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  1. ShatteringGlass

    Bit by a Bouvier!!!

    [quote name='rotten_two']sorry you got bitten -- that sucks! could you not have moved him completely to another run and then retrieved the nozzle? reaching and grabbing and pushing and pulling in crate/run scenario is dangerous. maybe you do it all the time with no problem. there is always that one incident tho that makes you go oh yeah they have 42 teeth and i should really be more cautious. at least your reminder was relatively mild![/quote] I've been working as a groomer for almost 4 years. This is the first time a bite has resulted in a big bruise. I'm usually very aware and careful with dogs. If the dog showed signs of aggression before hand, I defenetly wouldnt of been sticking my hands in there with him in it. I wasnt pushing, grabbing, or pulling. I was simply standing my ground in front of the crate opening (so my body was blocking the opening) and just bit my leg. I guess he really wanted to get out of the cage! But he didnt have to bite me! :lol:
  2. ShatteringGlass


    I'm actually just started teaching Sydney to retrieve. She is NOT a retrieving dog at all! :lol: But we're taking small baby steps with clicker training, and she's showing progress!! I want her to retrieve dumbells for obedience, but I couldn't find any wooden ones in any stores, only online, so I bought a squeaky tennis-ball dumbell toy that was at my work to start with anyways. I used the advice in this article: [url]http://www.geocities.com/jetflair/retrievearticle.html[/url] She learned very quickly that as soon as she touched her nose to the dumbell, click & treat. We repeated this A LOT. Then when she put her nose on it, I DIDN'T click & treat, then she got frustrated a little, and would mouth a little at it, then I click & treat. Then, I put some peanut butter on the dumbell to get her to lick and mouth at it a little more, then click & treat. With each reward, she would open her mouth a little more, then I would move the dumbell in her mouth a little, click & treat. With each reward, she accepts the dumbell in her mouth more and more. That's where we left off today, and for a dog that would NEVER just take a dumbell from my hand, I am majorly impressed with how well this method has worked for her so far! :D
  3. ShatteringGlass

    Happy Anniversary!!

    Thanks everyone! I know I can't believe it's been a whole year allready, feels like I just got her! :lol:
  4. ShatteringGlass

    Happy Anniversary!!

    One year ago today I first brought Sydney home :D :bday: [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v133/ShatteringGlass/010bb2fe.jpg[/img]
  5. ShatteringGlass

    What do you think. Cruel or Cool???????????

    I've used a dog-backpack for Sydney, I dont add a lot of weight, just a little, to get her more tired in a short walk when I don't have the time to take her for a nice long one. So this isnt like some new idea that these people are selling, just get some doggie saddle bags, and you can adjust the weight appropriatly for your dog.
  6. ShatteringGlass


    thanks! I will give it a try :D
  7. ShatteringGlass

    Sydney might be on local news...

    Massachusetts people(probably only myslef and xavierandrea) watch Fox 25 news tonight at 10:00pm. Sydney and I went to the Petco(my work) holloween pet costume contest and the local news crew was there and filmed Sydney and all the other dogs. She was dressed as a bad ass biker babe :ylsuper: We didnt win, but we got our picture taken, a goodie bag, and I'm SUPER impressed with how well Syd did with all the dogs, people, and noises, she was wagging her tail, only got scared a few times! :banan:
  8. ShatteringGlass


    my co-worker has one, it works great on certain coats, others it wont do much for. I used it on a Husky today, who wasnt as thick as most, but it got a lot of dead hair out. I always ask her to borrow it whenever i have to furminate a dog :D
  9. ShatteringGlass

    bad news..altho not unexpected

    sorry to hear :cry: Last year I went through the same thing with my family's 17 year old cat. Fluid had entered her lungs and she was having a heard time breathing, and her heart wasnt doing so great either, we decided it was best for Midnight to put her down peacefully. It was really hard for me, I had pretty much grown up with that cat, I had her since I was 3 years old, I didnt know what it was like not having her around. But i know she was old and I know we did the best for her.
  10. ShatteringGlass

    Jerkwad gives pitties a bad name.....

    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  11. ShatteringGlass

    I got interviewd for a newspaper article...

    while I was at the dog show Saturday. And he spelt Dalmatian wrong!!!! Oh well :roll: :lol: [url]http://www.capecodonline.com/cctimes/plentytop18.htm[/url]
  12. I was surprised when I did a search on yahoo for Sydney's breeder and a website came up, cause she never had one a few months ago. But I was happy to see Sydney is on there and she used a pic I took of her in the winter that I emailed to her :D [url]http://www.shamrockdalmatians.com/clan/sydney/sydneyclan.htm[/url]
  13. ShatteringGlass

    Unique looking dogs...

    I think those may be "flowered" Shar-Pei's. It's disqualified in the show ring.
  14. ShatteringGlass

    Dalmatian Specialty Show!

    I'm not showing, just going to be a spectator, Im defenetly going to bring my camera :D
  15. ShatteringGlass

    Teddie has no hair

    I've seen that happen to heavily matted cats and dogs at my work. When the mats are really bad, they basically pull the hair out, and whats left when the mat is shaved is a big bald spot.