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  1. corgilady

    spinning fur into yarn

    Hi, i don't know about that place in particular, but a friend of mine did this with her dog's fur and then had the yarn braided into a belt. It was beautiful.
  2. corgilady

    hi all & responses

    Your Pembroke Welsh Corgi description is pretty misleading. But I've just deleted everything I was going to tell you about it because 1. I already told you once, and you ignored it 2. Why should we do your research? When I'm writing something, I do my own (careful!) research. I appreciate the fact that your website must be a huge undertaking, and that you've come back several times for advice, but if I were you I'd offer a few $$$ to experts in each breed to correct your pages. Why add to the deluge of false information that's already out there on the internet?
  3. corgilady

    I'm ABUSIVE????

    :lol: It's so cool when they can see thru the crap!!!
  4. corgilady


    :o [quote]We do not claim that these puppies are AKC show quality which is why we can sell them at a less expensive price[/quote] Ya THINK?????? :evil: :evil:
  5. corgilady

    Never going to that petsmart again

    [quote name='Tammy']You just summed it up well. However! It's not just the parents that are not giving children discipline...it's also the schools! I know in my son's school the parents who accept that their child misbehaved are the ones with children who are in the wrong more often than not. Those with parents who fight the school and the system...well their kids get away with murder.[/quote] [color=blue]I know it....the school teachers are AFRAID to correct the children. They know that parents will curse them, attack them, and in one incident I was personally involved in the principal advised the teacher to take the doorknob off the class room door ----the parent was coming to the school with a gun!!!! Why? Because the teacher had met with her to discuss her child's continual misbehavior![/color] [quote name='Tammy'] Example...last year I dropped my son off and as he was going in the gate the teacher on duty was busy talking to the crossing guard (Flirting is more the word...he never did do his job) and this kid walked up to my son and punched him in the face. I drove around to the office and went in demanding that something be done about this. Both kids were pulled into the office. My son was told "Just don't talk to him any more". Seems my son was punched for saying good morning to a kid who didn't like him. The other kid was told not to hit and go back to class. Now the school has rules in place that say that for fighting or hitting a child is suppose to recieve a detention at least. This child got nothing! When I asked the principal why he didn't get anything I was told that the pricipal didn't feel like dealing with his mom AGAIN! So because the principal doesn't want to "deal" with a kids mom (who no doubt it a bully like her son) the kid gets away with breaking rules...combine the two...you have a kid who learns that being a bully gets you what you want and that he is immune to the rules. I remember the days when you screwed up in school you were AFRAID of going to the pricipals office or having your parents called. My son is like that...you tell him you are going to call his mom and he begs you not to! I've actually heard other kids dare someone in the office to call their parents.[/quote] [color=blue]WE've had a situation like that too. My son was kicked in the back so hard he wore a footprint on his back, and the same kid broke my son's glasses. I approached the principal, who called both boys in and informed them that they really wanted to be friends. Yeah, right! The kid was never punished, and I had to pay for new glasses.....I called his mother and she said, it's your son's fault too....I said then why is it OUR glasses that are broken?[/color] :roll:
  6. corgilady

    Never going to that petsmart again

    :lol: I've been following this whole thread with great interest! My children and my dogs are perfect, of course, and we have no issues. :D J/K I'd like to add my 2 cents about children....they are NOT being raised the same way they used to be. I say this as a parent, foster parent, and teacher. Years ago, a child came up to pet one of my dogs once in a blue moon, and if I told them "no" or "always ask permission first", they shyly agreed and you knew they were going to obey. Ten years ago, a kid ran up at a horse show and started petting my (leashed) Corgi, and I said-in a very kind voice- you know you should always ask permission before you pet a strange dog, and his mother started yelling "what did she SAY what did she SAY TO HIM!!!" In the past year, I have had my boys to Petsmart, another pet store, park meets for dogs, and a few picnics. Every single time we've had "incidents" involving other people's kids. If I try to talk to them, the parents either interrupt or block me off. Never mind that THEIR child just jumped on top of a 12 inch tall dog; they don't want their kid to be told what to do. There is no opportunity to educate either the child or the parent because they know it all. I have always tried to speak kindly, and quite frankly if your kid just attacked my dog, I have earned the right to talk to him. My dogs are NEVER off leash, even at a picnic, so it's definitely the kid getting into 'our space'. This all relates to the reason many of my friends are getting out of the teaching profession; parents don't want their kids to be told NO or DON'T or otherwise corrected or disciplined. It is a sad thing! Now I realize we're talking about parents in general, and that there are many exceptions. But I'm observing waaaaaaaaay too much of this blatant disregard for any sort of rules. One parent who comes to mind, in a non dog sort of situation, is a physician. I was speaking to his son about how much I expected him to practice piano. He was fairly new to me and this was our first conversation about it, and I was merely giving him information. The dad gets down on his knees to look into the boy's eyes and said, "but we won't make you practice if you don't want to honey, okay? You don't have to practice unless you feel like it!" :roll: Ya think that kid is told not to pet strange dogs??? Not on your life!!!
  7. corgilady

    Good apartment dog for me?

    Corgis are herding dogs. They are full of energy and, if they don't have an outlet for that energy, they can become barkers or practice other destructive behavior. They also are double coated and shed A LOT!!!! (says the Chief Vacuum Operator) So i'd take them off that list if I were you. As far as beagles, I have never owned one but I know some that are apartment dogs, and they seem fine. I'll defer to the experts though. :D Good luck!
  8. corgilady

    Corgis (Pembroke or Cardigan)?

    Hi Justyna! They are beautiful!!! :D Here are pictures from our get-together: [url]http://users.chartertn.net/wnoel/tn04picnic.html[/url]
  9. corgilady

    Missing Toddler Found Guarded By Family Dog

    At that age, you don't have to "let" them out....sometimes they just scamper away! :lol: Hurray for the doggie!!! He's got a grin on his face in the picture, like "Just doin' what I love to do, folks!"
  10. corgilady

    The horror continues...............

    Not my corgi, but my neighbors.....she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up..... [img]http://users.chartertn.net/wnoel/pp_paris_ribbons_sm_225x165.JPG[/img]
  11. corgilady

    Animals & Domestic Violence

    :( Actually, according to the US Department of Justice, about 4 million women are abused in the US alone each year. You're right, they will stay because of the animals. The abusers know just how to pull their mate's strings, and of course one way to do it is thru their beloved pet. Sounds like a good cause. Good luck!
  12. corgilady

    Ever been GLAD your dog bit someone?

    HF, pitbulletta basically stated my position somewhere up this thread... YOU rent the space, and Jerk-o had no business being there....if you lock up your place with your dogs inside, and there's an emergency like a fire, no one can get them out --right? so that may not be the best solution??? But you could try something with the guy that I did once. Now, you guys know I don't cuss. but I got right in his face and said, you get your @#$%$ a** outta here and don't come back, and I won't charge you with [animall cruelty, in your case] and criminal trespass. Musta skeered him purty bad; he didn't show his hide 'round these parts no more! :wink: :lol:
  13. [quote name='Horsefeathers!']You must have a different chain of Wal*Marts than we do. The greeters that stand in the front of ours were hired on to stand at the front and look menacing. They are like those palace guards over in England with their glazed expressions and wouldn't smile or speak if their lives depended on it. They undergo special training in how to grimace, snarl and look as intimidating as possible while at the same time they file all the buggy wheels to be perfectly square so they have that neat little clack clack clack thing going when you're shopping. Our greeters also undergo rigorous physical training so as to be able to dash out the door and nab those rotten ne'er do wells who dared walk out of the store empty handed for surely they must have shoved merchandise in their pockets. Who knew there were two different chains of Wally Worlds in the US? :o [/quote] :rofl: And not only do they NOT greet you; just as you approach them, they place their hands on the front buggy (the one that you need) and become engrossed in conversation with each other....so you can't get their attention to get a buggy... :drinking: makes ya wanna take your most evil dog to the store with you, huh? And by the way, i know this is the Evil Dog thread and all, but today is almost over and not one o' you has sung me the birthday song :bday:
  14. corgilady

    Aggressive Dogs

    [b][color=darkblue][size=6]Hi Horsefeathers!!!!![/size][/color][/b] :lol: How are ya? I'm lurking, mostly..... Thanks for your input, all of you! You're a great help! I'll pm each of you with questions about specifics. And Hazel's story was so heartfelt...it was also very well written....I wish she felt comfortable sharing it (but I understand why she doesn't).
  15. corgilady

    Corgis (Pembroke or Cardigan)?

    [color=indigo][b][size=6]But of course! I can't post any pics right now, my computer has crashed bigtime. [/size][/b][/color]BTW they are purebred Pems; never mind the tail it is just for show. :lol: Here is a link: [url]http://www.geocities.com/girlfiddler/Dogs.html[/url]