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Freaking nightmare


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Oh dog what an afternoon we have had.... :o I took the 2 shelties and Kes to the park across the road from us. We were a little way into the park and Charlie the smallest shelties slipped his martingale and bolted. I sent Kes after him and she bounded after him but he just kept running and dodging her and me. 3 dogs and a split second decision... I dropped Meghanns lead so I could run faster and the wee sod dashed across the road. Kes was right up at the road but she put the brakes on and looked back at me and I told her to lie. Thank dog I have a dog that listens and drops on command and furthermore knows not to cross the road when im not there. :o

Meghann had caught up by that time and I grabbed both dogs and dashed across the road after Charlie who had got as far as the neighbours house. It was school zone crossing time so the cars weren't going fast but it could have ended in absolute tears if it wasn't :-? My heart was racing so hard from sprinting and it still hasn't returned to normal!

oh good dogness, what an afternoon....and naturally its the worst day of the week...wednesday when all bad things always happen! :roll:

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R2: I always say where I'm going so no need to panic :P If anything does happen its a chance I have to take but I carry a medic alert card in my pocket and wear a medic alert SOS bracelet too in case I'm found unconscious .

Charlie got no interaction from me all of yesterday and hes very remorseful and knows he did wrong so I've forgiven him now :P

Court: Wednesdays are the worst day for me I swear! If something bad is going to happen, it will be a wednesday. E.g. somethings that happened on wednesdays throughout life: house got burgled twice, one cat called smudge was hit by a car and killed, jessica, another cat was euthanased cos of bowel cancer, 2 grandparents died on a wednesday, i ended up in hospital and the icing on the cake... I nearly died...all on a wednesday :o Lets just say I won't be planning to get married or anything on a wednesday!

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