[/img] and here is roxy kind of....(didn't want to look at camera) [img]http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a365/sailordragon87/rox.jpg[/img] isnt it amazing what you can get!??? sailor-
  5. my last message board thing i left about my puppy roxy was called "i came here about 5 months ago" well just this last weekend we got the 4 sisters together and omg! it is indescribeble you will have to see for yourselves. also i dont know what the mom is anymore because two of the people said she was a large breed dog and the dad must have been shih tzu. but i think the humane society will just make up stories so you will buy the dogs cause we all had diffrent stories about how the pups got there in the first place. well here are the pics..... okay for some reason photo bucket is down so i will get the pics up asap but you will all be surprised sailordragon87
  6. [quote name='Pumpkin the musher']Huskies are not the only breed with blue eyes. Border Collies and Great Danes have blue eyes, as do Catahoula Leopard dogs. The dog looks like an Australian Kelpie to me.[/quote] aussies and cattle dogs have blue eyes too. what every the pup is it's gorgous! very lucky... sailordragon87
  7. thanks for your help guys i will let my friend know what you think saiordragon87
  8. my aunt owns one does that count???? he is deaf, partially blind in one eye and a detached retina that was reattached and he is 4 years old (2 years longer then my aunt thought he would live :D ) he is a good dog but has short hair not like the beautiful aussy my friend has, she has a blue meyrl has one brown eye and one half brown half blue eye, so smart too! i really want one but not till i have my own place in the country wher i can save guinea pigs from shelters and have them roam free! just a dream....... sailordragon87
  9. here are some better pictures of her....... this is her laying down.... [img]http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a365/sailordragon87/3cba4327.jpg[/img] this is a picture of her back...... [img]http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a365/sailordragon87/rockyscoat.jpg[/img] this is a picture of the freckles on her nose.... [img]http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a365/sailordragon87/rockysnose.jpg[/img]
  10. the pups came in the day before and the farmer that brought them in said it was his shih tzu that gave birth to them. we are going to meet her siblings, maybe, we are organizing a meeting for the 4 pups weither they decide to come or not but it'll be fun. *they said roxy was the runt and she was the one pup who crawled up in to the dash board so they almost had to tear apart the guys car, but the got her out alright.* i will say how the reuniting of the pups goes maybe with some pictures???? sailordragon87
  11. all the brittanys i have seen have wavy coats that are a bit course sailordragn87
  12. well, she is part chow, maybe that is what you see in the ears?.... she has a black spot on her tounge. shes about i think they said 78 lbs. and her coat is like a britteny's, it is curly and about 3 inches long except for feathering on the legs and hind end. she is as big and a samoyed, and the spots on her back are about 5 inches in diameter. sailordragon87 oh and i can get better pictures up this weekend if needed....
  13. this is my friends dog was said to be a great pyrenees but i think it looks nothing like the pyrenees but more like a samoyed maybe?.... she had markings of a brittany spaniel. it is a orngeish cream color spots and freckels on her nose. if you need a better picture i can get one but not till after sat. [img]http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a365/sailordragon87/rocky.jpg[/img] thanks, sailordragon87
  14. you know you could get an aussie. they are probibly as hyper as a bc but they are sweet and my friend just got one (it is about 6 years old) but she is so smart and obeys and is ready to go out when you are. a cavalier king charles they are sweet and they are between 15-20 lbs. scottie dogs are cool!(scottish terrier)..... i think anyway. they are friendly dogs and about 18-20 lbs. and they are just sooo cool :D lol but really i would prefer a mutt like mine :D shih tzu border collie mix shes hyper and still growing! sailordragon87
  15. [quote name='leahluvsherpups']Those lucky people are meeting in Iowa. I wish I could go.[/quote] they are just meeting for the fun of it?? or is there a big dog show? where in iowa are they going? "i just hope roxy has some of the shih tzu genes and stays less then 30 lbs. *crossing fingers* we wanted a small dog because we had a bichon frise for 16 years before, so we like little dogs. lol" thanks again, cassie
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