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  1. ShadyLady

    Back from the dead

    Yes planning to keep both at the moment , it takes 12 months to see who will make it in the sheep business or if anyone needs to have a pet home my dad is interested in one (seeing as he lives next door to me I might let him have the girl , although he does have a tendency to spoil his dog something horrid :lol: ) plus I need to convert him to koolies not kelpies :lol:
  2. ShadyLady

    Back from the dead

    :lol: Hello everyone its been so long since Ive been on here . Been real busy with my nags and the computer got wormed by that stupid blaster worm (nearly threw computer through window numerous times !!) My bitch has had pups ! Two little spunks , a boy and a girl , who are 9 weeks old , so we have started some serious basic obedience training :o Id forgotten how demanding it was training two babies at once :drinking: They have such different personalities !! Xena (girl puppy) is true to her name the warrior princess , she's really full on and Buddy (boy puppy) is a real thinker kinda quiet but confident at the same time , he follows my every move . I dont know why but I find the males always bond much stronger to me and yet most people say females are more loyal , could just be me i dont know . Anyway will post pictures in proper spot :) :) Must now go and catch up on the posts
  3. ShadyLady

    The trials and tribulations of having a fence jumper

    Love the photos its great that you've come up with a solution and yes I have seen dogs that will jump a six foot fence easy :lol:
  4. ShadyLady

    Sorry, I broke a promise

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: very good not sure about the dog hair in food though (got a thing about food and hair!! :oops: )
  5. ShadyLady

    Bloody Bourke!!!

    Hugo's mum your statement is just ridculous its like saying if you take a man and a woman that the child will have the looks of mum but dads personality , what happens if they have the dads looks but mums personality THERE ARE NO GUARNTEES IN BREEDING basicly they are mutts and it takes many generations to get a dog to breed true to type yet you think with one mating its all work out .Sorry if this seems harsh but lets use some common sense :o
  6. ShadyLady

    I am SOOOO PO'd!!!!

    Courtnek sorry to here about the hassles your having if they only knew what a dog lover you are :-?
  7. ShadyLady

    Agility Lead?

    They look pretty basic maybe you could make one :o
  8. ShadyLady

    The trials and tribulations of having a fence jumper

    Great picture there she's a beautiful dog :lol: its a pain in the backside when they pick up habits like that :x A friend of mine has this problem with both her dogs (and she has a six foot fence ) she installed an electric fence and it works wonders mabey it would be worth a try :wink:
  9. ShadyLady


    Lucky I hope for your sake the pup doesnt have it I had kennel cough go through my dogs from a dog that I rescued the pup will need to see the vet as soon as possible I dont know which country you are from but here in Australia dogs are vaccinated for a certain strain of kennel cough although of course the strain my dogs got wasnt that one although I did find the dogs that had that vaccination certainly got it less sever than others that had a different type of vaccination your vet will give you antibiotics to treat the infected dog . When the first one was diagnoised we disinfected everything kennels we had the dogs seperated and yet still all the dogs got it . Anyway fingers crossed for you and becareful about washing hands and clothing :-?
  10. ShadyLady

    From the diaries of a dog and a cat

    :lol: :lol: what a crack up :lol: loved it
  11. Where's mine Crested?? :lol:
  12. ShadyLady

    kangaroo jacks dingoes

    A freind of mine had dingos and they are not the type of dog that is easy to train also once off the lead their noses take over . They are incredible escape artists too !! It was pretty pathetic movie but had a few good laughs :lol:
  13. ShadyLady


    Lets not panic now its back!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. ShadyLady


    :o I just noticed that my pictures gone where did it go???????????? :o
  15. ShadyLady

    Copying texts from books to internet?

    Question I was looking for training tips on herding on the web for our clubs newsletter is it still the same deal?? :roll: