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  1. Thank you, thank you, [b]thank you! [/b]for doing your homework first!!! I can tell you'll be a great and responsible dog owner!!! I think that it's great that you are looking at mixed breeds, not just full bred dogs. I have a Lab mix myself and she has just gotten her canine good citizen award. She's a great dog, and she has such a personality! I agree with Dogpaddle, your husband needs to agree to have a dog... when you get a dog it's a whole household experience, and you've got to communicate on who's gonna walk the dog, feed the dog, etc. And you should share all the dog duties with everyone in the household. And the dog needs to be trained, not just by you but by your daughter and husband too. The dog needs to know that it has to listen to everyone. For instance, what if your husband was alone with the dog out in the yard and it ran into the street, when a car was coming?? Your dog would need to know to come when ur husband recalls her/him. It could save its life. And always look in your local humain society/dog shelter/ or pound before you go anywhere else. And never buy a dog from a pet shop. Pet shop puppies almost always come from puppy mills, and if they don't they come from unreputable breeders... which is just as bad. Good luck on your husband, and with your future dog!!!!
  2. I've never heard of throwing chains at dogs before, but I hate it already!!!
  3. OK. That works. As long as I know it won't hurt my babies. LOL.
  4. I also have two dogs, and they ruff house a lot. And they're almost always playing (like 99.99% of the time) and I let them be, but you just got to watch them so that they don't play to ruff. And when one dog wants to quit, and the other don't , I usually put them in their crates or put one outside and one inside. It never hurts for them to be seperated for a little bit. I think it acctually helps because it gives them some down time away from each other. I can always tell when they are actually fighting because they are snarling, snapping, biting, and yelping... not nipping,rolling, and barking. I mean, if you observe them and know their routine you'll be able to tell. Oh, and just a thought: I think that it's ok to give your dog just a little slap, so that it doesn't hurt them at all it just gets their attention. DON'T HIT YOUR DOG, but it's ok to get a little up and personal with them. Well, that's my thought anyways, and I'm probably not explaining this real well and I'll probably be out debated on the issue... but just a thought.
  5. Really??? I didn't know Vicks would repell misquitos... Has anyone ever put insect repellent on their dogs?? My dad did it a couple times without my permission... it worked and the dogs didn't get sick, but just wondering. I wouldn't use it though. I mean, it's poison!!! Well, that's what I think anyways. I live in a little town run by farmers/retired farmers. And almost none of them take their dogs to the vet until something SERIOUS happens. Serious meaning the dog is half way dead. It's ridiculous. I've gotten into countless arguments and debates about that. They think that dogs are just meer tools that you use on a farm. They're NOT. (no offense to any farmers that take good care of ur dogs).
  6. Well, we got Shadow when she was 3 months old from the local humain society. Umm... I've always tryed to socialize her with as many nice dogs as I could... but it's hard because I live in a 30,000 population town that still hasn't grasped the idea that you should get a dog for companionship not just for a farm dog... don't get me started. Anywho, I tryed but I live in a neighbor hood where there is little to no dogs. And no socialization classes for miles. I wish I tryed harder though. As for on-leash/ off-leash aggression I'm not too sure. See, I started noticing the aggression when we were at our agility class. And at agility u have ur dog on leash until ur up for the run. So, I'm not totally sure, and I've been kinda scared to try for fear there'll be a dog-fight. I do give her treats when she's being good around other dogs, and when another dog comes up to us I try to keep her ocupied with treats. But, then again, she's very protective of her food, so once she notices the other dog she snaps at it. The problem isn't caused by food though, because we do not have treats when we are a obedience. I too, believe dogs have their personal space, and personal space issues... I haven't met a dog that doesn't have their own personal space. I don't know. I mean, I don't really mind taking that extra time and extra percosions (don't know how to spell that) for her, but it gets so annoying... especially when we're at agility... the waiting space is pretty small, and there are so many dogs, man. And your suppose to be having FUN... which is pretty hard to accomplish. And I'm not really known for my patience, thought I try VERY hard. Yea know???
  7. ohhh.... I see!!! That makes sence.
  8. Ohhh, hope she gets those stiches out soon. Poor puppy. And good luck on keeping her from licking um!!!
  9. Prairie_Gurl

    Pet Store Story

    Oh, I am so sorry!!! She seems like a really nice puppy, and it ain't fair that she's sick. I too, have a puppy mill dog, but fortunataly their is nothing wrong with him. I can't believe they knew that they were selling you a sick puppy!!! That's just ridiculous!!! Oh, it makes me soo mad!!! Good luck and best of wishes to Mckay and you.
  10. I have a pretty lively dog too. And she is a BIG chewer. She'll eat anything she can fit into her mouth... and even some things she can't. I've taken her through basic and advanced obedience, and it has helped a lot. Not only does she obey better, she knows that I'm alpha and when I say something is wrong, it's WRONG. One "trick" I've particularly enjoyed is the command "go to your rug" or "rug". I've taught her that when I say "rug" she needs to go to her rug (an old blanket that's light, comfey, and portable) and stay there until I release her by actually touching her head. When she is at her rug, if I provide her with a bone or something else to chew on (not a ball or something that takes human interaction) she can lay there for hours. You just got to remember to release her before she pees the rug!!! LOL
  11. I have two dogs which I crate during the day when I'm at school. The crates are side-by-side so that they can still hear each other, in case they get scared (I don't actually know if they do get scared, but just the same). I have a little space in between (about a foot) so that if one dog gets roudy and starts knocking its kennel, it doesn't desturb the other. I've done it this way for two puppies, and it's worked great. There hasn't been any problems. PS: if one/both of them are tired or they need a drink, but we can't wait around for them to get one (my dogs take at least an hout per one drink) I usually just stick a little bowel of water in the crate with them. But when I put food in with them, they growl at each other, so I don't recomend it. Hope this has helped.
  12. Ok. I just got a thing in the mail advertising for a magazine called YOUR DOG. In it it says that there is a form of heartworm pill that is chewable. I've never heard of something like that, but I'm not to up to date on stuff like that. Has anyone ever heard of it??? It also says that you can sterilize your dog with an injectable thing. How about that??? Oh, and sorry for not having pics up yet... having minor technical difficulties w/ my computar.
  13. LOL. So, out crossing means to breed your dog to a dog that isn't closely related to your own dog, but staying in the same breed. In Breeding is when you breed your dog to one of his/her sisters, brothers, mother, or father. And Line Breeding is when you breed your dog to another dog pretty closely related (grandparent, uncle,etc.) but not part of it's immidiate family like in breeding. But you totally lost me there on that whole 8th generation thing. Jez, this stuff is pretty complicated LOL.
  14. On TV and at the movies, I've seen many horrible and gross things. I'm not very sensitive when it comes to sickining images, and I'm surly not a faint of heart person. But when I saw those pictures I nearly cryed. I can't believe what that poor dog had to go through. Thank God that she is now up in heaven, being taken care of properly, and maybe - just maybe- she has some kids to play with, and some other dogs. She can keep my late dog Kodak company up their on the Rainbow Bridge. God Bless Her Soul. :angel:
  15. Ok, I'm kinda confused on some breeding terms. Like, inbreeding, cross-breeding, etc. I've read a lot about breeding and the terms, but some arcticals use them incorrectly and such. So which is which???
  16. Prairie_Gurl


    Go luv my rotts!!! I totally agree with you!!!
  17. Well, that is true... I guess my dog-aggressive dog Shadow would do well in a pit (unfortunatly). :oops: I LOVE the idea of taking their clothes... including their underwear!!! :evil:
  18. Ok. I'll keep working on her. By the way, does anyone know anything about the Gentle Leader head halter things?? I've been told to maybe try one, but I don't know if it will work.
  19. I do agility with my dog. I have tryed many kinds of treats for rewards in her training, and have found that she likes (and does better) moist smelly human food the best. Her treats are cooked hotdogs and sometimes cheese. I really like feeding her these because it's easy: a grave-and-go snack. I've tryed hamburger, but I don't like it because you have to cook it for a while first... and trust me, I'm pretty dangerous when it comes to cooking. lol. I was wondering if anyone knew of any more kinds of human food that I could give to her for a treat and won't hurt her. I don't mind a couple minutes in the microwave, but I hate using the stove or something that takes a long time. Any suggestions???
  20. People who get dogs only to put them in pits and fight um absolutly disgust me!!!!! If I EVER [b]EVER [/b]saw anyone who does that I'd KILL THEM!!! :evil: Dogs are not just animals, lawn orniments, or a way to make money!!! They're living organisms with souls and a heart. I can't now, and never will, figure out how you can be such a cruel, heartless, perverted, piece of cr@p person... no- you wouldn't be a person at all. :evilbat: I agree with Rott n' Pitt, their punishment should be their crime!!!! Either that or just shoot um! and I really like that idea of having to get a special liscence to have "mean" dog breeds. It would eliminate some of that cr@p out their. :(
  21. I think those poems were great! They really make you think about what some poor unfortunate dogs have to go threw. Very Sad!!! :cry: I think it's a great idea to post them (especially the first one), it certainly deserves it. Great job, and keep writing!!! :wink:
  22. Yea, my dog's fixed, and I don't really think it's directed at one particular sex... but just a little more with females than with males, but she still has problems with males. I don't really think that it's possible that she had a bad experience when I wasn't around. When I'm not home she's either inside the house or out in my fenced- in yard. So, I don't know. What's "sterilization"??? I think I've heard of it before, but I'm not totally sure. Thanks for all ur replies!!!
  23. I've got a 19 month old Black Lab mix that I do agility with. She's great at it, however, she started having a dog-aggression problem around last July. I'm not sure what caused it, she was great with dogs before hand. :( I've taken her to basic and advanced obedience, and that has helped a little, but not a whole lot. The obedience trainer said that she is VERY dominant, but could it be that she is over-protective of me??? I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me. If this doesn't get under control soon I'm afraid I'll have to stop doing agility with her!!! :cry:
  24. I don't have a GSD now, but a couple years ago I did, and he was the best dog ever!! However, I got him from an unreputable breeder that just did it for the money. :x "Kodak" was about 28-30" at the withers (shoulders), and didn't have that slant... but he had a great lookin' head! He looked like somebody put a GSD head on a Greyhound body or somethin'. :oops: Well, I've done a lot of research on the breed since then, but I still got a couple questions... When you're picking out a puppy (from a reputable breeder) how do you know which ones will look better, not necessarily show- quality, but like a GSD... not a deformed Greyhound. And, do the colors on the puppies stay the same as they grow older?? For example, if you wanted a GSD with a saddle, would the puppy have a saddle??? thx :wink:
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