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  1. I got a 40%!!! *cry* I feel pretty stupid now. I had no clue with all that respritory and heart stuff. I also dissagree with the biggest dog question. You know, I was sitting there thinkin about what exactly it ment for like 5 min!!! Ok, more like 5 seconds but that's still a lot for me!! LOL. I agree that they should have REAL dog questions... how am I suppose to know how many times a dog's heart beats per min? I don't know about you but I don't sit around and listen to my dog's heart rate. LOL. Ok... I'm done now.
  2. I think Holz_Boomer is in 7th grade, too. Ain't she? I think so. Well, I'm almost 13 so, ya, I can see me being the youngest *smile*.
  3. Poor puppies!! Give them a hug for me!! But, you're doin the right thing. So, be happy and don't worry TOO MUCH about it... but I know it's really hard.
  4. When Rocky was a pup, he used to chew on rocks all the time so we named him "Rocky". His middle name "Kadon" came from spelling Nodak- where we got him- backwards. Not too special, but it's my story. Kodak got his name when I had to go to the store to get TONS of film for those "kodak moments". I thought of it... and it was practically vetoed by my family (great support there, eh?) but I stuck to my guns and eventually they excepted it. It ended up really suiting him, though. He never had a mid name because he didn't live very long- *cry* Shadow got her name because of the fact that she looked like a shadow, followed me like a shadow, and because my fav character on my fav movie (Homeward Bound) was named shadow. Her mid name I just thought of out of the blue, I was lookin for a regal, nice, and gurlie sounding so I thought of Josephine. [color=red]My mom just came by, took one look at what I was typing and told me to say this, so here it goes:[/color] (she thinks I'm really a dog in disguise) I got my name when my mom and dad where looking at the credits from their fav sitcom (don't ask me which one it was) and someone named "Chelsea" was on there. So, they both liked it (after much debate) and that's how I got my name. My mid name is named after my deceased step-great-grandfather "Joe something-or-other". That how I got my name.
  5. Black GSD, I agree with your post 100%. There are already enough mixed dogs in shelters that may never get a home because people are out there saying that their mutt is a schnoodle or a shipoo... when all it is is a mutt. I also have a mix... and she is the greates too, but I'm not gonna add to the overpopulation of unhomed pets by breeding her with another mix (or purebred) saying she's a Golden Lab or a Labweiler or Lab Collie. New breed my ass. Just tryin to make money if you ask me.
  6. I'M SOOO JEALOUS!!!!!! (as usual lol) I like the name Ick, but I like the name Lucky too. Ick I like more because it's more original... not just an everyday-sort-of-name. I'm all for original names. (as I'm sitting here with dogs named Rocky and Shadow *sigh*) LOL.
  7. Oh, I saw that!! Hm, I remember I was feeling pretty good about Shadow's obedience and training up until then. *sigh* Oh, well. *** back to reality thing*** It was great watching them though. Wonderful partners, they fit each other beautifully!!!
  8. Not a clue... but I guess you know that already seeins I'm the one that asked u the question. (der, where did he go? da, where did he go? lol) I know what you mean about the web thing... and yet I can't see myself ever using a Encyclopedia over the Web. LOL.
  9. Ok. I was gonna say, ur older than me!!! lol. Naw, I got the nick name because my b friend and I were out shoppin in the mall and we saw all of this duck stuff for babies (like bibs and shoes) which I thought was extremely cute, but obviously she thought it was stupid, so therefor I was named "Ducky". Well... I think that's the reason. There might be more than I know to it, which usually happens when u live in nodak. lol.
  10. Thanks behle!!! You can use my nick-names... and mid names too. Not like they're copy writed or anything. lol. Pumpkin, we're all totall loons here so don't worry about it!!! MM, out of the three you narrowed it down to, I'd pick Stewart Michael. But, that's just my opinion. I still like Stewart Little though. LOL.
  11. Prairie_Gurl

    CGS Test

    Congratulations!! Shadow passed the test too a while back... ain't you just so proud?!?
  12. My dogs both have middle names: Shadow Josephine (to make her name sound more gurlish) and Rocky Kadon (kadon is nodak spelled backwards). They also have their nick-names which I use more than their real names have the time... Shadow: PITA (pain in the ass) Dow-dow (not do do as in crap you pick up in the yard) Tedo (very popular) "my yittle bebe!!" (my baby name for her) and she is also known as BLACK DOG, MAGIC, and many many more when people forget her name and tend to call her by the name of their own black lab. Oh, people around here. Rocky: Weekie (my baby name for him) Dog (when I get fustrated with him) and others I can't even remember. Sometimes I just call them names at the spare of the moment... and I wonder why they "ignore" me half the time. lol. They also respond to each other's names too!! (very smart dogs, eh?) Behle: tell the world u luv ur doggies!!! My friends know most of my dog's nicknames and invented a couple (which I can not post here) of their own. lol...
  13. Thanks, Goo. Very cute dogs by the way *wink*. I'm starting to really think this one over... I'm not one for a dog with no recall, but it's my sis's dog so it's her decision. Glad to know that they aren't totally lap dogs though. The high-prey drive thing I can work on, Shadow has a high-prey drive... and so does Rocky so I'm pretty used to that sorta thing. I'm really happy that I posted this now instead of like when we're getting a dog... really useful information. I can just see the little ramp running down our stairs... until Shadow will decide to use it (I know her) then- crack- no more doggy ramp. LOL.
  14. LOL. Keep me posted, court!! It's makin me wonder...
  15. muahahaha... I luv messin wit ur mind!! LOL.
  16. More "B" names for ya: Becky, Beth, Booger (my friend thought of that one lol), Birtha (don't really like that one too much), Boo-boo (he he). Had some fun makin up B names... couldn't post them all though... lol.
  17. Hey, I like that!!! Ben and Bella... that's kinda kewl.
  18. OH, I'm so jealous!!! I like the name Celine, very original. We want pics when you get some!!!
  19. That's really cute!! When I'm giving the dogs their treats, I make them both sit. Shadow sits right away, but Rocky gets excited and forgets himself so he stands up. So, to get her treat faster, Shadow makes him sit by pushing his butt down with her front legs... all the while still in a pretty good sit! LOL. You just gotta love dogs!!!
  20. he he... I like it. My dogs have this passion for these bones that we get um (we have four inside and six outside). They're all the same flavor, that way they don't fight over the 'better flavored' one. But, they will still trick each other into leaving their bone so that they can have it. Rocky will get up and skip away as if he saw something important, so Shadow will go follow him, then he'll double back and grave the bone. lol. Shadow usually just beats up poor old Rocky for his bone... even though there's nine more right beside her. LOL.
  21. Prairie_Gurl

    Choke Collars

    I trained my GSD and Shadow on a choke chain, and it works great if used correctly. They are suppose to catch the dog's attention... not hurt him. They're great for training to heel and stay even, but not ment to teach your dog to stop pulling on a leash, or like agility or anything like that. They don't work very well on some types of dogs, however. Like, my husky's fur is too thick... the choker does nothing for him. So, I do positive rehinforcement training with him instead. I have no bad thought about either method when used correctly. There are things that you can do wrong with a choker, but you can also do things wrong with PR method too... like give the dog TOO MUCH treats at the wrong time. As long as you use the choker correctly, it is a great training method.
  22. Voted for Elmo!! Pik, are you calling me OLD???
  23. Thanks ya'll!!! I'm gonna print this out and give it to my sis (ha ha... she has to do more homework!!) she'll lap it up. I don't know what it is about those little dogs, but she sure luvs um. lol. Oh, and we are DEFINETLY goin to spay her (my sis wants a female). I'm NOT dealing with heat cycles and worryin about it all. Not worth it at all, if you ask me. Thanks again... both for the info and givin my sis extra work. lol.
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