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  1. [quote name='rotten_two']sorry you got bitten -- that sucks! could you not have moved him completely to another run and then retrieved the nozzle? reaching and grabbing and pushing and pulling in crate/run scenario is dangerous. maybe you do it all the time with no problem. there is always that one incident tho that makes you go oh yeah they have 42 teeth and i should really be more cautious. at least your reminder was relatively mild![/quote] I've been working as a groomer for almost 4 years. This is the first time a bite has resulted in a big bruise. I'm usually very aware and careful with dogs. If the dog showed signs of aggression before hand, I defenetly wouldnt of been sticking my hands in there with him in it. I wasnt pushing, grabbing, or pulling. I was simply standing my ground in front of the crate opening (so my body was blocking the opening) and just bit my leg. I guess he really wanted to get out of the cage! But he didnt have to bite me! :lol:
  2. I got bit in the thigh by a Bouvier today at work! :o Ok, so here's what happend: This customer dropped off her 2 Bouviers this morning for grooming, one male, one female. So I put both of them in seperate cages, then the male starts pawing at the cage, and he breaks the water bottle thats on it. The nozzle came off and fell into the cage, while the water was spilling everywhere. So I open the cage to go and get the nozzle, and the dog is trying to escape the cage, so I block him with my body, and what does he do? He bites me, HARD right on my right thigh. :evil: So I screamed a few obscenities at the dog, and he let go and he backed into the cage and I closed it quickly. Good news, it didnt bleed and its not severe, it's mostly two big bruises with some broken skin that kinda looks like a scrap or a rash. But my leg still hurts!! I think if he had gotten me on my bare arm, the bite would've been worse, I think my pants prevented him from really breaking the skin. And I DID NOT touch that dog for the rest of the day, or will I ever!!!
  3. Sometimes my dog wheres her collar(always when walking on leash), sometimes not in the house. I'm not worried about her bolting out the door and running away. If my dog hates me that much that she wants to run away from me, go ahead! I'll get another dog that WANTS to stay with me! :lol: (j/k Sydney :P )
  4. [quote name='__crazy_canine__']Alright, now I dont think Jake is hot anymore. :roll: :lol: and I used to like Ellen but damn, shes adding to the problem now too?! :x :([/quote] I love Ellen! She didnt say anything more than how the dogs are very popular, all her pets I know she adopts from local shelters. They other day on my local news, they did a segment promoting the "Puggle". It was disgusting, they went to this "breeder's" house ( I use the term loosely for these people) and where talking about how they sell the dogs for $800 each. And the lady just looked like white trash, it made me soooo mad that the local news was basically selling these dogs to the public. :pissed:
  5. I'm actually just started teaching Sydney to retrieve. She is NOT a retrieving dog at all! :lol: But we're taking small baby steps with clicker training, and she's showing progress!! I want her to retrieve dumbells for obedience, but I couldn't find any wooden ones in any stores, only online, so I bought a squeaky tennis-ball dumbell toy that was at my work to start with anyways. I used the advice in this article: [url]http://www.geocities.com/jetflair/retrievearticle.html[/url] She learned very quickly that as soon as she touched her nose to the dumbell, click & treat. We repeated this A LOT. Then when she put her nose on it, I DIDN'T click & treat, then she got frustrated a little, and would mouth a little at it, then I click & treat. Then, I put some peanut butter on the dumbell to get her to lick and mouth at it a little more, then click & treat. With each reward, she would open her mouth a little more, then I would move the dumbell in her mouth a little, click & treat. With each reward, she accepts the dumbell in her mouth more and more. That's where we left off today, and for a dog that would NEVER just take a dumbell from my hand, I am majorly impressed with how well this method has worked for her so far! :D
  6. Thanks everyone! I know I can't believe it's been a whole year allready, feels like I just got her! :lol:
  7. One year ago today I first brought Sydney home :D :bday: [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v133/ShatteringGlass/010bb2fe.jpg[/img]
  8. :o :lol: Sydney has gas every now and then, they arent stinky, they mostly just are loud! As much as it is funny and gives me something to laugh about, I need some help. She eats Canidae, and everythings gone great except for the gas, what can I give her to stop/cut down the farting?
  9. ya it was on last night @10pm They did show Sydney! I taped it lol :lol:
  10. [quote name='ObedienceGrrl']I was at our Petco party today. Tater and PoGo went as rock stars. I put pink and blue in their crests, had them wear little ripped up tank tops. Put some chains around their necks. They also had little bangles on their back legs with streamers. They didn't win but they sure looked cute trying! I liked the goody bags! Mine were cute![/quote] They must of looked great! :lol: Sydney loved her goodie bag, she allready destroyed the squeaky stuffed ghost that came in it. :roll: :lol:
  11. Massachusetts people(probably only myslef and xavierandrea) watch Fox 25 news tonight at 10:00pm. Sydney and I went to the Petco(my work) holloween pet costume contest and the local news crew was there and filmed Sydney and all the other dogs. She was dressed as a bad ass biker babe :ylsuper: We didnt win, but we got our picture taken, a goodie bag, and I'm SUPER impressed with how well Syd did with all the dogs, people, and noises, she was wagging her tail, only got scared a few times! :banan:
  12. the other day at work, i did a nail clipping for a puppy, it looked like one of those awful "Puggles", so when I was filling out all the info for her reciept, I ask "what kind of dog is he?" "A Jug"the lady said. "A what?" "A Jug", the woman and her husband said in unison this time. I said "what's that a mix of?" I asked, and she says "Jack Russell and Pug" "oh" i said and I filled out her reciept as JRT/Pug MIX :lol: :lol:
  13. my co-worker has one, it works great on certain coats, others it wont do much for. I used it on a Husky today, who wasnt as thick as most, but it got a lot of dead hair out. I always ask her to borrow it whenever i have to furminate a dog :D
  14. [url]http://www.vetinfo.com/dencyclopedia/deestrus.html[/url] A bitch will breed only AFTER the bleeding has stopped. She is still in heat, and that will be the time she will allow a male to breed her. DO NOT let her near any males!!
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