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  1. Rocky would be a retired old fart who loves to just lie around the house while his grandchildren listen to his stories (when I was young we walked ten miles to school in knee deep snow...) and he'd have a wife that would cook everything and anything for him. But he would love to take the grandkids out to the cabin and teach them to hunt. Shadow would be the kinda girl who would be half tomboy/half not. Get along great with both guys and girls but a pretty big flirt. She would always have her nose up somebody else's business and get in trouble a lot with the teachers cause she isn't afraid to speak her mind and doesn't bow down to ANYBODY. She has a 4.0. And probably a boyfriend or two... or three. lol. Talks A LOT. Hates band, and choir. And is probably in a sport or two (most likely basket ball and soccer). hmm... that's a lot like me.... scarry...
  2. Oh, good luck!! Hopefully they get along!! Don't know much about either breed so I can't help you out there, sry. lucky duck.
  3. I was walking Shadow the other day and this little girl about 5 years old was in this yard (unsupervised of course *sigh*). She took one look at Shadow and came running towards us. I knew she just wanted to pet Shadow so I braced myself for a little-kid-petting-dog moment. But, when she got about 5 feet away from Shadow she stopped in her tracks and littlerally screamed at the top of her lungs "Ahhh!!! It's a Rottweiler!!" I couldn't believe it. My baby a rottie? Even if she was, this little girl shouldn't have been scared like that... and shouldn't have come running up to us in the first place. Great parenting there!! Does she seriously look like a rottie??
  4. Bullygirl, sorry. Wrong word. I was trying to think of the word that means how aggressive they are towards other animals. Still can't think of it. But, I think you all know what I ment...
  5. Ok, Bec. I'm back. If you think that you can start from scratch and make a Golden Retriever then do it. I'd love to see you try. And I'll keep all of those mixed breed dogs that you produce trying to make a Golden and put them in good homes. So, your saying that I can cross my Husky with my neighbor's Shih tzu to make a Shusky and that's all right?? I'll advertise it as a mini husky that you can cut and trim to your liking. Hey, throw in my friend's poodle and I'll have a Pooshky!! A hypo-allergenic little dog that you can trim and it has pointy ears!! Wow!! (saying this very sarcastically)
  6. Debbie, there are farm supply stores galor here!!! I never thought about getting dog food at a farm supply store... hmm... now that u mention it I think a couple of my doggy-friends get their dog food there. We don't have any good pet shops here though. Just a couple run of the mill crappy kind. At least here, in Fargo they have PetSmart and Petco. I don't know if Bismark does or not... don't think so.
  7. Good for you. This way, you'll know your doggy will be safe and you seem more sure of your decision. Overnight is no big deal... at least they're keeping her there to make sure that she's AOK. That's a good thing. So, was the van grubby?? Where the people in line rich, poor, in between,etc???
  8. Sounds like fun, have a greeeeat time!! Wish I was there instead of here... but I'm not. Guess I really wouldn't fit in since I don't have JRT, but oh well. Still would be fun!!!
  9. Yea, I agree with Goo there. Don't just get a dog because you feel sorry that it might not get adopted. That's the wrong rought (sp) to go. Personally, the only way I'd every adopt/buy a pit is from a very very very responsible reputable breeder that breeds for temperment and health not gameness or whatever you call it and strenght and look. I just don't feel comfortable knowing how strong and energentic that breed can be. But that's just me.... Anyways... that petfinder thing is pretty kewl. Nice, good for future reference (hopefully). I THINK (I'm not sure) that my cous got his Boston Terrier from there, and he's a great little dog. Very very shy, but great all the same.
  10. The whole idea of breeding mutts is totally retarded. It's all about money. You can't just throw some dogs together and start a new breed. Breeds, as they've already said, come from hard work and dedication from hundreds (sometimes thousands) of years to breed the dogs to their greatest ability. Labradoodls anyone can make, just get a lab and a poodle together... same with Shipoos and Cockapoos and all those other "breeds". But, try making a Golden Retriever starting from scratch or a Collie (any pure bred real breed). You simply can't do it. It's impossible.
  11. Oh, man!! Three puppies would be so fun!! I'm jealous and yet I feel sorry for you (I can hear all the whinnings in the night already) at the same time... lol. And of course your crazy!! We're all crazy on Dogo!!!
  12. Yuck!! Those websites were disgusting!! Thanks for posting those, Debbie!! *sigh* Now what do I do? There's no way my folks are gonna go for shippin in dog food (I swear to God there's no place here that would sell any good stuff). And I would have to order two kinds (senior and adult). Wonder how much that would cost? What brand to go with? Probably couldn't do that BARF because of the bones... don't usually supervise my dogs every time they eat a bowl of food. Hmm.... Sorry guys. I know I'm just kinda rambling here... tryin to sort out my thoughts yea know.
  13. That's pretty kewl that they printed that in your newspaper Hazel. I'll allert everybody when my newspaper comes out with anything dog-related that doesn't have to do with a dog biting/killing something (hunting, farm dogs, and dogs that bite people). *sigh* I don't feed my dogs raw food or anything. They get good old Iams. Haven't had any probs with it, and they actually look better since we switched from Purina, and when you cut out the proof-of-purchases you can send them in to get free agility stuff. Nothing against raw food though. Just don't have time or money.... and my folks...
  14. Congrats on getting a new dog!!! And we want pics when you get some!!
  15. Would I do it? No, I wouldn't because of the fact that it's a first-come-first-serve and I figure that I have the money to pay for it at a vet and there are people out there who don't. But, If I didn't have the money I'd go for it. Looks sterile. Hmm... was there something there that said anything about if something "wrong" happens what they'll do about it?? Didn't see anything but I didn't look too hard either.
  16. That's sad. I can't believe people don't take their dogs to the vet annually. If you don't got the money you shouldn't have a dog. If your too lazy you shouldn't have a dog, get a damn fish instead. What's really bad is that she lied to you though. Some people don't realize that you actually do check everything... just don't sign the papers when they look good.
  17. I see... it's very very good though... in a sad way...
  18. I deprive my dogs of pizzle with pride!! ... now my lil bro on the otherhand.... just kiddin!!! (at least I think... hmm....)
  19. Wow... over $100 to spay a dog?? Holy crap. Shadow was spayed for less than $50 (don't remember exact emount and too lazy to look it up). Glad that you got some releaf though...
  20. When I squirt Shadow with water... it's a reward for her. She loves it, or sometimes doesn't give a damn about it... depends on her mood. Rocky on the other paw (ha ha... anyone catch that?? Yes, I know that was lame..) hates water.... but loves mud puddles. DOGS!!! lol.
  21. *cry* Did you make that one, Ickle?
  22. I can't drive yet either, but if I could drive and that happened to me and I had Shadow I wouldn't pick up the dog. I'd probably call one of my many agility friends and tell them to pick the dog up. Since Shadow is dog aggressive it just wouldn't work. If I had Rocky with me I probably would, though. He's a nice dog just gets VERY excited around other dogs. Around here it's hard to decifer (sp?) whether or not a dog is stray/lost/just loose. A lot of people (specially those damn retired farmers) let their dogs run loose like they own the whole damn section of the "city". [size=1]F**kin idiots... lettin their dogs loose and lettin them start fights wit my dogs... [/size]
  23. I'm stayin outta this one... Damn! Already in it. So much for sayin I'm a "smart" blonde. lol.
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