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  1. [color=red]Y[/color][color=orange]E[/color][color=yellow]A[/color][color=green]!!!!![/color] [color=cyan]W[/color][color=blue]A[/color][color=darkblue]H[/color][color=violet][color=indigo]O[/color]O[color=red]!!! [/color]
  2. I know!! Isn't it just disgusting?!?!? And the Pup. Mill is up to 60 DOGS!!! Poor puppies.
  3. I was surfin the net and found this information on puppy mills. I've never heard of this before, and was wondering if anyone else knew about this? Is it true?? [i]After World War II, when farmers were desperately seeking alternative methods of making money when traditional crops failed, the US Department of Agriculture encouraged the raising of puppies as a crop. Retail pet outlets grew in numbers as the supply of puppies increased, and puppy production was on its way. However, the puppy farmers had little knowledge of canine husbandry and often began their ventures with little money and already-rundown conditions. They housed their dogs in chicken coops and rabbit hutches, provided little socialization, and often eschewed veterinary care because they couldn't afford to pay. Animal welfare organizations such as the Humane Society of the US (before it became politicized by the animal rights movement) investigated conditions at these farms and eventually were successful in focusing national attention on the repulsive conditions at "puppy mills."[/i] I found this at this site: [url]www.canismajor.com/dog/puppymil.html[/url] I'm not sure if I liked it or not. Leaning toward the not side. Sounded like a USDA-is-God-worthy kinda site. Uggh.
  4. Here's a site that I found while surfing the net. It's about a puppy mill that nobody's doin nuthin about. Pretty sick. This crap makes me so mad!!! Poor dogs. [url]http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Woods/4423/[/url]
  5. Isn't that cute?? I had it forwarded to me on my e-mail from my friends. Sounds like my lab. lol.
  6. I think since she's on pills, you'll be ok. But, you might wanna check with your vet just to make sure.
  7. Don't blame it on yourself. You did what you thought was best, and there's no going back in the past. Just think, that dog's in a much better place now.
  8. he he he. how fun! Pretty soon I'll be a volunteer too!!! *smile*
  9. My humain society isn't a no-kill, but they keep dogs as long as they can. They don't automatically put down any bully breeds or anything like that. The only thing is that with Pit Bulls they have to make sure that the owner lives outa town because it's illegal to have them in the city limits. Cats have their own little room, so they don't hear the barking. Unfortunatly they are kept in very small cages. But, we're working on it. We don't have any abandoned hampsters, lizards, etc. So, no need for their own little room or anything. Dogs are kept in kennels that are very long and rectangular (I don't know the actual size). Each dog is seperated from the others, unless they came in together or they get along. Sometimes the shelter gets so overloaded that they have two-three dogs in each kennel. There are about 24 kennels. Dogs are put outside every 2 hrs I think to go potty. And they get walked by volunteers (I'm soon gonna be one!!). Each dog goes through a temperment test and are graded individually. If they are unadoptable (too mean or sick or somethin) they go into a kennel in the "back room" and ya'll know what happens from there. *cry* Most of the dogs there are from old farmers who drop their dogs off there, or from military people who couldn't keep their dog on a move. But, they try to do the best that they can in placing each animal. In adopting Shadow I filled out a form, and they called people in our neighborhood to ask what they thought about us having a dog. Needless to say, we passed!!!
  10. Good. At least I know I'm not the only one. *smile*
  11. Hey, we should all show our Capital One cards to the troll!!! Like on that comercial... she'll shrink like cotton in warm water!!! he he he. (don't worry if you have no idea what I'm talking about lol)
  12. Put To Sleep. Easy. Not a technical word. LOL. Here I am thinking that each word is probably 14 letters long. Brain Block!!! *banging my head on the wall right now* lol OK. Now, that makes sence courtnek. I thought I was losing my mind for a sec there. Poor coyotes. Poor deer. *cry* Around here, there's a deer season in November (when it's freezin cold don't cha know?!). We have turkey problems. Turkeys come into neighborhoods and chase kids. I've been chased once when I was at my friends house. It was pretty scarry. I mean, I've been chased by many many things, but that turkey was like turkazila!!! He was trying to eat me!!! lol.
  13. Daisy, recall training is when you call your dog to come to you (recall your dog). Some people use special words like cookie or birdy, and others (like me) just use the traditional "come". You teach your dog to come to you on command. Recall. Training. Recall Training. LOL. What do you call it??? I usually call it the come command. he he. So profesional, ain't I?? lol.
  14. Maybe I'm wrong, but ain't coyotes loners and only come together around mating?? Isn't it wolves that are the pack dogs??? I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. One question: I know what it means but what does PTS stand for??
  15. Like I said, my plans have faults, but it's nice to dream. Hmm.. I remember her saying that the dog can get outta the fence, so what if the dog "accidentally" got a little help coming outta the fence?? **dreaming again***
  16. You're my kind of person, lucky!!! Well, what I would do is when the lady's not at home take her dog (I get the impression she leaves it outside a lot) to the vet and get it neutered... if the vet'll let you. Sometimes they require permission. That always sucks. My friend makes vet appointments for the dogs, then pays half the price of the surgury... but I'm not sure how much (if any) you wanna spend on the dog. And if you are absolutally sure that the lady ain't gonna give the puppies' to good homes than (depends on if she wants a certain amount of $$ for each pup), offer to give her like, what? $50, for the pups (or at least two) and either bring them to the humain society, a shelter, or someone who'll make sure they get good homes (like yourself *smile*) Or, you could take her dog(s) to the pound (so she has to pay $$ to get them out) or to the shelter. ** each of my suggestions has major faults, but they're just suggestions. And I don't know what they do in your area, so yea know. Even if you can't do anything... isn't it nice to dream that you can?? ***
  17. Very nice, DogPaddle, very nice.
  18. Oh, man!! I wish I lived near there!!!
  19. *cry* North Dakota has NO LAWS!!!! *cry* *sob* *scream* *cry* I'm embarressed to say I live here... one more reason to hate my state!!!
  20. I never even thought that Dingos would be a "problem" in Austalia. Hmm. Never thought about it before, but I guess it is. Jez. Shows you how much I get around. LOL. In Montana (I'm originally from there) there are problems with bears, coyotes, and believe it or not squirls (sp) too. People, leave the wild animals alone. They are not pets!!! Uggh. People make me soo mad sometimes (wait-now how many of my posts have that same sentence on it?? lol)
  21. Don't get me started. You'll regret it.
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