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  1. imported_Irena

    sudden aggression issues

    how old is you dog and from where did you got him? and ofcourse like K asked is he Neutered? it looks like really big problem of domints that started small and only got biger with time, i advise to start trainiing ( mybe with Halti ) fast as you can find a good trainer. you will probably need to neuter him if he not yet, work with Halti and crate to show him his place at home. also does he growls on you? is he waling outside alone or of leash? how he acts with visitors when they come home and how YOU react when he starts his bad behavior home and outside, how he reacts when you do somthing to corect him?
  2. imported_Irena

    Freaking nightmare

    wow what a day, i'm happy everthing ended ok :D
  3. imported_Irena

    don't make me kill somebody! *UPDATED*

    [quote name='Horsefeathers!']What creative use of words you have there! Am I a bad person for admitting that I giggled out loud at the image of you threatening to stab someone in the eyes with your grilling fork? :oops: [/quote] :cunao: i think i wuld do waht you sugested and next time call the animal controll, that will teach him a lason he won't forget :evil:
  4. imported_Irena

    Pit Bull Wedding?

    [quote name='Alan'][quote name='Irena']it is nice but also funny and strange :lol:[/quote] YA, kinda reminds me of you! You are funny and strange! :evilbat:[/quote] whatch it man i'm a killer :lol:
  5. imported_Irena

    What a night...*UPDATE*

    i'm with Michele in tis call your vet before you thinking to chenge anything with her medicin also i think it's a posibilty that this time she didn't take the antibiotics to well but first of all ask your vet good luck don't forget to tell
  6. imported_Irena

    Pit Bull Wedding?

    well :lol: i'll try to be nice and describe it's only as a problem that started when the owners were just a babys, and perents just love to toss us in the air and catch back.... well simes to me that sombodys perents missed that "chatch" part :lol:
  7. well this thing is really important, bad theeth is infection, pain and a hole in the money pocket all our dogs eat an excelent dry food and non of them has any mounth problems, but we are a kennel and feeding our dogs mostly with only a dry food. people with dogs at home that feeding them human foods and people with old dog should be more aware to the helath of the dogs mounth and not only his body. i can't see were it's more than very usfull info ...
  8. imported_Irena

    Xmas E-Mail

    wow it's so beatifull, sad and true :cry:
  9. imported_Irena

    Please send prayers and good thoughts to Cheech

    OMD poor Cheech and i overlooked this post untill today :( :o i'm so sorry for you, poor boy :cry: i hopw that this tritment will help to him so he will be able to live more time with you my thoughts and prayers are with you both :cry:
  10. imported_Irena

    meet Harley....

    :lol: cute
  11. imported_Irena

    Is my queensland a queensland?

  12. imported_Irena

    Central Asian Ovtcharka Breeding

    well i know littel about this two breeds and as people alredy said here it's not an easy dogs, you need alot of knowledge and experiance working with them. aside from that try to look for kennels from your club, look in the internat for breders and talk with owners you know of the breeds do reaserch on this breeds, take some years for that you don't want to make mistakes
  13. imported_Irena

    Pepper should have been ready

    LOL well fast hiling for the littel guy :angel:
  14. imported_Irena

    well I'll be darned...

    LOL tha's so smart :lol: well utlist now you won't be worry in the hot days :lol: :drinking:
  15. [quote]1. Is it ever ok to buy a dog from a back yard breedeer, even if you like the dog and want to keep if for yourself[/quote] [b]nop, no way!! by buying a dog from such person you will only encourge him to breed dogs from more cuter breeds, you mybe saving one dog but you also providing money to this "breeder" and showing him the derection he needs to breed so he will be able to sell more.[/b] [quote]2. Is it ever ok for a rescuer to accept a dog from a back yard breeder?[/quote] [b]if the reacue took all the dogs from this BYB than it's ok, but if you taking a dog for reascu, for the BYB you only make room for more dogs he wil breed . but if a dog alredy in some kind of rescue than it's ok[/b] [quote]3. Is it ever ok for rescue organizations to accept money from breeders, good or bad?[/quote] [b]well it's a question that depends what kind of money......if a breeder wants to donaite money then whats the problem? and for what a BYB will want to GIVE money away when his gaol is to make more?[/b] [quote]4. If you do any of the above, are you condoneing or supporting their practices?[/quote] [b] if you give money to BYB or helping him to give away his dogs then you supporting him[/b] you see nobody killed you...................yet :evilbat: :lol: :lol: :lol: