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  1. well in this thing i'm lucky :D no fingers for me 8) :lol:
  2. awwwwwww such a cute face, very nice puppy i'm sorry for his sad life so far, i hope you'll be able to help him :)
  3. how old is you dog and from where did you got him? and ofcourse like K asked is he Neutered? it looks like really big problem of domints that started small and only got biger with time, i advise to start trainiing ( mybe with Halti ) fast as you can find a good trainer. you will probably need to neuter him if he not yet, work with Halti and crate to show him his place at home. also does he growls on you? is he waling outside alone or of leash? how he acts with visitors when they come home and how YOU react when he starts his bad behavior home and outside, how he reacts when you do somthing to corect him?
  4. [quote name='Lucky Chaos']I'm not against it per se, however I'd never have it done to any of my future dogs. Not only because of the pain, but because cropping and docking severly limits a dogs ability to communicate with other canines. However, I hate using the excuse "leaving dogs as nature intended" considering nature did not shape dogs, we humans did for specific puposes. Can you that are against C/D say it shouldn't be done in working dogs to prevent injury? Many spaniels and pointers have thin tails that are easily damaged, so they're docked to prevent a painful tail injury. When docking was outlawed in a specific country (I can't remember which) they did a survey, and 43% of working hunting dogs damaged their tails in some way. To me, this proves that in certain curcumstances docking can be a necessity. However, I would definately support breeding for a thicker stronger tail type, perhaps like the labradors, which rarely gets damaged when working.[/quote] just want to corect you in some things 1. usualy all the docking and cropping leave some tail and ear to the dog ( i don't talk about thos manics who think it's beatifull to take ALL the tail or ear from a dog ). more to that dogs don't have problems to communicate, dogs "speak" with there all body and scents ( i don't try to make to dock or crop your dog :lol: ) i hounr the laws of my country and will not C/D my dogs ( they usualy get both C and D ) but i am very agains this same law who doesn't prement me to remove the fitfh claws of my dog, did you ever saw a finger turn away only because she's there and with simple surgery...my old husky female once had it, you can't put bandage on it and it takes ages to heal, hell living......
  5. ahhhhhhhhhhh well in the first part i was angry, in the last part i think you weird :lol: :drinking:
  6. [quote name='Sabine']Pardon upon, Irena - how come that cropped puppies bleed, cry and squeal a lot when they try to play ? :o If I wanted a dog with pointy ears, than I get one that's already been bred that way. Why mess with nature, because WE think it looks good? :o No pun intended - but cropping is ampuation, and why AMPUTATE something, that's perfectly healthy? I don't get it !! :oops:[/quote] when you saw that puppys squeal and cry when they under anaesthesia? cropping done in older ages when it's possible to put a puppy in anaesthesia for this matters. each to his own, i love good and proffesional cropping, that done correctly and not because the owners whanrs his dog to look "cool" everyting human race does with anything in breeding is massing around with natuare...... i love cropped and docked dogs, no chenge of that, but i also hate those who will do it for the coolnest it brings and because dogs "need" to lok like that in order to resemble his breed. i don't approve this acction in places where it's forbiden undor any situations. i live in country where cropping and docking are forrbiden in law and dispite that i like to see a nice cropping on a dog my dogs aren't cropped and docked ( well except pretty i getting her almost 3 years old and she's alredy done the 4 months old puppy isn't ) and so will be all my dogs and there litters, writhen even in a contract: " no cropping and docking alowed do the the law" and anyone who will think to overstep it will meet me in a courthouse.
  7. i don't agree with ethier of your choices..... if the cropping/docking if done correctly the dogs don't feils any pain and if he do fells somthing it shorts and ends right there. i loov doking and croping when is done professionaly and on the right dog, a good clean cut that eals well turn to look beatifull and never disturbs the dog here a beatifull cropping of a doberman, well done and looks great [img]http://www.molosserdogs.com/modules/coppermine/albums/userpics/10013/b.jpg[/img] that's also a good cropping for a dog .[img]http://www.molosserdogs.com/modules/coppermine/albums/userpics/labordayshowdown/006_6d.jpg[/img] for me THATS a bad cropping of a dog, the dog have no ear left on him and it looks ugly [img]http://www.molosserdogs.com/modules/coppermine/albums/userpics/11127/canecorso.jpg[/img] *i'm sorry if the pics aren't use as there owners will want them too, i don't want to insult anybody and only want to show my point, the dogs tem self are beatifull .
  8. well i guess she don't like the meds i hope she will fell better with the new ones
  9. wow what a day, i'm happy everthing ended ok :D
  10. i use my nice and loud voice to yell his/her name :lol:
  11. i think it was the beatifull combination of the fork and colorful language :lol: :lol:
  12. happy to hear she's some back to herself :D
  13. [quote name='Horsefeathers!']What creative use of words you have there! Am I a bad person for admitting that I giggled out loud at the image of you threatening to stab someone in the eyes with your grilling fork? :oops: [/quote] :cunao: i think i wuld do waht you sugested and next time call the animal controll, that will teach him a lason he won't forget :evil:
  14. [quote name='Alan'][quote name='Irena']it is nice but also funny and strange :lol:[/quote] YA, kinda reminds me of you! You are funny and strange! :evilbat:[/quote] whatch it man i'm a killer :lol:
  15. it is nice but also funny and strange :lol:
  16. i'm with Michele in tis call your vet before you thinking to chenge anything with her medicin also i think it's a posibilty that this time she didn't take the antibiotics to well but first of all ask your vet good luck don't forget to tell
  17. well in the kennel medi and eva likes all the people, they really friendly do everybody, niki out new female don't like soldiers in uniforms and we don't know why.... redi really hated me when i first come to live with my bf, she used to pee on my in the night :-? :lol: and to send some murderus looks at me whereever she could, now she sleeps only with me and always looks to sit next to me, kid greeted me as he welcomes everybody and they both are to friendly dogs usualy
  18. well it sounds like some infection in her eyes but it's a good thing you first of all called your vet let us know what it was :)
  19. well :lol: i'll try to be nice and describe it's only as a problem that started when the owners were just a babys, and perents just love to toss us in the air and catch back.... well simes to me that sombodys perents missed that "chatch" part :lol:
  20. well this thing is really important, bad theeth is infection, pain and a hole in the money pocket all our dogs eat an excelent dry food and non of them has any mounth problems, but we are a kennel and feeding our dogs mostly with only a dry food. people with dogs at home that feeding them human foods and people with old dog should be more aware to the helath of the dogs mounth and not only his body. i can't see were it's more than very usfull info ...
  21. well i don't remmember Smudgie because i only joined at this time.... but a year is nothing when you loosing sombody you loved, you can't forget a friend so fast it takes much longet than that and he's never completly forgoten no matter how'll try.... i had a female 12 years ago that died in front of my eyes in car accsident, i still remmber her is it was last year and i still can't go near this place without so pain in my heart :cry:
  22. wow it's so beatifull, sad and true :cry:
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