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  1. Canis erectus

    What do you guys think?

    [quote name='AllAmericanPUP'] a cane corso looks much more like a pit bull than a bulldog does. either way you're going to have people calling your dog a pit bull because the JQ public is a bunch of morons :D and OMG look at this cutie..a bit far from you :lol: but he's gorgeous! [url]http://www.petfinder.com/pet.cgi?action=2&pet=3779014&adTarget=&SessionID=42f7757f05126bca-app1&display=&preview=1&row=0&tmpl=&stat=[/url][/quote] You think so? I guess that just shows how opinions differ. i think they look basically mastiff-ish, especially with uncropped ears. You're right though, that most uneducated people wouldn't be able able to tell the difference with either breed, I figured that someone who is a little less undeucated would be able to differentiate Corso from Pits.
  2. Canis erectus

    Fritz hurt himself

    Good luck with Fritz when you hit the vet tomorrow, I just hope it's not a cruciate tear.
  3. Sighthounds of all types are usually considered quite stupid. Not true of course, it's part of their character to know what they are all about and don't feel the need to be told what to do. Then there's the rumor that huskies belong and even prefer being outdoors all the time. I have yet to meet one that (given the chance) didn't like like being indoors just as much, if not moreso, as being outside. Irish Setters: I go with the stereotype with regards to americanized bloodlines. There may be some breeders working to restore the breed but for the most part americans had sacrificed the basic working fundementals of the breed in order to create a better show dog.
  4. Canis erectus

    Shadow scared me to death today.

    Phew, I would have immediately assumed the worse myself!
  5. Canis erectus

    It's tough having smart dogs!

    Zoey's the smart one at my house, and sneaky to boot. Last week while I was at work Hannah said that she went out to do some yard work when at one point she went out through the gate to get the hose from the front of the house. When she came back through for some reason she swung the gate into place but didn't swing the latch down. Apparantly Zoey (who is always on the lookout to escape and run free) had noted that the gate latch didn't close and when Hannah let the dogs out Zoet charged strait for the gate instead of running to the back of the yard like they both always do. So yeah, Zoey got out, but luckily enough Hannah spotted a bunch of kids down the street and true to nature Zoey had found them and packed up with them.
  6. Canis erectus

    Do you feed your dog table scraps

    I never give my girls people food, at least not 'intentionally' anyway. Unless it's something greasy or otherwise bad for them they are allowed to scavange the floor beneath us, but only after we've left the spot we were eating at. Of course I can be a sloppy eater, but the picking are always best around Alina's high chair and I have to watch closely that they don't sneak in to grab something unhealthy. Actually now that I think about it it's kinda funny that I'll feed my little girl food that I wouldn't even let my dogs have. :D Every once in awhile I like to 'accidently' drop some plain pasta on the floor for the dogs to get, but I never give it to them directly. I'm happy that my girls aren't beggers and I prefer to keep it that way.
  7. Canis erectus

    Do you think some breeds are smarter?

    Kat's pretty much nailed it. While I do believe that some breeds are somewhat more intelligent, you just can't compare intelligent behavior in one breed vs. another. Let's take two breeds for comparison, Border Collies, generally accepted to bevery smart, and Salukis, commonly known for being dumb. Border Collies are by design more social animals, being team work oriented and amiable to doing what it's pack leader directs it to do. The Saluki thinks for itself, it decides what to do and when to do it without the direction of a pack leader. By the common standard this is the measure of a breed's intelligence, though this is wrong, it's only a measure of whether a breed takes directions well, or is a free thinker.
  8. Canis erectus

    Bitch fest at my house last night!

    I've only had one real b*tch fight with my girls. That was a couple years ago and I'm still not really sure what started it. I was sitting on the couch with China lying down nearby, and I guess Zoey got too big for her britches because she came along standing real tall, and that's when they had at it. I scooped my boot off the floor and threw it at them, couldn't have planned it any better because it bounced off the top of both their heads. The funny part was after that neither one of them would be caught dead in the same room with the other for about a week. Haven't had any more fights since then.
  9. Canis erectus

    Im more and more disappointed all the time

    First I'm going to appologize for taking the thread off the original subject. Also, I'll see if I can dig up some info sources for you Ravyn, but to be frank, I'm a learned man and I've read more books, articles, essays, etc. than I'll ever remember. Now as far as dogs' relative zoolocial placement is concerned I should have stated that this is my theory, though I'm sure there are others who have come up with the same conclusion. Basically just because there isn't a zoologist in the world inane enough to tackle and debate the species relativity of various dog breeds doesn't mean that they aren't genetically different enough to at least be sub-specific to eachother. We already know that each breed has a distinct genetic mapping, but from what I know about zoology there isn't reason enough for anyone to devote the proper time for proper species classification. The major reason for that being that dogs (Canis familiaris) being a domesticated animal have no "natural" relation or impact on "natural" species or habitats. There are some zoologists/archeologists who are attemping to uncover the ancient evolutionary history of dogs in general but that isn't very pertinent to the relationship between modern dogs and other canids. I also believe humans belong in seperate sub-specific classifications, but I have yet to hear anyone crazy enough to want to tackle that sordid mess, the implications of which I'm not even going to get into. Here's something else to think about. It's generally well though of as modern domestic dogs being primarily decended from European and Asian wolves. A selctive breeding process began (both naturally and man-made) and dogs began to vary from the origional type, eventually becoming Canis familiaris. At what point exactly did that occur? Who can say but if by those guidelines dogs can be considered a different species than wolves, why isn't one breed of dog considered zoologically different from another given that same selective breeding process? What happens when you hybridize a wolf with a GSD and conform it into a breed standard (e.g. Saarloos Wolfdog)? Is it a wolf (Canis lupus)? No. Is it a dog? It's generally considered so, but how can an animal bred from two converging species still be classified as Canis familiaris? OK, wow this has already become way more involving than I wanted it to be. :D With regard to hybrids, yes they are typically sterile. However most of those are man made hybrids and are of animals with a resonably wide genetic divergence. In a natural ecology hybridization usually occurs within the sub-specific level or with species that have a narrow genetic gap. In my opinion, too big of a species gap just causes some 'crossed wiring' and genetically weaker offspring (there's probably some studies done on this theory but I don't know). Just because two animals are equines doesn't mean that they share a close enough branch on the evolutionary tree to produce genetically sound offspring. If you want to find some research on the effects of natural hybridization look for Speckled Kingsnakes (Lampropeltis getula (hollbrookii?)) and Florida Kingsnakes (Lampropeltis getula floridana). Those are the two that come off the top of my head that there have been at least some research on. Also a good place to look would in flora, which is probably where hybridization occurs most commonly, both naturally and in man-made situations.
  10. Canis erectus

    For the Boxer lovers - Look what Merlins breeder got!!!

    I'm going to throw myself out to the wolves now by saying that I find little wrong with tail docking. Is it really that much more painful/inhumane than clipping off dewclaws? One can think up as many reasons as they like as to why one should crop a dog's tail, I think that's kind of grasping for straws of rationality. It pretty much all boils down to tail cropping being a traditional vestige left over from tax reasons, hunting reasons, using the tail as a handle, etc., etc... Reasons that in most cases no longer has any relevancy in modern times. So if the only reason to dock tails is tradition, is that reason enough to keep doing it? In my opinion, tradition is enough to have preserved so many breeds that no longer have their origional functional role to play in society, so tradition is good enough for me. On another note (you can call me a hypocrite now if you like), but I don't really condone ear cropping as a whole. The exception being in some mastiff breeds that traditionally have cropped ears in order to make them look more fierce or intimidating than they really are to indruders, a part of their guard dog ancestry that they still fulfill today (though even on this point I'm not sure how I really feel about cropping). Other than that I view ear cropping as unneccessary surgery, primarily due to the dog's older age plus the use of anestesia etc. Going back to the tails, there's the obvious risk of infection but that is not a problem with proper attention. I personally compare tail docking/dew claws with circumscission. Seems like something of a double standard to think it's OK to do that to babies (even though they are evil and probably deserve it :D ), but it's not OK to do a comparable procedure on puppies. Well, that went on longer than I intended as I'm sure there's already been several threads covering the topic quite thouroughly. With regards to Bob Tail Boxers I think it's an OK idea. That is of course taking Aroura's word that it was done responsibly. Selective breeding for different types of the same breed has been going on for a long time (either for good or ill), and I don't find Bob Tails to be any different. Dogs are after all, in the image that we design them to be, even if that means generating a new line of dogs in order to keep the traditional look of a breed where tail docking has been illegalized. I think the only point of contension I would have is if there is a temperment difference from the origional breed.
  11. Canis erectus

    Dog Abuse Case

    Today one of the vets from work performed a post mortum for animal control on a young Pit Bull. Sad part is that the poor dog died from sadistic abuse, sadder still, a neighbor saw someone doing it and then waited a couple days before calling the cops and reporting it. Can't really say much else about it because this will be going to trial, but if it hits the local paper I'll post more details. Kinda hits a whole nasty new level when you get to see this kinda stuff first-hand.
  12. Canis erectus

    Alpha gone BALLISTIC...

    Courtnek, what are their ages? Free doesn't look very old but I wonder if she is slowing down some and feeling her position somewhat threatened by Laurel. I'm starting to see a little bit of this at my house, though my girls only live with the heirarchy that I set for them (China gets her leash on first, gets a treat first, gets brushed first etc...). Otherwise they don't practice any heirarchy between each other. All the same Zoey is now starting to dominate their playing sessions and generally being more assertive toward China, and China in return shoves back a little harder (though this is slowly becoming less common). At some point I'm probably going to decide to 'promote' Zoey, though I don't think that sounds like a solution in your case. Maybe if Free is feeling insecure of her rank the best thing might be to reaffirm her rank?
  13. Canis erectus

    Updated Dog Breed Index

    Definately all of the above I should think. In that regard we'll attract more visitors to read the information that we provide for them. I think we're going to end up with something rather unique when we're done. On another note, I've begun to start thinking about pictures (there's nothing I love more than pictures). I guess we should start collecting those as we go along. I don't know a whole lot about internet copyrights and such, but basically we're free to use our own dogs as well as free google images for example. Am I right? That won't be enough, so will we need to contact breeders and such for permission to use their pics? I'm thinking amybe 3 or 4 good pics for each breed, unless anyone hasother ideas. That should give a good visual of different coat and color combonations for each breed. Maybe if there is anyone who doesn't feel up to doing breed research might want to start helping to collect pics.
  14. Canis erectus

    Updated Dog Breed Index

    That's the question I pose. Do we need to weed out some of the more obscure or not quite yet developed breeds? I think there ight be a couple rare breeds that need to go, but we have to keep in mind that the internet is international, and just because a breed is rare in the US doesn't mean that someone in another country would thin kit foolish to leave out such a relatively common breed. Another thing I was keeping in mind is that when I'm looking at a breed index I like to see a large list of breed names. I'll skip right past any web site that only has the run of the mill AKC/UKC breeds on it. So far, I think I've only edited out the Labradoodle and the Akbash.
  15. Canis erectus

    anyone want a COW?

    Soooo!?! That just means you could have cheeze-smothered ribs. :lol: