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  1. *Having trouble submitting posts, I may have to post the rest of this at a later time*
  2. So I humped it back home after a brief stop at the new house so that my stray could get a drink of water from the toilet. it was sometime after 3:30 when I got back to the house. I called Hannah's cell phone to have her pick me upand we'd go scour the other neighborhood, but she said she already had them and was driving around looking for me. Now hang on with me here because things are getting stranger. Here's the story Hannah told me: After dropping off the sander she came home to pick up the spare leash and then went to all of the immediate neighbors' to ask if they saw or heard anythin
  3. For starters, I've not been around for a few weeks now, I've been busy and things have not been going smoothly. Hannah and I had to go to Maryland for a week and a half to sort through her mother's house (she died a year ago). That was 11 days of long-ass car rides, crazy baby-sitting duties, digging through dust and mouse poo, and getting chock full of ticks fleas and chiggers. All of this was in the middle of trying to close on our new house. Which we finally did 3 days ago, but not whithout some hellacious snags (which probably happens to every first time buyer, but that comforts me li
  4. I'm watching it too incidently. Not a very good looking Cat' in my opinion, seems a real shame that they're flashing a relatively pristine and not urban-friendly breed on a TV show. Wonder how many people are going to watch this and think "Wow, what a cool-looking dog. I should get one". BTW, there is a damn good looking Bulldog that's on this show.
  5. I could be wrong, but I believe that in the US most hunt parties actually capture and then release the fox after the hunt is over. With regards to the thoughts that all "contact" canine sports are somehow inhumane, I disagree. This sentiment seems to paint the image that dogs are somehow forced into participating in something they have no desire to do. I think the real issue in this regard is not in the truest sense a real concern for the dogs' well being, but much more so an issue of personal ethics and moral standpoint. Just because you or I don't want to chase down a small furry animal
  6. Thanks for the info Irena. I too am not so terribely impressed with the males, I think when the time comes my descision will be based on what dogs are will be used to produce the litter. As far as breed recreations go, I have to keep in mind that some of our established breeds today are recreations. The two that come to mind right away are the irish Wolfhound and the Field Spaniel. It seems like the trend for many breeders today is to recreate the origional English Bulldog. Some of these dogs I've seen pictures of are nice looking (some are just damn ugly) but how can one expect to recrea
  7. I see the point to Alan's query and I thought it to be a very srticulate and well-thought post. I think there is a big difference with dog fighting in modern times than in the past. Not so much about the actual specifics about the practice, but about it's social acceptance in the past. In current times, with our complacent society and our desire to throw a big ol' padded blaket around everything to keep it from getting an owie, people (the minimally educated masses) mostly despise dog-fighting and Pitbulls because they are simply used to authorities telling them that they should. They are told
  8. i don't feel sorry for the Lab owner a bit, sorry but that dumb turd-sucker deserves every lick of trouble and inconvienience those dogs cause him. Because it's his own damn fault any way you want to put it. He could have made sure he aquired dogs with parents who had sound temperments and conformation, and failing that he obviously didn't recognize a serious temperment issue and implement the proper training. Maybe the dogs were of sound parenting, but this guy failed horribly in basic training and socialization. Or he could have adopted the dogs who may have come from a bad environment and t
  9. [quote name='FearedDogFan']That Pit Bull and that cropped Cane Corso look so similiar, it's totally amazing. :o I didn't realize they had that much in common. I like AmBulls. And Bull Boxers. Do Bull Boxers have much in common with these other breeds? Love the pics so much! Thanks for sharing. :wink:[/quote] Actually they don't have all that much in common except for some distant shared mastiff ancestor. Corso are of a definate mastiff conformation, if you look at Mei-Mei's pic and compare it to a Neopolitain or English Mastiff you'll see alot of similarities. Except for the ears,
  10. [quote name='AllAmericanPUP'] a cane corso looks much more like a pit bull than a bulldog does. either way you're going to have people calling your dog a pit bull because the JQ public is a bunch of morons :D and OMG look at this cutie..a bit far from you :lol: but he's gorgeous! [url]http://www.petfinder.com/pet.cgi?action=2&pet=3779014&adTarget=&SessionID=42f7757f05126bca-app1&display=&preview=1&row=0&tmpl=&stat=[/url][/quote] You think so? I guess that just shows how opinions differ. i think they look basically mastiff-ish, especially with
  11. [quote name='K'][b]Sorry I have to do it[/b] [url]http://www.petfinder.org/pet.cgi?action=2&pet=4851851&adTarget=&SessionID=42f74543315d8b46-app5&display=&preview=1&row=0&tmpl=&stat=[/url] You must at least agree to try Petfinder when the time comes![/quote] LOL, somehow I knew you would, and wouldn't have expected any less. I have actually been keeping an eye on adoptions, but that probably won't be a viable option for me. As much as I dislike puppy care, I feel that I definately need to get a male puppy. With my girls, especially China, I don't
  12. [quote name='Lucky Chaos']I don't see any titles on the dogs, maybe they're just not listed. They say they do health testing, though checking the OFA database only one of their females is listed. None of the others have OFA scores on their pages either, whihc I would then assume means they arn't checked. I don't know, send them an email and ask why they don't have titles (aside from GCG's) or OFA scores?[/quote] Good point LC, I'll have to look further into that. Good thing I have plenty of time for research. I'm pretty sure hips and elbows are the only common problem with this
  13. We've decided on our next dog. I found this Corso breeder, and they seem to look pretty ethical to me, of course I realize that what's on the web site may not reflect real life, but it all appears to look good so far. [url]http://crestwoodscorsos.com/[/url] Seems like everything is in order with these guys, and they're only a couple hours away from us, so we'll be able to pay them a visit and check them out in person. It's still going to be awhile before we get a new dog, I want Alina to be at least three and a half or four before bringing a puppy into the house. I kinda feel like I'm jum
  14. Good luck with Fritz when you hit the vet tomorrow, I just hope it's not a cruciate tear.
  15. Sighthounds of all types are usually considered quite stupid. Not true of course, it's part of their character to know what they are all about and don't feel the need to be told what to do. Then there's the rumor that huskies belong and even prefer being outdoors all the time. I have yet to meet one that (given the chance) didn't like like being indoors just as much, if not moreso, as being outside. Irish Setters: I go with the stereotype with regards to americanized bloodlines. There may be some breeders working to restore the breed but for the most part americans had sacrificed the
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