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  1. Thinking of breeding your dogs? Go to this site: [url]http://st15.startlogic.com/~justonel/litter.html[/url]
  2. I did,but the pens are clean and the dogs are well fed so they didn't do anything...
  3. That's sad...Why can't people just believe that all dogs can be friendly?
  4. They are not completly color-blind. they can see some colors like red,blue,green,ect. I know this because I taught my eskimo dog to retrieve red objects & blue objects.It's cool,I say"Kiki,red cup" or something like that!She's so smart!I love my dog!!!
  5. I've gotta GSD,so now its: 1 Akita 1 American Cocker Spaniel 2 American Pit Bull Terriers 1 Border Collie 2 British Bulldogs 2 Bull Terriers 1 Boxer 2 Chihuahuas 4 Newfoundlands 4 Saint Bernards 2 Shar-peis 2 Staffordshire Bull Terriers 9 Mixed breed dogs 1 West Highland Terrier 2 Standard Poodles 1 Toy Poodle 1 Miniature Schnauzer 3 Lhasa Apsos 1 German shepherds
  6. Hi everyone,wanna hear something that makes me soooo mad?! Well,last year I was looking for a showdog german shepherd puppy when I came across a flyer: AKC German Shepard puppies Black & brown $800 ea. call ###-#### I called the people & when to see these German "ShepARD puppies" These dogs were kept in cages!!! There were 7 females and 1 male.He said he bred for the "color." He said the more tan the better the dog!Most of his dogs were shy or agressive,or both!!! I was shocked at his poor knowledge of the breed.His dogs had a very very very steeply sloping backline!(The back legs were half the size of the front!!)I only got to see the dogs through the cage,he wouldn't take them out!The thing is, many people buy his german shepherds to breed!!! When I was leaving I told him that he needed to get his dogs fixed and learn more about the breed standard.Also I told him that there is no such thing as a ShepARD,(it's ShepHERD-bcuz they Herd!!duh!) Then I told him that there is also no such thing as a black/brown german shepherd...it's black/tan!He told me to get a life bcuz he bred german sheps for a long time!!ERRR, this makes me sooooo mad!!Freakin BYB!!! :evil:
  7. German shepherds were the 1st police dogs,service dogs,dogs guideing the blind,bomb detection dogs,ect. They are an ALL AROUND WINNER! :angel:
  8. I think you should get your dog "fixed." You can still show him in obedience,rally,agililty,flyball,ect. Sorry,it's just that there are tons of billions of dogs out there already and I don't think people should add to the overpopulation. :)
  9. It costs me around $20,000 - $30,000 to show for a year!!Sometimes it's a cheap show and it only costs $50-100 but on the other hand sometimes its expensive,arond $1k!Wow,what I do 4 my dog.... :wink:
  10. I would wait a full week.When I got my German shepherd spayed,I waited a week beforing doing our daily 2 mile jog! :D
  11. Roxy_GSD

    How to stud

    I used to live in californa 2 months ago, & when I went to the dog shelter I found 4 purebred yorkies, 8 purebred labs,and 6 mutts.Sad to say, some of the yorkies are going to be put to sleep because nobody wanted them.You know what?You're the perfect example of a BYB!!!
  12. My favorite breed is a GERMAN SHEPHERD!!!
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