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  1. The story is wonderful!! Glad it turned out all right!! The damn treat ya'll feedin poor Rosebud there is downright disgusting!! Yuck!! Tell me you don't feed your dogs that?!? ***going into histerics*** ***sneezing my ass off*** (I got allergies) ***having sezures*** Ok, I'm all good now!!! Don't mind me, I'm a blonde!! *wink*
  2. If any animal (dog, cat, bird, blood-thirsty deer, I don't really give a damn) was attacking any member of my family (Shadow, Rocky, my sis or bro) I swear-to-God I'd kill it. Take me to court, I don't care. It's a whole different story when you're on the animal's property but on your own land?!?
  3. LOL. I can just imagine two little living hot dogs jumping in and out of the bath tub. LOL.
  4. [size=7][color=blue][b]CONGRATULATIONS!!!![/b][/color] [/size] You should be very proud, and take some pictures!!!
  5. So sorry, BK!! K took me little line there, so I don't have anything really wonderful to say... just my own words *smile*. Well, now you don't have to worry. He's safe, young, healthy, and very happy at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for your arrival. Maybe he can play with my first dog, Kodak. They can keep each other company. Rinny lived to be a wonderful age, and he lived a wonderful life with you and your family. Be happy for all the wonderful memories that you now have!!
  6. Shady, I'm so sorry to hear you had to whitness your pet's own death. We're all (well... most of us anyways) here for you!! I think that your aggrement with the owner is a wonderful thing. That's really kewl that you could come up with such a great compromise!! Laduenda, you have said some very heart less things before, but this time it was extremely bad. I realize you really love APBT's. But, think about it. Shady was standing there whittnessing her own pet being killed and she could do nothing about it. Why wouldn't she be screaming?? I know I would have... God, I don't even want to know what I would have done. Please think and reread your message before you hit "submit".
  7. Uggh!!!!! I can NOT believe these people!!!!! What a ignorant, disgusting, imbasult, ass licking, money loving MF!!!!!! Oh, yea. I'll breed my Husky and lab together since their both AKC registered and call it a RARE BLACK SIBERIAN LABRADOR HUSKY DOG!!!!!! $300 and on up??? You can go down to the shelter and get a dog that's just as good or even better for $30!!! What are these people thinking?? And it's not the worst part... the worst part is that THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE STUPID ENOUGH TO BUY THESE DOGS!!! Ok, I'm done... I think... *deep breaths*.... *deep calm breaths*....
  8. Ok. Yea, my sis wants a mini longhaired but I was just wonderin if there was a difference in personalities. We'll probably go with the mini because that way, like you said, she can carry it around. That's basically what she wants: a little lap dog to carry around. But I want a dog that likes to do other stuff too, so I think I've met her bout half way. She's even got a name picked out. She'll name her LowBelly but her call name will be L.B. (pronounced elbie). Cute huh? We got it off of the show Gumby. lol.
  9. Rhodesian (sp) Ridgeback? Pit? Border collie? Lab? Sheltie? Terrier of some sort? (hey, maybe if I name all the breeds in the world I'll get it right!!)
  10. Yea, I don't see any airdale in her. I see some westlie... and Jack Russel maybe??
  11. It was good, anyways. Boomer, I'd love to hear your story. I'm workin on one too... about a puppy mill dog. If I ever get it right I'll post it...
  12. I luved the poems, they're really sweet and sad at the same time... the first one was more sad though. *sigh* if only people would stop stereotyping these wonderful dogs... oh, in a perfect world!!
  13. Glad to be of service, Hazel. *smile* (hey, mom! come look!! I AM good for something!!)
  14. Thanks, BK. I saved it to my favs. Very interesting stuff!! We might go with a young adult dog, because there ain't no responsible breeders round here [color=red]*rolls eyes and they get stuck in the back of her head*[/color] And my folks still think it's nuts to pay just a FEW extra bucks to get a good dog. They still think that pet shop dogs are still ok to buy... but that's my folks for ya. All depends on what there is when we go "lookin". I know this is a weird question, but I go campin a lot and that usually involves lots of water, so: * Do daxies like water?? Some breeds don't, so I was just wonderin. I know, I know, it's a weird q, but somebody's gotta ask it!!! * I know there are two different sizes in daxies, mini and standard, so I was just wonderin if one would be better over the other, since I have big dogs too?? Are there any personality differences (I didn't think that there was, but just wonderin' *smile-- eyes still stuck in head*) between the two?? Thanks again, ya'll!!
  15. Yea, Rocky is the same way. I TRY to keep his attention on me, but that works as well as tryin to teach a bear to sing the national anthem while on skates. Just doesn't happen. He isn't very food motavated either, so that doesn't work. When I get a head collar for Shadow's dog aggression, I might have to try it on him, but I think he'll just yank his head off. *sigh* But, you just gotta luv him!!!
  16. Prairie_Gurl


    [b][color=blue]CONGRATULATIONS!!!![/color][/b] That's really kewl, and good job!!!
  17. I don't, but I know that you get to take the dog everywhere with you (even places dogs aren't supposed to go he he) and you have to keep a leash of some sort on them almost 100% of the time and you have to use special words for training of some sort. That's all I know. LOL.
  18. The same thing's happened to me with Shadow, only with other dogs. She'll do fine until one moment when she seems to just notice the dog. Weird, eh? Court had some pretty good advice. I'm an amature at dog aggression to humans, but what if Tyler sat down when he first met Hazel?? Would that work? I don't know, just making suggestions. Correct me if I'm wrong or whatever. *smile*
  19. Ohhhhhh, too cute!!! Looks like a great dog... cute and yet he still looks like a real dog. *cry* I want him!!
  20. Pass the shots. I've got the same problems here... LOL.
  21. Thanks, Goo. Daxies sound like great dogs, and I'm sure that one would fit in great at my house. Few more questions: * If you were getting a daxie, would you rather get an adult or a puppy and why? Reson for the question is because there are quite a few give-aways in the paper, and couple at the shelter, that are adults (like a year old or so). Some breeds it is better to get them as a puppy, and others it really doesn't matter. Just wonderin'. * Is it ok to do agility with daxies? I don't know if I would or not, but I was just wonderin'. I know that they can, but is it bad for their backs or anything? Sorry for takin so long to reply!!
  22. I saw that episode!! Weird, wonderful, and goofy at the same time, eh? It's on PAX or whatever it's called. I got a dish so I couldn't tell you the channel. There was also one where this dog was gonna die because he jumped outta the car window (he was a big dog) and landed on his head. Then, this lost dog came into the house (why the door was open I'll never know) and layed down by the dog and cured him. Weird, eh? It turns out the miracle dog's name was Angel.
  23. Shadow isn't afraid of ANYTHING!!! My obedience trainer said that she's seen statues jump higher when something happens. She's tryed dropping a metal chair, clipboards, yelling, etc. Nothing fasses (sp) her. LOL. I love it!!! Rocky, on the other hand, is very scared of thunder and lightning. We have to put him inside his pet taxi and cover it up with a blanket so he doesn't see the lightning. Weird, eh? Otherwise, I don't think my dogs are scared of anything.
  24. A dog lifting weights... I HAVE to see it!!! Digital camera? No flash? I NEED TO SEE THIS!!!
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