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  1. I don't know... Shadow has an AVID chip...
  2. Glad to know I ain't the only one w/ teacher problems. Yea, I have a 4.0 but if it was up to any one of my teachers (except like two) I would fail... except for the fact that I would have to be in their class agian. lol. That would really piss them off. I don't suck up to anybody (or anything *canable*) and that gets alot of um so mad. I stick to what I believe in, and the best part is My dad WANTS me to do that "as long as I don't mouth off" yea right. That's like the only thing my dad and me agree on, the rest we just fight over... but that's a whole nother story. *rolls eyes*
  3. Now that I think about it, I think I did that (shut his mouth) with Kodak (my GSD) too... yea, I did. Hmm...
  4. LOL. Glad ya'll got a laugh from that... My Geo teach is stuck in the 70s... he wears bell-bottums, weird shirts with a right front pocket in each, he has long hair in a pony tail, carrys a hanky (aka snot rag) and thinks we all should to because "it's not his job to provide us with tissues" and he's totally obsessed with notes lectures and tests. Really retarded. Plus he hates me almost as much as I hate him... both because I don't worship Bush like him, think that he's a reincarnated pig, and I ace his class with ease. Oh, man. I could go on forever... Hazel: What's ICBC?? (sry, down on the lingo)
  5. I don't think feeding her 3-4 times a day is bad... just don't want her to get fat. (she's already kinda chubby) When I first got her she was really fat (when she sat down she almost had to spread her front legs because of her belly). But she was really cute. But, feeding her more when I know she already has enough is stupid... waist of food and money. She gets fed 3 times already... two cups each... sometimes more. lol.
  6. I didn't read all of this so sorry if this was already said... It helped train Shadow when we soaked up her pee with a paper towl to put the soaked paper towl outside (ancered by a rock). She then associated peeing with outside, so it worked. Don't know if it would help with pooping too or not though. Good luck!
  7. Aussies are hearding dogs, and hearders bite/nip to herd their flock or herd (except some... some like the BC give them The Eyeball). Unless you stop it now, that cute little puppy with tiny sharp teeth will eventually turn into a big dog with big teeth that thinks it's exceptable to nip/bite. When I had my GSD I had the same problem. What I did was basically what StarFox said: sharp no, stop petting. A couple times he wouldn't stop so I had to look him straight in the eye (hard to explain) which stopped him. Don't worry. Just keep on working on it and it will eventually stop. It'll take some work though! *wink*
  8. Both my dogs have ID tags on their collars. There's the one that says my name and phone # and address, the rabies tag, and when we lived in a city that did have a have-to-licence-your-dog law we had that tag there too. Plus Rocky has some he got from his best friends at the pound (he's a escape artist) but I think that was both a joke and for more "protection" just in case every other tag fell off he'd still have that one. LOL. When I got Shadow from the Humain Society, they microchipped her for free. No charge. It was really cool. And they did it right in front of me, didn't hurt a bit. It's called and AVID CHIP or something like that... Anyways, I'd always have a ID tag (most peeps would never think of looking for a tatoo or chip) and a microchip JUST IN CASE. I don't know about tatooing... never had it done so I don't know..
  9. Yea, I'm out when I'm 18. Not any of that stay-around-for-a-while crap. Don't ask me what I'm gonna do... but I'm out!! I think if we (my school) ever protested against ANYTHING (unless it was to hire the teachs' pay) my gym teach would eat us. He's really scarry... swear he's a canibal. And my geo teach too. And I swear they both can't teach worth nutin. We have really sucky teachers here who are just in it for the benafits (whole summer off, vacations, etc). *sigh* No wonder we're all stupid here!!
  10. LOL. So true. I swear the only reason Shadow's still alive is because of her cute looks. My mom was up to "here" (wherever here is) with her anics just about every day. But, she's so cute!! I've tryed that feeding schedual thing, but I think my bro thought it was "funny" to check off it when she hadn't been fed. So, I thought it was "funny" to ring his neck. Mom didn't think so though... we just need better comunication in this house (ah ha... yea right)... lol.
  11. Shadow is way too smart for her own good. As ya'll know she's part lab. And labs love to- you guessed it- eat. And eat. And eat. It's ridiculous!! So, she's figured out how to get two breakfasts!! (she gets breakfast lunch and dinner) When she's hungary she throws her food dish around. And we feed her. So, in the morning when my mom's around she throws the dish, gets food. When mom goes and dad comes, she throws the dish, gets more food. No wonder she's been getting chubby!! lol.
  12. Shadow does that shit to Rocky. Pulls on him. Eats him. Graves his leg so he has to walk on threes. She's the bully, the alpha, the boss, and the one-in-charge (besides me). I have to go and pull her off of him sometimes. It's really annoying, but lately it's been getting better. Don't ask me why. Just make sure that Chelsea knows that this is unacceptable and u are the alpha... otherwise I"m not sure. PS I luv Chelsea's name!! (it's my real first name *wink*)
  13. I'm so sorry about ur cousin!! That's really awful!! I've been bitin by Shih tzus (nasty little dogs they were... not the breed in itself but the dogs) and nipped, but not in the face. That would seriously suck!!
  14. I hate parental controlls!! If I could I'd kill them all off... and eat um. I hate knowing that every website I go to and just about every thing I type my folks can find out about. And block me from. Uggh. But, I got my ways.... [i][size=1]hacker[/size][/i]
  15. Sorry, can't help you there. Haven't ever had a problem like that... thank God. Jez, I feel really sorry for yea. Hope the prob gets fixed...
  16. Good luck Aussie. My lab mix is dog-aggressive too. I know that she's just dominant... she thinks she's queen. *sigh* There's just no dog out there that has tryed to dominate her yet and that could actually beat her (thinkin of the schnauzer down the street). Let me know how it goes!!
  17. He he he I give my dogs "threads" too. I use a combination of treats and the choke collar (I can here the protesters coming now). I don't use the clicker... never tryed it. I always thought it would be too much of a hassle to click everytime your dog does something right. And everyone in my family would have to have one... then I have to get them to use it. If I was on my own I might try it though.
  18. Neither of my dogs have seperation anxiety (thank God). When I come home from school, both dogs are in their pet taxis located by the back door (my mom comes home from work on her lunch break and lets them outside so they aren't in there too long). I take Shadow out first and she goes nuts when she sees me so I hug her and kiss her... he he. Then I take Rocky out and he's more calm and layed back but he still gets hugged and kissed. I wouldn't know what to do for seperation anxiety, and I don't have any experience for that so I couldn't tell yea.
  19. Oh, that's so sad!! Hope you find em!! Do you know who would have stolen the vehicle... I know it's LA and could've been a carjacking but still... I'm a little more on my toes since Artemis got taken away from Mei Mei. Poor dogs!!
  20. That was super great!! That really sux that he's lookin at jail though. Stupid. What if that were his child in there?? Man... I would have done the same.
  21. I watch Animal Cops sometimes... sad show. But it's kinda kewl to see some of these people get busted. I'll have to post my poem...
  22. I know the feeling... almost too well. Shadow is a lab. Wow. Rocky is a Husky who looks like a wolf. Wow. So, automatically Shadow is great with kids and Rocky'll eat um at first sight. And it's the exact opposit!! Rocky is the best with kids. He'll let them do ANYTHING to him. (he's always supervised of course) Shadow likes kids but if one pissed her off she'd growl or something... don't think she'd bite but depends on what the kid did to her.
  23. Good job on the poem then!! I've wrote a few poems... don't know if they're any good or not though. I think I'm too sceptical... I always go back and change something or other. Maybe I'll post one here someday (if I ever stop changing them).
  24. Yea, it's amazing. I was just amazed that she thought Shadow was a Rottie. She looks totally lab to most people. When I first got her from the humain society they told me that she was a lab/rottie mix. She was only 3months so I couldn't tell so I just assumed that she was. People would shove their kids down the driveways to pet her, until they found out she was part rottie. Then they'd literally grave their kids and hed for the hills. I've gotten many rude comments. Now I know she ain't rottie at all... but she's still a big black dog!!
  25. very nice very sad very true Did you make that yourself? It's very good.
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